Make A Large Chest In Minecraft

How Do I Make A Large Chest In Minecraft?

We all know that whenever Minecraft players play Minecraft, the regular inventory space is not sufficient to accommodate everything you find during gameplay. That’s where a chest comes in. It is possible to store valuable items safely in a chest. A large compartment would be great since you need enough space for your items. Making a large chest, in particular, is a quintessential aspect of Minecraft playthrough. 

What Is The Importance Of A Chest In Minecraft?

 Importance Of A Chest In Minecraft

In Minecraft, chests enable a character to safely secure the items gathered throughout the game. To come up with a large chest, you have to combine two small chests. However, making a large chest is very concise and straightforward among all other combinations. It is also swift. A regular chest has 27 slots, but its capacity can be doubled to 54 slots by placing two chests next to each other. 

Whenever you want to use the stored items again, you are free to remove them from your chest back to your inventory. In addition, you can put a chest anywhere, but you have to ensure that there is a free or transparent block above it. If you do not follow that, the lid will open. 

In a multiplayer game, one chest can be used by several players. Valuable items are left in open shortly after they despawn while you are away on an adventure.

Suppose you are a new Minecraft player and you crave to learn everything about how to make a large chest, where to find it, and how to obtain it, keep reading this piece.

How To Make A Large Chest In Minecraft

How To Make A Large Chest In Minecraft

Required Items 

1. Wood planks

2. Crafting Table

A large chest also referred to as a double chest, is simply two small chests combined. The good thing about chests is that you can expand them too. A single chest has 27 slots, while a double chest has 54 slots. It can hold up to 3 456 blocks. 

In simple terms, go to a single chest and place another right next to it. If you break the double chest willingly and knowingly, the second chest you place will be destroyed, and the single chest will remain there. Below is a guide on how to make a double chest. 

Let’s start by creating a single chest;

1. Get eight wooden planks

2. Place the planks on the crafting table. It is always recommended to use the chest recipe to craft the chest. The plank should be arranged appropriately in every slot, except the middle one.

3. Place the chest. Remember always to place a chest with free space above it so that you can open it.

Creating A Large Chest

Create a large chest just like the single chest mentioned above. You cannot craft a large chest. Large chests double the storage space for your items. First, you have to prepare a chest by collecting its essential materials.

1. Make two small chests

2. Place the blocks next to each other

3. You now have a large chest

In addition, several blocks will not prevent the chest from being opened if they are placed on top of it. They include;

1. Water

2. Lava

3. Leaves

4. A torch

5. Signs

6. Cactus

7. Glass

8. Snow

9. Another chest

10. Rails 

11. Fence

12. Farmland 

13. Cake

14. Beds

15. Stairs

However, in the latest Minecraft version, you can place more than two chests adjacent to each other.

To Summarize;

To make a chest, open the crafting table GUI, place eight planks of wood in a circle leaving behind the middlebox. If any particular wood is insufficient, you may alternatively use different types of wooden planks to complete the process. 

Chests can also be stacked on top of each other. You should not have too many questions, and worries since the game knows when there is a chest above another chest, and it will open even if there are numerous chests stacked on top of each other. 

The main reason for stacking chests on top of each other is to make condensing hold much easier. To place chests on top of each other, without necessarily having to open the lowermost, hold crouch and right-click to put on top. Note that chest placement can make you get more creative. 

Double chests can be placed in a row and have plenty of storage space in a small area. Any chest will open so long as a chest above it is not a solid block.

Understanding Chest Orientation 

Chests are modeled with compass orientation that affects the placement of the item.

1. The top three rows in the chest align to the Northern or Western chest block.

2. The bottom three rows correspond to the Eastern or southern chest block.

3. For instance, in the large chest, items are organized into the Southern or Eastern side. However, this confides to the orientation of the double chest.

How To Use The Newly Made Chest

1. Right-click on the double chest and it will open.

2. Transfer your collected items into the chest. Shift-click on the selected item and it will go into a slot that is available for it.

Transferring Items Out Of The Chest

1. Like in the above step, shift-click on the item in the chest, and it will come out of it.

2. If you want to collect all items in the slot at once or place them, Left click.

3. Right-click if you want to take half of the item in the slot.

4. If you want to place a single item, right-click.

5. If you want to close the chest, press the inventory or ESC buttons.

Natural Generation (Where Chests Are Found)

A chest can be found in almost every dome in Minecraft. All you have to do is going to find them. The list below shows all the places where you can probably get chests;

1. Bastion Remnant

2. Buried Treasure

3. Desert Temples

4. Shipwrecks

5. Strongholds

6. Dungeons

7. The End Cities

8. Igloos

9. Jungle Temples

10. Villages

11. Nether fortresses

12. Ocean ruins

13. Pillager outposts 

14. Woodland Mansions

If you break a Mine Cart with a chest, it instantly drops the chest, a Mine Cart, and any other contents of the chest. However, they generate naturally in Mineshafts. A large chest can sometimes generate in dungeons by one chest yielding next to the other. In addition, they may also generate particular kinds of bastion remnants.

How To Obtain Chests

A chest can be broken using anything. Most preferable is an ax since it is the fastest. Chests always drop themselves when they are mined. If the mined chest has items, the items are also dropped when the chest is broken. 

However, if one half of a large chest is demolished, the corresponding items from the demolished part are also dropped, and the remaining half proceeds to purpose as a small chest.

Notable Thoughts

1. Chests will always face your character when placed.

2. Chests will always change to look like presents on December 24th & 25th.

3. Large chests can’t be placed adjacent to each other.

4. Any wood can make a chest, including a mixture of different types.

5. Minecraft updates may alter some of the contents. It is always advisable to edit to bring it up to date again.

The Takeaway

Congratulations! You have now acquired knowledge and the necessary technical know-how to make a large chest in a Minecraft game. Chests can make inventory management much more manageable. All you need to do is recall which item you have stored where. It is always a wise decision to experiment and try new things. Good luck!