Lenovo Flex VS Lenovo Yoga – The Detailed Comparison

Right now, Lenovo is one of the largest and most popular laptop manufacturer companies in the world. Over the years they have produced some of the best laptops on the market and their continuous productivity of amazing laptops is grabbing attention and love from all over the world. This way Lenovo is getting praise from high-end look and premium feel-oriented consumers.

Recently, Lenovo has introduced two portable multimode laptop series with next-gen performance, all-day battery life, and built-in versatility. The Lenovo Flex and Lenovo Yoga have created great hype among gadget lovers. One of these laptops has gained popularity because of superior features within budget while the other one is serving as the best-in-the-industry.

When it comes to pick a model from Flex and Yoga most people become confused and don’t understand which one to buy. For that, in this article, we have compared the Lenovo Flex and the Lenovo Yoga so that you can easily find the difference between the performance, screen quality, battery performance, processor, etc. of Lenovo Flex and Lenovo Yoga. Keep reading the article to find out the winner of these two laptops from Lenovo.

Comparison Of Lenovo Flex And Lenovo Yoga

Key SpecificationLenovo FlexLenovo Yoga
ProcessorIntel Core i5 (8th Gen) -Intel Core i7 ( 10th Gen)Intel Core i5 ( 8thGen)-Intel Core I7 ( 6th Gen )
Operating systemWindows 10Windows 10
Storage (SSD)64 GB To 512 GB256 GB To 1TB
RAM16 GB DDR4Up to 16 GB DDR3
Display  (multi-touched)14.0” FHD to 15.6” FHD13.9” FHD
Graphics Processor (UHD) & Ram Speed (MHz)Intel  620 UHD only &  1600 To 2400 MHzIntel  620 UHD To Intel  520 UHD & 1600 To 2400 MHz
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The Detailed Comparison Of Lenovo Flex And Lenovo Yoga

Both Flex and Yoga series has some amazing features therefore, we have put these two series side by side and completely break down the key factors to find out which series is the better option to pick.


The processor is a very important part of a laptop and it ensures smooth access to a different application and high speed. A good processor not only let you play game or edit videos but also supports multitasking without any lag.

Lenovo Flex and Lenovo Yoga come with different processors. Both models ensure efficiency and faster speed. The Lenovo Flex series comes with the Intel Core i5 and i7 processor so you can do any productive work at a great speed with no lag. Moreover, the Flex series is equipped with the 8th to 10th version of the generation so you can expect the quickest and better gaming performance from this series.

The Lenovo Yoga series on the other hand is equipped with Intel Core i5 and i7 processors for basic workloads. The processors vary from 6th to 8th version so you can expect excellent performance while doing basic to mid-level gaming and video editing. But for advanced level gaming or multitasking, you may face few lags though it would be rare.

So it is clear that the Lenovo Flex is the winner in terms of processor and multitasking. Moreover, the Lenovo Flex series feature high frame rates when processing big-sized apps.

Operating System

The operating system works as a bridge between the hardware and software. It helps laptops function by controlling and maintaining them. Moreover, the OS ensures you can easily process the workload and do multitasking smoothly.

Both Flex and Yoga series is best for multitasking and workload as they both are operated by Windows 10 operating system. Moreover, they also ensure excellent data transfer rates with great access ability.

Lenovo Flex series is equipped with the Windows 10 operating system and it allows a user to command any order and achieve output faster. This series is also great for doing various complex tasks without any lag. The Lenovo Yoga is also operated by Windows 10 operating system and the users can enjoy quicker codes and data processing. So it is clear that both Yoga and Flex series can run files with excellent data transfer rates.

Storage SSD

Storage SSD is another important aspect of a laptop that you should consider while buying one. The more storage SSD your laptop has the more you can store data like songs, movies, images, etc. Moreover, the latest version storage SSD lets you download any gaming files and large files without any lag and high speed.

Most Lenovo Flex models appear with 64 GB to 512 GB storage SSD so you can keep a personal archive of photos and documents in a convenient way. Moreover, the storage SSD offers faster access speed to run the software smoothly. The best part is the storage SSD of the Flex models is upgradable.

On the other hand, the Lenovo Yoga models come with 256 GB to 1TB storage SSD space that is more than the Lenovo Flex models. So you can store more movies, songs, and other media files on Yoga models. Moreover, they also provide better-accessing ability than the flex models. So it is clear that the Yoga models are a better option for smart storage space to use heavy-loaded apps.


RAM stands for random access memory and it is very important equipment of a computer that works as temporary data storage space and holds data. RAM also ensures your laptop has super-fast responses with no lag or slowdown. There are some significant differences between the Lenovo Flex and Lenovo Yoga.

Most laptops of Flex series are equipped with 16 GB Ram and it ensures fast download speed as well as fast data transfer speed. The Flex series has DDR4 RAM that allows a user to run big-sized files at low voltage. Moreover, it also ensures excellent gaming performance.

The Yoga series is also equipped with 16GB RAM but the main difference is these RAMs have DDR3 technology. So this RAM provides better latency. It also ensures better clocking speed. But it is clear that the Flex series has the upper hand because of the DDR4 technology thus has a better speed to transfer data than the Yoga models.


The display of a laptop is decent as long as it provides a good viewing experience. Generally, most laptops display has detailed and sharp-looking text and video quality so that the users have a better understanding. There are some significant differences between the display of the Lenovo Flex and Yoga series.

Most of the Flex models have a display that varies from 14.0” to 15.6” in size. This type of display provides a bigger text and video feel. The displays of the Flex model provide Full HD picture quality with a better resolution. Moreover, the user will get a wider image for looking at a distance.

The Yoga models have a small display compare to the Flex models. The laptops of the Yoga series come with a display size of 13.9” that gives good screen space. The Yoga series also has a Full HD display so it will provide an excellent video watching experience with a fine and crisp image resolution. However, the Flex series is also the winner of this category because of its large display size and better quality.

Graphics Processor

The graphics processor or GPU is another very important piece of equipment of for a laptop that manipulates memory to speed up the images at a good frame rate. GPU is very essential for any laptop so that users can enjoy faster video editing, video rendering, and a faster gaming experience. There are a few variations between the graphics processor of the Flex and Yoga series.

The laptops of the Flex series come with the Intel 620 GPU that allows users to feel UHD and 4K pictures. These GPUs have 1600 to 2400 MHz memory speed so they will provide excellent performance while watching HD movies or playing high configuration games.

The Yoga modes on the other hand have two different types of graphics processors: Intel 620 to Intel 520 graphics processor. So with these GPUs, you can watch Ultra HD pictures with a 4K, HD, and 3D motion. These GPUs have 1600 to 2400 MHz memory speed to read data faster. So it is clear that the Lenovo yoga series has a better graphics processor unite compare to the Lenovo Flex series.

Final Thought

Now, it’s time to pick a winner from the Lenovo Flex and Lenovo Yoga series. Both Flex and Yoga series have some outstanding modes that are packed with excellent features. Few Flex models will overtake some models of Yoga similarly few Yoga models will overtake some Flex models. However, if you consider overall feature, performance, design, and equipment then Flex is a far better option with excellent productivity and performance. Finally, it’s totally up to you to choose a model from Flex and Yoga series. While picking a laptop model makes sure you consider your requirements and budget to buy a laptop that meets your needs.


What Is The Difference Between The Yoga 2 And The Flex?

The Yoga 2 and Flex are two very different laptops from the same company that has been released this year. The Yoga 2 comes in a silver aluminum body with a 14-inch screen, while the Flex has a plastic body and a 13.3-inch screen. The Yoga 2 weighs 3 pounds less than the Flex, but both weigh less than 5 pounds. The prices of these two laptops also differ, with the Yoga 2 being more expensive than the Flex by a few hundred dollars.

How Many Hours Of Battery Life Does The Lenovo Flex VS Lenovo Yoga Have?

The Yoga and the Flex are two different tablet-laptop hybrids that have different battery life. The Lenovo Flex has a battery life of up to 9 hours while the Lenovo Yoga only has a battery life of up to 3 hours.

What Is Lenovo Flex?

Lenovo Flex is a line of foldable laptops that have a tri-fold design so they can be worn as a tablet or used in laptop form. The first models of the Lenovo Flex were unveiled at CES 2017 and two models were introduced, the Yoga 920 and the ThinkPad X1 Yoga. Both models had a 13-inch screen with a touchscreen that could rotate into four different modes depending on what you wanted to do.

How Many Hours Of Battery Life Does The Lenovo Flex Have?

The article is a comparison of the Lenovo Flex laptop and Apple laptops in terms of battery life. The Lenovo Flex, in comparison to other Apple laptops, has longer battery life. This may be due to the fact that the Lenovo Flex is made with less power-sucking components or it could be related to its thinner body. The article goes on to say “Lenovo says the machine lasts up to 7 hours on a single charge for tasks like browsing through your email inbox.