Overwatch Play Faster On Desktop

How Can I Make Overwatch Play Faster On My Desktop?

Improving a gaming computer can be intimidating at first. It can quickly turn into a complex, time-consuming, and perplexing project until you better know what you require from your equipment. There are different options out there, Hence it is easy to buy the stuff you don’t need and spend more money than you planned.

Overwatch is a multiplayer, group-based first-person shooter created by Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind some of the world’s most successful PC games. Players select a hero from distinct characters before joining a team to fight other players in several game scenarios. The game has a current graphical style reminiscent of many classic Blizzard titles, yet considering how wonderful the game looks, performance is relatively easy on PC technology.

Check out the Graphical Settings section if you already have a PC and want to know what settings to use for the most excellent performance.

Overwatch features a brand-new, proprietary game engine that many in the gaming industry consider incredibly well-made. According to information acquired during test sessions, the game is more CPU-intensive than most, especially first-person shooters. Despite being a fast-paced, aesthetically stunning game, Overwatch is relatively light on PC hardware.

12 Essential Tips For Running Overwatch On Your Pc Smoothly

Overwatch’s designers, Blizzard Entertainment, have effectively designed the game to be playable on a typical pc.

However, numerous game aspects such as graphics, shadow features, fog info, and so on would still have to be compromised.

Let us then discuss ways to make Overwatch run better on a pc. One should try some of the tips and not all of them to find out which improves the game’s performance.

1. Look For A Good Fit Central Processing Unit (CPU) For Overwatch

You may have heard the CPU referred to as your computer’s brain, which is highly accurate! Every piece of software on your computer, as well as every action your computer takes, requires processing power.

To run smoothly and effectively, Overwatch requires a good amount of computing power. According to Blizzard, the Intel Core i3 or AMD Phenom X3 8650 are the minimum CPU specifications for Overwatch. These two CPUs aren’t high-end and won’t break the budget, so they’re an excellent alternative for people looking to improve overwatch gaming on a PC.

However, for the most excellent Overwatch experience, Blizzard recommends the Intel I5 or AMD Phenom II X3 715 processors. These CPUs have a little more dynamism, making them more capable of running the game at higher settings.

Overwatch isn’t CPU-dependent, but it does require a GPU for the most incredible visual and performance. As a result, for the most significant results, one is recommended to use a decently strong processor, but nothing too heavy-duty, and save your money to invest in a high-performing graphics card.

2. Installing Larger RAM

Overwatch requires at least 4GB of RAM (meaning your PC will need at least 6-8GB of RAM to run effectively). Most pre-built PCs require at least 2GB of RAM to boot up, so this isn’t much. Although adding more RAM would improve the performance of your game, only 4GB is required. 

6GB of RAM works, but considering that other functions will be running on the background, your PC will need roughly 8-10GB of RAM in total.

Ensure to check your computer’s requirements on the manufacturer’s site before purchasing RAM. Faster load times and slightly faster gaming will result from increased RAM.

3. Updating Graphics Drivers Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) For Overwatch

Overwatch isn’t incredibly demanding on the graphics card compared to most recent games. However, a good GPU is required to maximize the game’s aesthetics and FPS. Visuals cards are similar to CPUs in that they handle data and information, but they are more focused on graphics, images, and video.

Blizzard recommends any GPU that supports video on Overwatch, starting with the GeForce GTX 460, ATI RadeonTM HD 4850, or Intel® HD Graphics 4400. However, Blizzard recommends a GeForce® GTX 660 or AMD RadeonTM HD 7950 or greater to maximize the game’s aesthetics. A minimum RX 560 is required to run Ultra settings at 1080p with 60 FPS. If you need a resolution higher than 1080p, you’ll need a more powerful GPU.

4. Avoid Using FPS (Frames Per Second) Calculation Software 

FPS calculation software, such as Fraps, is fantastic since it shows how many frames per second you’re playing.

On the other hand, FPS Calculating software consumes system resources and reduces gaming performance by roughly 15-20% or more. To enjoy the extra smooth gameplay, avoid utilizing FPS Calculating software.

Though Overwatch has its own FPS display option, it could be wise to disable the function and use it just for testing purposes.

5. Disable Startup Program

We install much software for specific purposes, and a handful of this software automatically starts up when your pc boots up.

These apps then cause your computer to lag down by consuming crucial system resources, resulting in poor gaming quality while playing Overwatch.

Consider disabling such programs. However, be sure that no graphical programs like Nvidia, AMD Radeon, or Intel HD are disabled.

6. Disable Any Running Background Operations

Just because your Windows taskbar doesn’t show any open or running applications doesn’t mean they’re all closed on your pc.

Several applications run in the background of your computer without your knowledge.

To close them, click the button on the right side of your Windows taskbar; you’ll see a list of all the apps operating in the background.

Each program’s name will appear when you hover your mouse over it. By right-clicking on each application icon and selecting ‘Quit,’ you can disable all programs you don’t need.

7. Change The CPU Power Settings (Windows 10)

1. In Windows 10, go to ‘Power Options,’ then ‘Advanced Settings,’ and scroll down to ‘Processor Power Management.’

2. There are two alternatives there: Processor State (Minimum) and Processor State (Maximum)

3. All you need to do is open both drop-down menus and set your options to 90 percent plugged in. That should happen for both the Minimum and the Maximum Processor States.

Even while playing Overwatch, this option will allow your CPU to run at 90% CPU load at all times.

Most individuals could argue that setting it at 90% rather than 100% is a bad idea.

To answer this, you should note that when your CPU hits 100 percent load, it produces extra heat, which causes your processor to choke and function slowly.

Enabling these options will prevent your CPU from overheating and overheating.

8. Reduce The Game’s Resolution And Quality

Most people change the Graphics Quality from Epic to Max or Medium; however, tinkering with individual graphics settings is preferable to changing the graphical quality choice altogether.

It could be wise to decrease the resolution from 1920 x 1080 to 1280 x 720 if you want the coveted 60FPS recommended by Overwatch for smoother gaming.

9. Turn Off Your Antivirus Software

Let’s assume you already have antivirus software installed, and your PC is virus-free. In such instances, it could be better if you disable/turn off your antivirus software. The antivirus software, for instance, runs in the background and checks for risks regularly, which consumes system resources and slows Overwatch performance.

For optimal performance, ensure you turn off the software for the duration of your Overwatch session.

10. Apply Thermal Paste On Your CPU And Graphics Card

Thermal paste is a chemical component that helps transmit heat to the heat sink from your processor.

Most of the time, while producing a CPU, thermal paste isn’t applied correctly, or a cheap thermal paste is utilized to save money and helps to reduce CPU and GPU temperatures by 3-5 degrees Celsius.

Before applying new thermal paste, ensure you remove any existing thermal paste from the CPU and GPU with alcohol wipes.

11. Clean The Internals Of Your CPU 

When it comes to electrical components, dust is the worst enemy, and your CPU suffers the most because cleaning it from the inside is difficult for the average consumer.

The dust that collects inside your PC hardware is difficult to clean, and the only way to do so is to open it up.

If you’re not sure how to open your computer, look it up on Google or YouTube; you’ll find various instructions on how to do so correctly, as well as a few instructions on how to clean it.

12. Improve Your Internet Connection 

The more traffic on an internet connection, the slower Overwatch will function. To improve the stability and lower the latency, you may do a few things.

There is no need for a high-bandwidth connection; a standard small-bandwidth link will suffice. Online games like Overwatch, for example, send minimal amounts of data.


Overwatch game lovers confess that the smooth running of the game is of ultimate importance. Any serious gamer must know how to improve Overwatch on the personal computer. This article outlines tips that will undoubtedly keep you on top of the game. Kindly stick to the tips and your overall gaming experience will improve tremendously.