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ISmartView PRO App | How To Use This On Windows & Mac?

The ISmartView Pro App Is A Convenient Way Of Security By Monitoring The Activities

ISmartView PRO App

The 21st century will be known for so many things and the rapid growth of technology will be one of them definitely. The use of the internet and technology is so real in practical life that the lifestyle has improved quite a bit. People get used to several online habits and internet things. The apps are responsible for making life easy, convenient, and full of entertainment. Several new apps are launching almost on a daily basis and many are under construction process too. It is the era of applications. Talking about applications, there are many apps that exist through which you can take care of your home security. Definitely, these apps have very high demand in the market and the iSmartViewPro is one of the popular ones.

What Is This App About

ISmartViewPro is an app that helps you to connect camera feeds with your smartphone and allows you to monitor and check your home, room, and surroundings while you are outside, in business, and on the go. Basically, it is a connector app. Not only the use of monitoring your home, with the help of the app you can even monitor your PC or Laptop, and iSmartViewPro has an inbuilt feature enabled in it. 

The Features Of The App

The app is a very versatile one and it has many features related to camera and stuff. The main features are,

1. It can do video recording

2. You can take screenshots with the app

3. You can save the media in the storage space

4. The app supports Wi-Fi

5. It supports camera 

6. CCTV recording with DVR and NVR can be done

You can zoom in and zoom out with the app

How To Use The App In PC

Running the app on a PC or laptop is not at all very hard and you can use the app fluently on your pc without a glitch. Here are some steps of how to install iSmartViewPro on your Windows PC or laptop. 

1. It is the app available on the play store and it doesn’t support directly on your PC or laptop. So you need a third-party device to install the app successfully on your PC.  Download the Bluestacks app first on your PC.

2. You need to follow the installation instructions and then install the app.

3. Now Bluestacks is installed, sign in to the app with your Google account and open the google play store.

4. Then search for the iSmartViewPro app in the play store.

5. Then download the app and install it.

You can now monitor your PC/ laptop with this app. Make sure that your gadget has a camera on it. Now open the app, allow the permissions, connect the camera and you are good to go.

How To Use The App In Mac

Installing the app is easy in Windows and so is in the IOS. It is not a very complicated process to install the iSmartViewPro on your Mac device. Here are the steps.

1. The app is supported only in Android OS so there is no direct support available for Mac devices. You need to download the Bluestacks app player for Mac first.

2. Then install the app following the instructions and guidelines. 

3. After installing, sign in to the app with your Google account to get access to the google play store.

4. Then search for the iSmartViewPro in the google play store. 

5. Then download the app and install it.

That is it and you are ready to use the app now. The installing process is almost similar to PCs and laptops. Allow the permissions of the app and then connect the cameras to it. Now you will be able to use the app to monitor your Mac device. 

This is definitely the app that is very useful. When it comes to security, users don’t want to compromise it. The app serves the perfect purpose of monitoring your devices while you are on the go and outside. So download the app now and start using it if security is a concern to you.


1. How Do I Set Up iSmartViewPro?

Answer- Launch the “iSmartViewPro”; There is a three-way to add a device, that is add manually, scan ID to add, and search in LAN to add. Scan ID and search in LAN to Add as below. Login APP, enter into “More”, select “One Key WiFi Configuration”, input Wi-Fi SSID and password, click “Configure”.

2. What iS iSmart View Pro?

Answer- This app is specially built for the P2P IP camera series. thanks to unique P2P connection technology that users are able to watch live video on iPhone from any purchased IP camera by simply enter the camera’s ID and password; no complex IP or router settings.

3. How Do I Connect My iSmartViewPro To WiFi?

Answer- Open the iSmartViewPro APP on iPhone and tap More, then tap One Key Configure Wi-Fi, enter Wi-Fi SSID and password, and tap Configure.

4. How Do I Change My iSmartviewpro Password?

Answer- Yes, you can change the password on the iSmartviewpro app on your phone when you have connected to the camera.