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Jumanji Board Game: A Comprehensive Guide

Jumanji is an adventure-themed board game based on the movie franchise. Players take turns rolling a special dice and moving their character piece on the board. The game is filled with unpredictable events and challenges, triggered by drawing cards from a deck. Players must navigate through dangerous environments, encounter wild animals, and solve puzzles to progress. To win, players must reach the center of the board and call out “Jumanji.”

The Origins of Jumanji

The Jumanji board game is an intriguing and enchanting piece of entertainment that has captured the hearts and imaginations of many. With its mysteriously ancient origins, the game is believed to possess supernatural powers that can whisk players away into its jungle-themed alternate reality or wreak havoc in the real world. The origins of Jumanji are shrouded in mystery, with some claiming it to be cursed, while others see its purpose as providing an escape for those seeking adventure.

It is said that the elaborate carvings and decorations on the board game’s wooden box serve to entice the young and easily bored. Playing Jumanji can lead to an exciting and dangerous saga, filled with challenges that tap into the players’ deepest fears and primitive instincts. Additionally, the game is known to seek out potential players through its hypnotic drumbeats, which captivate the attention of children but seem to remain unnoticed by adults.

While the first Jumanji game draws upon the African jungle for its theme, there is also a space-themed sibling game called Zathura. Both games share similar characteristics, designed to appeal to those who crave excitement and are quick to become bored. No one truly knows who created the Jumanji games or where they hail from, but the allure they possess has continued to captivate players throughout the years.

Required components of the Jumanji board game

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The Jumanji board game has rapidly gained popularity among both children and adults since its release in 1995. A thrilling adventure requiring teamwork and strategy, the game transports players into a dangerous world filled with challenges and obstacles to overcome. This comprehensive guide highlights the essential components of the Jumanji board game.

  • Firstly, the game board is designed with a vibrant jungle theme and features a unique path for each player to follow, leading to the center of the board. The aim is to reach the center and call out “Jumanji” before anyone else. Along the way, players must overcome various challenges and dangers that the board presents.
  • Secondly, the game includes a set of danger cards that are placed facedown on the draw space. These cards depict diverse challenges, such as jungle hazards and game progress-stalling obstacles. Players must rely on the help of their teammates to overcome these challenges by rolling the rescue dice, featuring symbols and an hourglass, which serves as a wild symbol.
  • Next, the game set consists of player pawns in different colors. A player chooses a pawn at the beginning of the game and places it on its corresponding starting space on the board. These pawns move along the path according to the roll of the number die.
  • The game also includes a rescue die for each player, used to help teammates when they stumble into danger. The Rescue dice display various symbols that must be matched with the symbols appearing on the danger cards to successfully rescue teammates.
  • Furthermore, an hourglass timer is incorporated into the game to create an urgency during gameplay. Players only have around 8 seconds to help a teammate during a rescue roll. The timer adds an exhilarating challenge that makes the game even more engaging.
  • Lastly, a decoder and a rhino figure complete the game components. The decoder is used to reveal the hidden messages and symbols on the back of the danger cards, while the rhino figure is placed on the board and serves as a temporary obstacle blocking players’ progress.

A Comprehensive Guide to Jumanji Board Game

The Jumanji board game has captured the hearts and minds of both kids and adults ever since it burst onto the scene in 1995. Here’s a breakdown of the game’s mission to help unravel its mysteries.

  • Understanding the Objective: The ultimate goal of Jumanji is to be the first player to reach the game’s endpoint and yell, “Jumanji!” This signifies that the player has successfully navigated through the treacherous jungle and completed the mission, returning everything to normal.
  • Facing the Challenges: Players will face a variety of different challenges as they traverse through the mysterious world of Jumanji. These trials often involve encounters with exotic creatures, overcoming natural disasters, and even solving riddles.
  • Utilizing Game Pieces: Jumanji provides each player with a unique set of game pieces that represent their progress throughout the journey. These pieces move along the game board as players complete challenges, draw cards, and roll the dice.
  • Collaborating with Other Players: Jumanji requires teamwork and cooperation among players in order to successfully face the game’s challenges. Communicate with other players and strategize to overcome unforeseeable difficulties and obstacles.
  • Surviving the Timer: Jumanji is a race against time, with players attempting to finish the game before a predetermined time limit is reached. Be sure to strategize, act quickly, and complete the final task before your time runs out.
  • Embrace the Adventure: Finally, remember to fully immerse yourself in the magical world of Jumanji. Engage with the characters, events, and setting to make the most of your gameplay experience.

A step-by-step guide to playing Jumanji

Get ready for an exciting and thrilling experience as you embark on the adventurous world of Jumanji! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play the classic Jumanji board game.

  • First and foremost, make sure that all the game components are laid out. Begin by shuffling the danger cards and placing them facedown on the game board’s DRAW space. Each player chooses a pawn and places it on its corresponding color START space..Place the rhino figure on its home base and assign one Rescue die to each player.
  • The player who suggested the game goes first, and the turn order proceeds clockwise. On their turn, a player rolls the number die and moves their pawn along their color path towards the center of the gameboard. Once their move is complete, they pass the timer and number die to the next player.
  • There are four types of spaces on the gameboard, each with specific instructions. When a player’s pawn lands on a space, follow the listed actions.
  • Blank spaces are where jungle dangers lurk. The pawn owner draws a danger card, and other players must roll either an hourglass or the matching symbol on the Rescue dice to save the endangered player. The timer keeps everyone under pressure, with only a few seconds for rescue attempts.
  • Moving backward spaces pull players back, space by space, until someone rolls a 5 or 8 on the number die to stop the player from being sucked into the jungle.
  • Trapped in the jungle spaces require everyone to roll the Rescue dice until everyone is safe. Remember that the hourglass symbol can be considered wild, meaning it matches any card symbol during rescue attempts.
  • Keep playing until someone reaches the center of the gameboard and calls out “Jumanji!” Just be cautious not to fill the Doomsday Grid, or else all players lose, and the game must restart!

Character Selection and Abilities of Jumanji

The Jumanji board game offers players a thrilling and adventurous experience as they journey through a jungle filled with challenges and obstacles. Choosing the right character with unique abilities is essential to survive the game and reach the finish line.

  • Players can select from a range of character cards, each representing a different persona with specialized skills. These skills can be leveraged to overcome obstacles and outwit adversaries as the game progresses. The key to winning the game lies in strategically utilizing these abilities and working collaboratively with fellow players.
  • Whether it’s the agile adventurer with impressive dexterity or the cunning strategist with exceptional planning skills, each character brings something unique to the table. Players must collaborate and combine their strengths to overcome the challenges that await them in the treacherous jungle.

The Jumanji board game promises an exhilarating and engaging experience, with fascinating characters and their diverse abilities keeping players on their toes. The game demands strategic thinking and teamwork to overcome challenges and find a way back to the real world.

Survival guide to the jungle: Strategies for overcoming challenges

  • Know the Game Mechanics

To successfully navigate the jungle in Jumanji: The Curse Returns, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. Understanding the purpose of Attack and Assist cards, the role of Gold Coins, and the importance of teamwork will lay the foundations for effective strategies in overcoming challenges.

  • Communicate with Your Team

Communication is vital in Jumanji, as players must work together to survive the jungle and prevent the town from being overwhelmed. Sharing information about your available Attack and Assist cards, and upcoming jungle wildlife encounters, can help your team make informed decisions and coordinate successful tactics.

  • Balance Your Deck Strategically

As you earn Gold Coins during the game, use them to build a well-rounded deck that includes a mix of Attack, Assist, and defense cards. In addition, acquiring cards that specifically counter the jungle wildlife you’re likely to encounter can greatly improve your chances of success throughout the game.

  • Conserve Your Life Tokens

Life Tokens are crucial to your survival in the jungle and the overall success of your team. Be cautious in making moves that could result in the loss of Life Tokens, and try to maximize the use of Assist cards and teamwork to avoid depleting your supply.

  • Learn from Your Mistakes

As you face each challenge in Jumanji, take the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and adapt your strategy accordingly. This will enable you to improve your gameplay, make better decisions, and eventually triumph over the dangerous world of Jumanji.


In conclusion, the Jumanji board game is an engaging and exciting game that takes its players on a thrilling quest through the jungle, providing challenges, riddles, and events to overcome. With its elaborate design and attractive appearance, the game captivates the imaginations of both children and adults, creating a fun bonding experience for friends and family members alike.

The unique combination of a well-crafted game board, interactive LCD screen, and an assortment of game cards and pieces make Jumanji a top-selling board game with a vast following. Suitable for players aged eight years and older, Jumanji can be played by 2-4 players individually or in teams, adding an extra layer of intriguing competition to the game.