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Is Roblox A Virus? – How Hackers Use Roblox Game To Infect Your Device With A Roblox Virus

Many users worldwide spend a lot of time playing the Roblox game. However, some people believe Roblox is a virus that could cause harm to your computer. So, what exactly is Roblox? Can it infect your device? 

Roblox is a free game that multiple players can play. The game offers several in-app purchases.

Moreover, it has a virtual currency known as “Robux” that users trade-in. Therefore, this is where cybercriminals get a chance to take advantage of the situation. Hackers use the app to generate a fake app for creating counterfeit Robux currency to lure users. 

When a user agrees to download the fake app, hackers easily penetrate their devices and access their personal and banking information. However, if you download Roblox from a reputable site, the game contains no viruses and is safe for use.

Does The Roblox Game Have Viruses?

Roblox Game

Many people wonder whether Roblox can harm their computers or give them a virus. However, when you download the game from a reputable source, your computer cannot get a virus. Reputable sources include the Google Play Store, the App Store, or the developer’s website.

If you get a game installer from a third-party application repository or dubious websites, higher chances are that your game will contain malware. But if you downloaded the game from a legitimate source, there is no need to worry.

Remember that you can also infect your authentic Roblox with malware if you download additional software for enhancing the game or cheating. However, if you follow all the rules without the need to cheat, you probably won’t infect your computer with malware.

What Is A Roblox Virus?

A Roblox virus is also referred to as Robux and is a phony app claiming to be a hack for the Roblox game. The game’s installer is usually known as Robux Generator v2.0 Updated 2018, and in other cases, Robux Generator v2.0 Updated 2019. 

The hackers will permanently change the file’s name to convince players that it is a game update. According to the malicious app developers, it is a Roblox cheat that provides players with more in-game currency at no additional cost. 

Players use the currency to buy items or upgrade game features. This tempts the users to get more money as they can use it for purchases and upgrades.

The malicious app won’t tell you that Robux is a trojan-type malware that asks you to log in with your Robux account to access the extra money after downloading and installing it. However, after checking the game, you will realize that your account is not credited with the in-game currency they claim to have added to the account. After downloading and installing the app, the hackers immediately access your account information, including your banking details.

After Robux invades your system, it also facilitates another malware known as Win32/OnLineGames to be installed on your computer. The Trojan Win32/OnLineGames is used by hackers to record keystrokes and steal your login credentials for some online games. The trojan will then send that information to the hackers’ remote server. Not only will the Trojan steal your login details, but it will also inject malware DLL (Direct Link Library) files into the system processes. Moreover, it will register Browser Helper Objects for the malware.

Ways That Hackers Introduce Robux Virus

Ways That Hackers Introduce Robux Virus

As mentioned earlier, hackers get access to your computer when you download the Roblox game from third parties or unreputable sources. It is impossible to get a virus if you have an original Roblox game on your computer because it does not allow or have the functionality of uploading, retrieving, and disseminating harmful executables and malware through the platform. However, a hacker can gain access to your computer system. Below are some of the ways they do it.

1. Phishing Attacks

A player can be lured by the pop-up ads and chat links that offer free Roblox and custom items to unreliable phishing websites which will infect your computer and steal your account. This type of phishing is similar to the one so popular on YouTube. The hacker will entice the user away from the Roblox game by promising them gifts or the in-game currency. Clicking on the link in a chat message or pop-up ad will give the hacker access to the account.

2. Malware

If you download the game from a malicious website, the hacker will trick you into downloading an executable program with a .exe extension. When you open the file, the program infects the computer system with malware that will steal data, including your banking information or passwords.

3. Stolen Password

A phishing attack can also steal the user’s Roblox account on a fake website. A pop-up prompt will urge you to log in with your Roblox username and password, and they will promise to give you a free in-game currency. They will save your information and use it to steal your passwords.

It’s essential to read the Roblox community guideline prohibiting players from selling, trading, or giving away Robux, digital items, and game codes except through an official channel on a Roblox program. 

You can buy or sell game items, but this is only possible for a Builders Club member. The game developer does not allow sharing outside programs on the Roblox website, although it happens.

4. Scams 

A hacker can steal from you while playing on the platform. You will get a pop-up ad scamming you with the promise that you will get a new weapon or t-shirt. Once you click on the pop-up,  crooks bounce on your Robux and steal it or hijack your account.

3. Fake Maintenance

A “Fake Maintenance Scam” is a deceptive graphic user interface (GUI) informing players that the site is under maintenance. The scam tricks the players into giving away their login information. A young or new player who gets upset by the maintenance will be tempted to give their login information to avoid interruption.

If you’re a Roblox player, here are some maintenance guidelines to look out for:

1. An orange banner appears on the game’s site to warn you before the beginning of maintenance.

2. The banner will change color to red which signifies that you cannot play the game until the developer is done with the maintenance.

3. Maintenance usually occurs when one is not playing the game.

4. Roblox does not ask for the player’s username and passwords apart from the home page.

6. Botnets

A scammer can use bots to scam players into giving them money. A bot is automated and programmed to perform a particular set of tasks. Scammers use bots to create fake accounts and message players to ask them to visit a specific website to get in-game currency. The bot can also send many players to a monetized YouTube video to grow the number of views.

How To Avoid Installing The Malware

It would help if you were careful when browsing the internet or downloading, installing, and updating applications to avoid this situation. think twice before clicking on the icon to open any email attachment. If a file seems inappropriate or you have received it from a wary and unrecognizable email, you shouldn’t open it. You should only download an app or software from an official source and use a direct download link.

Downloading apps from a third party will get you in a situation where you have rogue apps which you shouldn’t use on your computer. Keeping your app and software up to date is essential; however, you should only achieve this through the implemented features and tools given by the app developer only.

It’s also essential to have a reputable antivirus suite installed on your computer and running. Many people get computer viruses due to poor knowledge and browsing carelessly. Therefore, you should always exercise caution. Suppose your device has a Roblox virus infection; you can use a reputable antivirus to clean and eliminate the infiltrated virus. Other ways you can prevent an attack include:

1. Enabling Two-Step Verification

Enabling two-step verification will add an extra layer of security to the player’s account as it requires one to go through an extra step to prove your identity. Whenever you sign in on a new device, you will be prompted to enter a six-digit security code. 

Your emails should be secure that only you can access them. If anyone tries to change their account password, they will need the security code.

2. Creating A Strong Password 

Hackers can guess your password using specific software. Therefore, you should ensure that you don’t share your password with anyone or write it down on the computer. When creating a password, you should follow the password creation guidelines to help you build a strong password that you can remember easily.

3. Signing Out On Shared Devices

If you play Roblox on multiple computers, like your friend’s device, you should always sign out of your account when you are done. Scammers can access your account if you leave it open in a browser.


Roblox is an original PC game, but scammers have been using its name to release a dangerous virus known as the Roblox virus. Therefore, players should be careful when downloading, installing, and updating the game to avoid giving cybercriminals access to their information. Only download the game from reputable sites like the play store to avoid getting the virus.