Is Apple Watch 3 Waterproof? Can You Take Your Apple Watch 3 for a Swim?

Is Apple Watch 3 Waterproof? Can You Take Your Apple Watch 3 for a Swim?

Is Apple Watch 3 waterproof? No. It is water resistant but not waterproof! One of the most critical aspects of this watch is that it has water resistance up to 50 meters, so it can be used for swimming and other activities where you might get wet. Before determining whether you want to take your Apple Watch 3 for swimming, you should ensure it will survive water damage. Here’s what you need to know about the Apple Watch 3’s waterproof capabilities and how it stacks up against its predecessor.

Is Apple Watch 3 Waterproof or Water Resistant?

The Apple Watch 3 was designed to be water resistant, not waterproof. It will only stay sealed if submerged in less than 50 meters of water, like during a shallow dive. Even then, it won’t always seal completely.

For example, Apple suggests holding the digital crown and pressing the watch’s home button (to turn off any activity features) before submerging your wristband or band case underwater. The new design addresses one of the limitations of older models-water resistance-by withstanding only splashes or light rain but not submersion in water of over 50 meters.

The Difference Between Waterproof and Water Resistant

Apple claims that the watch is swim-proof, but it’s not really waterproof. There are some significant differences between the two. The most crucial difference is that while water resistant means your device can survive at the beach or by the pool, waterproof means it’s submersible, which means you’re wearing it when you take it in the shower, bathtub, pool, or hot tub.

Apple has clarified that their device is not technically rated as waterproof because there are openings for features like mic feedback and speaker voice transmission (so that Siri can hear you) that need to remain open.

The Difference Between Waterproof and Water Resistant

Features of Apple Watch 3

The Apple Watch Series 3 is more than just water-resistant. It can also be submerged in water up to one meter deep. The only exception is that you should avoid exposing the device’s magnetic charging system to water, but you’ll be fine if the watch makes contact with your skin.

Additional features of this model include:

  • Up to 18 hours of battery life.
  • Dual-core processor and GPU.
  • eSIM support.
  • Wireless upgradability. 
  • Faster Wi-Fi.

With such awesome new features, it’s no wonder so many people are wondering whether or not they can take their Apple Watch swimming!

So, what are the rules for taking your brand new (or older) version of the Apple Watch into the pool or ocean? Can you swim with an Apple Watch on?

Yes! And even better news—you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself or damaging your watch when you get out of the water because the newest models are water-resistant.

How You Can Use Apple Watch 3 in Water

Apple Watch includes both new and improved features that are great for swimmers. The watch has the same watertight seals as previous models and will automatically detect when you enter the water. When this happens, it will increase the contrast on your display to make it easier to read while swimming.

How Waterproof is the Apple Watch 3 Compared with Previous Models? Apple Watch 1 and 2 have been rated IPX7 by international standards. That means they can be submerged in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. They can also be used in wet environments like the rain or sweat from an intense workout without any issues.

However, these watches are not designed to track distance or duration in water. Apple Watch 3 goes one step further: Its 50-meter rating makes it perfect for laps at the pool or ocean without missing a beat!

How You Can Use Apple Watch 3 in Water

Additionally, the watch monitors heart rate during swimming sessions, so you can see how hard you work. There’s also a swim mode in Apple Watch Activity where you can log workouts. All of these improvements mean one thing: no matter what kind of swimmer you are – novice or pro – the Apple Watch 3 has something for everyone.

How to Keep Apple Watch 3 Secure Before Diving for a Swim

Since the original introduction of the first-generation Apple Watch, it seems as though many people have taken to wearing their devices on extended underwater diving excursions. But is your watch water resistant enough to join them?

When you submerge your watch too deeply, the screen may display an indicator showing that it can’t withstand the pressure and needs to be taken off before entering further into the dive. In addition, water containing chlorine or salt will corrode and damage any circuitry on the device.

  • One solution to help prevent corrosion and protect your smartwatch’s most sensitive components is using a good quality Silicon rubber waterproof case with sealable compartments and protection against submersion up to 130 feet deep.
  • An alternative solution is one that covers only the screen area and allows access to all buttons and connectors, but this option doesn’t offer full protection.
  • The third option, which offers the best coverage without sacrificing accessibility, is a hybrid design consisting of silicon material covering 100% of the outer surface area and a hard plastic covering 80% of the inner surface area.
How to Keep Apple Watch 3 Secure Before Diving for a Swim

Avoid Getting the Strap of Apple Watch 3 Wet

The wet strap can cause the watch to send out an SOS signal and make it difficult to read the screen. If this happens, turn off the watch as soon as possible by pressing and holding down on the side button until you see the power off displayed at the top of the screen.

If you cannot get to it before too long, press and hold down on both buttons simultaneously (the side button and digital crown) until the watch turns off.

Let your Apple Watch dry out in a safe place with plenty of airflow, like on your nightstand or the top of your computer desk. Ensure not to put any heavy items on top of it while drying.

Note that wearing your Apple Watch with a wet strap can lead to bacterial infection. Keep your band away from pools, hot tubs, and water when there is a risk of contact.

What Do the Icons Mean in the Workout App of Apple Watch 3 when Swimming?

Swimming is available on the Activity app of your Apple Watch 3 and can be tracked using the app’s new swim mode. However, this mode isn’t activated by default and must be manually turned on through your iPhone companion app.

Once you start the workout on your iPhone, open the Activity application on your watch, tap Edit at the top of the screen, and ensure that swim is checked off as one of your exercise options.

When in swim mode, each session is automatically saved to Apple’s Health Data Cloud along with additional details about your activity levels, like strokes taken per minute or minutes spent swimming freestyle.

Cleaning Your Apple Watch 3 After Using it Under Water

You should avoid submerging your watch when cleaning it. Water and moisture can infiltrate the seals and openings, leading to contamination. If you’re still worried about how water might affect your device, consider getting it serviced by an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Keep your wrist dry while wearing the device by avoiding exposure to rain, salt water, pools, or hot tubs. If you wish to clean the band or case, remove the leather band and place it in a container with soapy water.

Soak the other part in freshwater (avoid using soap) with mild dishwashing liquid at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. Rinse all parts thoroughly under running fresh water before putting them back together again and drying with a lint-free cloth if necessary.

Cleaning Your Apple Watch 3 After Using it Under Water

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Check Your Heart Rate During Swimming Activities on Your Apple Watch Series 3?

Since the Digital Crown can’t be used underwater, you’ll need to switch to an analog watch face to access your heart rate. Swipe up on the screen and select Digital Crown + Touch Screen. The moment you go below the surface, you’ll hear three taps indicating that it’s ready to track your stats. Once the swim is over, wait one minute before drying off your arm and tapping on Next (or Finish) to continue your workout.

Can Water Enter the Speaker Holes Under My Apple Watch During Heavy Rain?

Your speaker holes are indeed vulnerable to water damage during rain. However, they may also be susceptible in other scenarios. For example, if you are washing your hands or you get caught in a sudden heavy rainstorm with your watch on or if you spend any time underwater. Be careful when out and about or otherwise wet!

Apple Watch Series 3 vs. Series 2: Which is Better?

The Apple Watch 3 is water resistant up to 50 meters, and it has the most durable glass of any device in its category. If you exceed this depth limit or stay underwater too long, a red warning indicator pops up. The Series 2 is less expensive and doesn’t have as long of a battery life as the Series 3. The Choice of which watch suits you better depend on individual taste.

The Bottom Line

Some companies make waterproof versions of popular devices. But the first generation is not water-resistant unless you buy an Apple Watch specifically made to be waterproof. The improved apple watch series 3 starts at $369 and comes with an S3 processor, and can now withstand up to 30 minutes of continuous water exposure. It’s also equipped with various sensors to help identify when the device falls into the water.