Is Westinghouse TV a Good Brand

Is Westinghouse TV a Good Brand? – A Comprehensive Review of Westinghouse TVs

Westinghouse is a renowned and respected brand in the USA. The brand’s TVs are found anywhere. But are the TVs good? Do the TVs live up to the price tag? 

Suppose you are interested in purchasing a Westinghouse TV, but you don’t know whether it will serve you better; this page is here to help you. We have covered all you have to know about the TVs, including customization options, comfort level, etc. You will determine whether the TV fits your requirements at the end of the page!

Where Are Westinghouse TVs Made?

Where Are Westinghouse TVs Made

Perhaps it will be better if we find out who manufactures Westinghouse TVs. Well, Westinghouse Digital LLC was a California-based company that was founded in 2002. The Company licensed the Westinghouse name and commenced using it in its overseas production of LCD televisions.

Even though their TVs were cheap, hence higher demand that ensured maximum sales, most customers complained about reliability issues.

It was unfortunate that the Company went bankrupt in 2010. However, Westinghouse Digital LLC crawled out of the mess and rebranded as Westinghouse Electronics as a subsidiary of a Chinese state-owned company known as Tsinghua Tongfang. The chines company is renowned for manufacturing consumer electronics and other general electric gear.

Westinghouse TV Reviews

It is an open secret that the Westinghouse LED TV stands out as one of the most sought and bet-selling models currently. The TV boasts exceptional picture quality, easy-to-interact with features, and a sleek design.

To help you understand better the suitable television for your living room, let’s take a sneak peek into the 5 top models in our review list to make an informed decision.

1. Westinghouse D2 TV Review

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Suppose you are searching for a TV that looks great in any room at home; look no further than the modern Westinghouse D2 TV.

The TV is built using modern LED technology that guarantees to provide exceptional images and better sounds. One amazing aspect about this television is that it is energy efficient, thanks to LED technology.

One thing you will be sure of with the Westinghouse D2 TV is that you will save on your energy bills. Generally, LED TVs are more energy-efficient than their LCD counterparts, but they don’t compromise the picture quality.

Additionally, the Westinghouse D2 TV reduces the intensity of blue light emitting from the screen, protecting your eyes from potential damage.

This amazing TV features built-in Wi-Fi to stream your favorite apps on your tablet, phone, or other devices. Alternatively, you can use the TV’s USB port to connect to the mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals.

The Westinghouse D2 TV is a great TV for you if you could like to watch top-notch pictures and better sound without bothering about the amount of energy you will consume.

Features and Specifications

Refresh Rate:                       60Hz 
Connectivity Technology:   USB, HDMI, VGA   
Screen Size:                         23.6 Inches  
Model Name:                       D2
Resolution:                          720p   
Display technology:            LED    


  • Affordable price tag.
  • Bright and better colors.
  • Built-in parental control option.


  • Lack of voice control features.
  • It doesn’t have 4K support.

2. Westinghouse Smart Roku TV Review

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The Westinghouse Smart Roku TV has been around for some time, improving the smart TV game. 

This TV is among the best Smart TVs available today. It features the most recent Roku operating system with free entertainment and apps. The TV supports Alexa and Airplay 2 voice commands.

The Westinghouse’s ability to stream content from more than 100 channels gives it the edge over other smart TVs in its category. Suppose you enjoy watching your favorite movies and TV shows from your phone, computer, or tablet; you can use this TV for a better watching experience.

If you crave a smart TV that controls your connected devices and speakers, the Westinghouse Smart Roku TV is what you are looking for. This TV has compatibility with Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

The TV has unique features, such as the new Roku mobile app. The mobile app allows you to cast your content to the TV. It also has a private listening mode that lets you listen to podcasts, music, and audiobooks with no disturbance to others.

The recent version of the Roku operating system that is easy to use and navigate is the latest feature on this TV. It features a re-engineered home screen with easy access to favorite apps and services.

Suppose you want an affordable, sleek and elegant TV; the Westinghouse Smart Roku TV is a better option. Besides affordability and great features, the TV is an easy-to-use device.

Features and Specifications

Refresh Rate:                      60Hz
Connectivity Technology:  Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB
Display Technology:            LED
Screen Size:                          43 Inches
Resolution:                            720p
Mounting Type:                    Wall Mount
Special Feature:                     Roku TV


  • Excellent picture quality.
  • Affordable price.
  • It is compatible with Amazon Alexa.
  • Strong color and contrast.


  • It doesn’t have 4K support.
  • It doesn’t have a built-in voice control feature.

3. Westinghouse WR43FX2019

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The Westinghouse WR43FX2019 is a great TV for movies and gaming with an unrivaled experience. The TV comes with an excellent 1920×1080 HD resolution that provides vibrant colors and sharp images.

All famous streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, Sling TV, HBO, and many more are supported by this TV. The TV also boasts Alexa compatibility; hence you can control it via your voice.

Playing your favorite games on the Westinghouse is serene since the TV is Compatible with major consoles such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and many more.

The TV’s smart remote allows you to access your antenna, cable, or other content sources. Therefore, you can watch a movie while it is still in the box, and you can access all channels from Roku’s home screen.

Although this TV is not powerful as other TVs, its performance is awesome for the TV its size.

Features and Specifications

Refresh Rate:                     60Hz
Display Technology:          LED         
Connectivity Technology: HMDI
Screen Size:                       43 Inches
Model Name:                     WR43FX2019
Resolution:                         1080p
Special Feature:                 Roku TV, Voice command                         


  • It has bright colors.
  • It comes with excellent viewing angles.
  • It has voice command features.


  • It has an input lag.

4. Westinghouse 19 Inch LED TV

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The Westinghouse 19-inch LCD TV comes in two variations; one for home and another for office. If you search for a home TV suitable for a small condo or apartment, search no further than this magnificent television.

The TV comes with a better resolution display of 720p that provides an excellent picture quality.

With the Westinghouse 19-inch LCD TV, you have the luxury of streaming your favorite movies and shows from your tablet or smartphone, thanks to added connections that enable streaming. 

What is amazing is that this TV comes with an in-built V-chip that enables you to block content based on the program’s ratings. You can also check the ratings of unknown shows using the V-chip.

Suppose you want an exceptional picture at an affordable cost; the Westinghouse, 19 Inch TV, is a suitable companion. The TV has a one-year warranty; hence, all issues will be fixed if anything is amiss within the warranty period.

Features and Specifications

Refresh Rate:                     60 Hz
Connectivity Technology: HMDI, VGA, USB
Screen Size:                        19 Inches
Display Technology:          LCD
Resolution:                         720p
Special Feature:                  Headphone input, PC- Audio in
Mounting Type:                  Wall mount
Color:                                   Black


  • Excellent picture quality.
  • Lower price.
  • In-built V-chip.


  • Lack of 4K support.
  • Lack of in-built voice control feature.

5. Westinghouse UX Series

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The Westinghouse UX Series is a great 4K smart TV that allows you to easily watch the Ultra HD content on your TV.

Suppose you want an affordable, straightforward to use top-notch HDTV with an option of streaming videos from services like Netflix and Amazon Prime; search no further than Westinghouse UX TV Series.

This television supports Roku TV, hence compatibility with many streaming services. Additionally, the TV features free Roku OS software, but it requires installation. After successful installation, search and set up your favorite channels. Alternatively, you can add your favorite channels by clicking “add” in the main menu.

Connecting other devices is a seamless task since the TV comes with four HDMI ports. What more? You can easily find content on your TV via voice search.

Are you searching for an affordable but top-notch TV that meets your desire? The Westinghouse UX Series is worth your investment.

Features and Specifications

Connectivity Technology:    Wi-Fi, HDMI  
Supported Internet Services: Roku TV 
Screen Size:                           75 Inches
Resolution:                             4K
Operating System:                  Roku OS
Control Method:                     Voice


  • Excellent viewing angles.
  • Exceptional color range.
  • 4K Ultra HD TV.
  • Smart connectivity.


  • It has a dim panel.

Important Tips

If you purchase a Westinghouse TV, ensure you do the following:

  • Confirm that the store will accept it back during the warranty period.
  • Ensure you have an extended warranty.
  • Preserve and save the package if you need it for shipping the TV back to the store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lifespan of Westinghouse TVs?

The average lifespan of a Westinghouse TV is close to 10 years. However, the lifespan hinges on the TV’s weight, handling, and size.

How Good Are Westinghouse TVs?

Westinghouse is a great brand that has established its space among the best television brands globally. The TVs are affordable and have top-notch features and excellent customer care services.