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How To Run IOS Apps On Android (2021 Method)

Some of the best mobile applications in the world only run on the iPhone. While lots of iPhone apps are available on Android and Windows versions, there are still many apps that are only developed to run on iPhones.

If you have an Android phone but want to run iPhone apps on your Android, then you have come to the right place. The best thing about running those apps is that you won’t have to root or spend money. So, how can you run iPhone apps on Android?

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Why Running IOS Apps On Android Or Windows Is Difficult?

Why Running IOS Apps On Android Or Windows Is Difficult

Making apps designed for one operating system compatible with another is a serious challenge. That’s because an app can work functionally on the iPhone. Apps designed for iPhone will work flawlessly on the iPhone. It’s because the iPhone has specific elements to function correctly.

The details of this may be complex. But, these elements fall into three different categories. These categories are hardware architecture, software features, and hardware features.

The Categories Are Explained:

1. Hardware Features

Some apps are created with features that specifically work for the devices they are designed for. For example, the iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner, or M11 motion co-processing chip. The fingerprint scanner app allows you to log in. But, if the phone doesn’t have a scanner, the app won’t work.

2. Hardware Architecture

When software developers create their apps, the apps are specifically designed to work on specific smartphone hardware. For example, the app may work on a certain type of processor. Without the processor, the app may not work well.

3. Software Features

This is rather the software aspect of the hardware requirement from the last point. If the app tries a specific software feature –like Notification Center Widgets or iCloud, for instance, and doesn’t find the feature, then it won’t work.

Is It Possible To Run Apple IOS Apps On Android?

Is It Possible To Run Apple IOS Apps On Android

Many Android users want to run iOS apps on Android. While not everyone can afford a high-end iPhone, many want to enjoy iOS apps on Android. The reason is clear – Android is the most used operating system for mobile phones.

You need to try and run iOS apps on an Android phone. The question many ask is whether they should root their Android. Well, the iOS Emulators discussed here won’t require you to root. I also took into consideration that many Android doesn’t want to have their devices rooted for warranty or security reasons.

For this reason, I discussed the emulators that don’t require you to root. Besides iOS emulators, the simplest way to run iOS apps is to use your phone’s browser. I discussed concisely how you can run iOS apps through a simple browser on your Android.

What Is An IOS Emulator?

An iOS Emulator is a program that allows you to run iOS apps on Android devices. Applications designed for the iPhone won’t be compatible with other platforms. This is the accepted postulate for iPhone apps. However, there are still programs like iOS Emulators available that could get the apps compatible.

Using iPhone apps on other devices can get be a bit complex. On the other hand, you can’t resist the functionality of some apps designed only for iPhones. Using iPhone apps on Android devices shouldn’t be difficult.

IOS Emulator

iOS Emulators are programs that will allow you to run an Apple iOS app on an Android device. If you ever wished to run an iOS app on your Android, then I’ve got good news for you! Yes, with an iOS emulator, you too can run your favorite iOS app on your Android.

In this article, I will discuss the ways you can run an iOS app effortlessly.

Let’s get started!

Running An IOS App On An Android Can Be Done In Two Ways:

1. Using your phone’s browser

2. Using special Android apps called Emulators

First, I am going to show you how you can use the browser on your Android to run an iOS app.

Method #1: Steps To Run IOS Apps On Android Using Browser

Steps To Run IOS Apps On Android Using Browser

One of the easiest ways to run an iOS app is by using your phone’s browser. You won’t have to install any application. All you have to do is just go to on your phone’s browser. This website works as an online emulator.

Upon going to the website, the online emulator will launch an iOS-like device. The device will offer the complete look and feel of an iOS device.

Step #1: To access Apple iOS from your Android phone’s browser, type in your browser’s website address.

Step #2: Once the website is fully loaded, you have to click on the “Click to Play” button. The screen will contain such a button.

Step #3: After clicking on the button, you will have iOS open for running Apple apps.

Step #4: To run your desired iOS app, you have to upload it to the website. As a result, the app will be available for you to run.

Method #2: iOS Emulator Apps For Android

There are several iOS emulators available that will allow you to run iOS apps on your Android. The emulators are special programs that will make it possible to run iOS applications on Android. The most popular applications are the Cider and iEMU applications for Android.

To run these emulators, your device must comply with the following conditions:

1. Your Android device must have at least 512MB of RAM available for use

2. The device must have an Android version 2.3 or above

3. A considerable amount of space to install the apps, as iEMU may take up to 60MB of space, whereas the Cider may take up to 12MB

Method #3: Using The Cider APK To Run IOS Apps On Android

Cider APK is the most popular choice when it comes to running iOS applications and games on Android. Cider APK makes it possible for your favorite Android apps to run on Android. The best thing about the Cider is that it is extremely easy to run iOS apps on Android without any hassle.

Cider APK was developed by a group of students who discovered that both Android and iOS were running on ARM-run hardware. Cider APK is still at the advanced research stage, however, it works fine. But, it has a couple of disadvantages, compared with iEMU.

How To Use Cider APK On Android

1. Download the Cider APK

2. Once you have downloaded the APK file, install it

3. To install the APK file, you have enabled installation from unknown sources, as termed by Android

4. In order to enable, follow this – Settings > Security > Enable the App installation from “Unknown Source”

5. Once you have successfully installed the Cider APK, now launch it

6. This opens the emulator, by which you can run iOS apps

Cider APK is the popular system for running iOS apps on Android. It’s completely free too!

Method #4: Using The IEMU APK Run IOS Apps On Android

The iEMU emulator is one of the best and most popular emulators to run iOS apps on Android. It is popular because users can download, install, and use the app quite effortlessly.

This great emulator app works parallel to any iPhone. The tool is developed and tested by renowned APK specialists. And, it is very effortless and functional when it comes to running iOS on Android. Sure the iEMU APK has its disadvantage.

The app only supports .zip and .ipas files.

Once You Have Downloaded The App, Here Are The Steps To Follow:

1. If you have downloaded the iEMU APK through your computer, you have to transfer the file onto your Android. The APK may take about 60MB of your space. It is really worth it!

2. Once you have downloaded the iEMU APK, now it’s time to install it. Since you have downloaded the file beyond the Google Play Store, you have to allow your device to accept the unknown source.

3. Simply, navigate to Settings, and then enable “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources”.

4. Once you have enabled this option in the Settings. Now go for installation.

5. After successfully installing the iEMU emulator, check your application list for AIO Downloader.

6. You have to tap on the app and run it.

7. The iEMU APK will enable you to download iOS applications and run them using the emulator. In my case, the iMusic application was very alluring for me. So, I downloaded it and run it using the iEMU emulator.

8. Now, you are good to download the iOS application of your choice and enjoy running and using it on your Android.

Bottom Line

Although Apple iOS and Android both are competitors in the market, we all wish if we could run apps from the systems parallelly. If you have an Android device and wondered how you could run iOS apps on your Android, then this article could act as your guide.


1. Is There An iPhone Emulator For Android?

Answer- Appetize Emulator is the most unique iOS Android Emulator in the market. You don’t have to install this application to enjoy apple features. It’s actually a website counted as an Android iOS emulator.

2. Which Is Better OS iOS Or Android?

There are many reasons why people love Android smartphones. The basics are obvious: Android smartphones are more accessible, more customizable, and offer more customization options than iOS smartphones. Android smartphones are better for beginners, but iOS smartphones are better for experts. iOS smartphones are more straightforward, but Android smartphones offer more options. Android smartphones are easier to learn, but iOS smartphones are more useful for experts.

3. Which Phone UI Is Best?

1. iOS 12.
2. Samsung One UI.
3. OxygenOS.
4. Android One.
5. Indus OS.

4. Is Android 9 Or 10 Better?

Short Answer- It has introduced a system-wide dark mode and excess of themes. With the Android 9 update, Google introduced ‘Adaptive Battery’ and ‘Automatic Brightness Adjust’ functionality. With the dark mode and an upgraded adaptive battery setting, Android 10’s battery life tends to be longer on comparing with its precursor.