Hisense TV

Is Hisense A Good TV? –In-Depth Review

Hisense is a renowned entry-level TV brand that produces quality and affordable televisions. Although the brand is less powerful than other expensive brands, Hisense TVs are worth it if you work on a constrained budget and desire a worthy quality product. It is not by coincidence that most users vouch for this relatively new brand giving its competitors sleepless nights.

Ever since the Hisense brand of TVs penetrated the market, they have grown from strength to strength, and it provides a budget option for those who don’t have deep pockets. You might be wondering, “Why must I buy Hisense TV instead of the big and renowned brands in the market?” However, you should know that despite Hisense TVs being affordable, they come with quality techs and characteristics that you can’t skimp on. 

Suppose you are searching for a quality and affordable TV brand; look no further than the Hisense brand. Peruse this in-depth Hisense TV review before making the decision.

Where Are Hisense TVs Made?

Where Are Hisense TVs Made

Hisense is a Chinese-owned manufacturer that is state-owned. The Company also deals with other electronic products such as fridges, phones, and washing machines. Hisense commands massive international connections and has a foothold outside China. For instance, in 2015, Hisense bought part of the renowned Mexican TV production and embarked on churning out televisions for South America and the USA market, trading as “Sharp,” the name for a Japanese company.

The brand further showed its prowess by acquiring Toshiba’s TV business. Therefore, regardless of their lower prices, Hisense is a significant player in the TV industry.

The 3 Different Variations Of Hisense TV

If you have chosen to purchase Hisense TV, there are various options to choose from. However, we will review the three best variations on this page, including Hisense U9DG, Hisense U8G, and Hisense U6G.

Hisense U9DG TV

Hisense U9DG TV

This is the best overall TV on our list. The TV has mixed usage, meaning you can use it for gaming, watching TV shows, movies, sports, and you can use it as a PC monitor.

The Hisense U9DG is a uniquely designed LED TV with dual cell technology to provide fantastic picture quality. The TV also boasts two panels in the place of the typical single panel. The purpose of the added panel is to enhance contrast and local dimming.

Additionally, Hisense U9DG TV features IPS 4k panels that exude low contrast with a high contrast ratio of over 30,000:1 when the local dimming feature is active. This TV also has perfect black uniformity limiting the blooming around bright objects.

If you prefer a wide seating arrangement while gaming or watching your favorite television show, then U9DG is ideal for you as it comes with IPS panels that offer wide viewing angles.

Product Specifications

1. Type: LED TV.

2. Sub-Type: IPS.

3. Resolution: 4k

4. Size: 75-Inch.


1. Dual Cell Technology: The TV has dual cell technology to enhance picture quality.

2. Stand Size: The TV’s footprint is 75,” and the stand size is 55.5″ × 15.8” × 5.4”.

3. Wall Mount: The back wall mount is a single and substantial plastic panel that is easy to access. This component has tracks and leg clips that work well in cable management.

4. IPS 4k Panels: the TV features IPS 4k panels that enhance the screen’s contrast ratio.


1. The TV comes with exceptional High contrast.

2. It handles reflection well, courtesy of the black uniformity feature.

3. Accurate images, thanks to the wide-angle.


1. It has colored bands in uniform colored areas.

2. Poor ghosting and sluggish response time.

Hisense U8G TV

Hisense U8G TV

The Hisense U8G TV is a suitable device for gaming. The television boasts a 120Hz panel featuring HDMI 2.1 inputs, making it possible for 4k games ranging from 120 frames per second (FPS).

The games are played either from the Xbox series X or a PS5. If you enjoy using a TV with a quick response time, then Hisense U8G is your ideal TV.

This TV is different from the U9DG series as it doesn’t use dual cell technology, and it features a different panel that enhances its picture quality.

The television’s advanced features endear it to gamers as it can be used in dark or bright rooms without any difficulty.

Nonetheless, on the negative side, a few users have complained about red ghosting and motion artifacts when in game mode, and this might be an irritating experience. However, besides this drawback, the TV’s panel boasts a high native contrast ratio and excellent dimming features that provide impressive deep uniform blacks.

Hisense U8G has the edge over its peers as it handles reflections exceptionally and comes with high SDR peak brightness.

Product Specifications

1. Type: LED TV.

2. Sub-Type: VA.

3. Resolution: 4k.

4. Sizes: 55” and 65”


1. VA Panel: this panel comes with a high contrast ratio and teams up with excellent dimming features to provide impressive uniform blacks.

2. HDR10+ and Dolby Vision: Hisense U8G supports HDR10+ and Dolby vision; hence it displays bright colors and a broad color scope.


1. Excellent contrast.

2. Exceptional handling of brightness.

3. Quick response time.

4. Higher brightness peak.


1. Poor and degraded image when viewed from an angle.

Hisense U6G TV

Hisense U6G TV

Hisense U6G is a budget television that doesn’t come with high-end features such as those found on the Hisense U8G series. Nonetheless, the TV provides excellent picture quality than most of its competitors.

The TV features an android TV operating system; thus, it is easy to access your favorite apps via the Google play store.

If you want a fantastic TV set to watch in dark rooms, Hisense U6G has a ready solution for you. This TV displays better dark black images to add more glamour to the movie experience.

However, if your expectations are acquiring a TV set of anything above 60Hz, you better look elsewhere. Hisense U6G TVs are limited to 60Hz panels and have HMDI 2.0 inputs. The TV doesn’t support VRR, giving you limitations concerning the next-gen gaming console.

Product Specifications

1. Type: LED TV.

2. Sub-Type: VA.

3. Resolution: 4k.

4. Sizes: 55” 65” and 75”.


1. Android TV operating system: Hisense U6G comes with an Android TV operating system; hence you can access apps through the Google play store.

2. HDR10+ and Dolby Vision: The TV supports HDR10+ and Dolby vision, thus no worrying about the format of your HDR content.


1. Better contrast.

2. Excellent black uniformity.

3. Exceptional handling of reflection.

4. Availability of numerous streaming apps.


1. Image degradation when viewed at an angle.

2. Interruption of Ads via the smart interface.

What Are The General Benefits Of Hisense TVs?

1. Value For Price

Regardless your choice is a flagship or budget model, the Hisense brand provides good value than its competitors at the same price range. 

2. Excellent For Dark And Bright Rooms

VA panels enable Hisense TVs to display deep blacks in dark rooms and sufficient brightness to thwart glare in a brightly lit environment.

3. Gaming Features

The 2021 Hisense models have gaming features such as HMDI 2.1 inputs. Although the input might be sluggish, it is fast than competitor brands.

The Downside

1. Quality Control Problems

The Tv’s challenges are uniformity, red ghosting, and color accuracy. These issues are the central concern of the Hisense brand when compared with its priced competitors.

2. Narrow Viewing Angles

The TV presents a narrow viewing angle; hence, it is unsuitable for a wide sitting arrangement. 


Hisense is a good TV that provides better services at a low cost. These TVs are versatile for use, and they come with excellent features such as HDMI 2.1 input and flexible refresh rate support. Their VA panels enable them to operate well in dark and bright rooms. If you want a budget-friendly TV with impressive features, don’t think twice; go for the Hisense model of your choice.