Making A Fireplace Without Burning Your House In Minecraft

A Guide To Making A Fireplace Without Burning Your House In Minecraft?

Fireplaces in Minecraft do not play any role in particular. Their purpose is to make your house look great; hence they are just decorative items for your home in the game. However, you may end up burning your beloved house if you are not observant. For instance, you may end up burning your house accidentally when trying to create an excellent-looking fireplace. In addition, it is not easy to create a fireplace in Minecraft. 

What Is The Importance Of Fireplaces In Minecraft?

In one way or another, you will be troubled and stubborn at some point. Minecraft players have many methods and choices to decorate their beloved homes in the game. Some of them include; adding simple but exotic frog lights and creating glowing carpets. You will notice that Minecraft players leave no stones unturned when building the best base with outstanding taste with good observation skills. 

Fireplaces are included as a decorative item and contribute to the overall beauty of the house in Minecraft. We always see a fireplace that gives off the warming light in a cozy cottage. It can also be from the focal points of the cool living rooms. Since the Minecraft fireplace is added, Minecraft players are now able to use and safely include it in our layout practically. 

This article shall discuss Minecraft fireplace’s ideas and other relevant information. Keep reading!

How To Make A Fireplace That Will Not Burn Your House Down

The general look of your house is upon you. You solely decide the style and design that you prefer in your home. Below is what you need to do to avoid burning your home;

1. Decide where it is going to be. For instance, you may choose the corner of your house.

2. Clean up the area that you have chosen.

3. Ensure the area where you will set the fire is made of non-flammable material.

4. Ensure that 1 block in each direction around the fireplace is cleared and made of non-flammable material. This means a 3 by 3 square around it.

5. Going upward from where the fire will be, you will require a 3 by 3 square made of non-flammable material. Ensure that it is at least 3 levels above it. The main reason why 3 × 3 levels are preferred is to ensure that nothing starts the fire. Remember to keep this level and a rectangle made of non-flammable material no matter the height you take from the fire. Alternatively, if the material is not non-flammable, it is relatively better to have nothing up there.

6. In the preserved fireplace area, fill in the stone or another non-flammable material to avoid quick spreading of the fire. 

7. Ensure that you have created a boundary around what will be on fire. For instance, you could use the stone steps to leave holes in the corner where the fire source will be. 

8. Enclose the area above the fire with stone to avoid lighting itself up. Note that the whole area should be enclosed without leaving any part uncovered. In addition, leave a 1 block high opening around where you will set fire. In this case, you will not be in danger of getting burned by the fire because you will not be in a position to touch it physically. 

9. Put the flammable material in the fireplace. An example of a flammable material could be a block of wood, as usually wood burns for quite some time.

10. Before lighting the fire up, lower flint and steel, then light the wood on fire for more safety.

You may also dig a pit as an alternative in the floor of your house and surround it with basic cobble. Stone is necessary for an area where you can see the inner part of the fire pit. Smooth stone will be just perfect. Restore the floor around these fires with decorative non-flammable material, and place the wood (netherrack) in the pit.

If all these steps are followed correctly up to the latter, without a doubt, you will enjoy being in a cozier and prettier room. However, always remember to make sure that the fire does not spread.

Flammable Materials In Minecraft

Flammable Materials In Minecraft

If you want to use flammable materials, you need to consider the explosive radius of the fire. If flammable materials are used in this range, you will probably have no risk of burning your house. The combustible materials include;

1. Wood

2. Wool

3. Leaves

4. Grass

In addition, always remember that fire can also set fire. How? This is possible through other blocks. In some cases, fireplaces burn off some of the second floors even after being covered in stone. So, always be on the watch and very alert for one or two minutes until you are satisfied that nothing will indeed happen while you take a walk outside the house. 

If the house comprises wood, you need to be extra careful. This is because, apart from the flames, the jumping sparks can also cause fire breakout. You may also need to update the current versions since they keep changing continuously, and you may not notice this essential factor. If you have checked the latest versions or not, ensure that you have kept at least 2 blocks of non-flammable material around your fire as well as 2 or 3 blocks above it. This enables you to prevent your ceiling from catching fire.

How To Carefully Make Fire In Minecraft

In Minecraft, flint and steel are used to set flammable things on fire. You can also create an everlasting fire, but you have to use netherrack. We will find out how to carefully make a fire and how to put the fire out without burning your house.

1. Select it in your hot bar when you have flint, steel, or even fire charge. Most preferable is flint and steel.

2. Direct your pointer (the plus sign) on the flammable block. The block should become highlighted in your game window.

3. Note that only flammable items like wooden objects, leaves, wool, and grass are the right ones to be set on fire. You should never set stone items on fire.

4. You should hear a click sound and Voila! The block is set on fire. Meanwhile, the fire will burn all flammable blocks around it and continue to spread.

In Minecraft game, fire always burns and spreads until it has used up all the flammable blocks around it. Alternatively, you may wish to make an everlasting fire to add a fireplace to your house. 

The process is relatively easy. You only need to set blocks of netherrack on fire. Afterward, set each of the blocks of netherrack on fire with flint and steel. Keep in mind that the game control to use the flint and steel always relies on the version of Minecraft. 

It would be realistic if you went for the latest Minecraft versions since they are the best. This is because they come with modern fireplace designs. It all depends on your personal preference.

Final Thoughts

This article is very educative, especially to those Minecraft players who built a fireplace, and unfortunately, it burnt down the whole house thoroughly. Making a fireplace in Minecraft is one of the perfect opportunities to grow your experience in the game. You can create more complex and visually appealing fireplaces in Minecraft to add more fun and excitement. Have fun while building your fireplace!