Installing Apple Carplay to Any Car

A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Apple Carplay to Any Car

Carplay is the safest and smart option to use your iPhone while driving. With Carplay, you can send messages, make phone calls, and get accurate directions. The smart thing about Carplay is that you can add it to any car. Over 600 car models currently support the app. Generally, major automobile manufacturers globally support the app.

Can I Install Apple Carplay in Any Car?

Can I Install Apple Carplay in Any Car

Suppose you have an iPhone, and you crave installing Apple Carplay app in your old car, but you are not sure whether it will work out, sit pretty and be assured that it is possible to install the app in any car.

Some old car owners might be comfortable with the archaic Bluetooth system in their cars; however, be informed that the Bluetooth app is only efficient in hearing navigation voices and making calls. So, if you require iPhone integration, Apple Carplay is the way to go.

Since Carplay is a modern app, many people believe installing it in an old car is impossible. The truth is, your old car is compatible with the Apple Carplay app, but you require some creativity.

On this page, we shall explain how to install Carplay on any car, old car models inclusive. Let’s find out!

How Does Apple Carplay Work?

Before discussing how this app works, let’s first find out what Carplay is. Well, Carplay is an app in the car’s infotainment system. The app was first introduced in the market in 2014. Apple describes the app as the safest and smartest option for using your iPhone while driving.

It is not only unlawful to look at your phone while driving, but it is also risky. So instead of having a sneak peek at your phone while on the steering wheel, the app makes it easy for you to have everything on your car’s touch screen.

The app mirrors major applications used on your phone and allows you to operate the phone via touch screen. Therefore, you can use apps such as Siri, make phone calls, read text messages, play music, and even consult Apple maps.

How to Install Apple Carplay to Any Car

Apple Carplay

The simplest option to add the Apple Carplay to your car is via an aftermarket radio. It is vital to note that some vehicles are not challenging to work with if you are a Do-It-Yourself enthusiast.

You will grasp how to remove and uninstall the previous radio and install the aftermarket one effortlessly with a little understanding. 

However, suppose you don’t know how to go about the installation, feel free to contact a professional. The benefit of consulting a professional is that they can easily handle custom installations into all cars in the market.

Nonetheless, the compatibility of Apple Carplay in your car depends on where you are located and if the app is supported in your area.

Some models compatible with the app are Toyota, Tata, Volkswagen, Nissan, Jeep, Volvo, Skoda, Suzuki, Hyundai, Ford, Fiat, BMW, Chevrolet, Audi, Ford, Renault, Kia, Honda, and Datsun, among others.

Apple CarPlay Installation Guide

If you have an iPhone and your car supports Carplay, installing the app is quite straightforward. You power on your car and ensure that the Apple virtual assistant Siri is on. You then connect your iPhone to the car, and Voila, Siri, performs the magic.

Note that some cars come with a button on the steering wheel, while others require that you press and hold the app’s button on the screen.

One amazing thing about the app is that you will never be distracted while driving since the built-in controls are instinctive.

Whereas newer models are compatible with wireless Carplay, older models will do with a USB cable. However, the aftermarkets have solved the cable connectivity by developing wireless Carplay alternatives for old car models.

Four Hacks to Add Apple Carplay to Your Old Car Model

Professionals have worked hard to figure out how to add Apple Carplay to your old car. Below are some of the ways that will work for you:

1. Replacing the Car’s Head Unit

Replacing your older car’s head unit is the most appropriate way to make it compatible with Apple Carplay. All you have to do is embrace technological evolution and go for the new head compatible with advanced apps.

The benefits of a new head unit are not limited to compatibility with Apple Carplay. It also allows you to utilize other advanced features such as an integrated multimedia system and reversing cameras.

Please remember that different car models have specific head units that suit them. Even though you are familiar with the emerging technologies of touch screens, it could serve you well if you allowed a professional to guide you on the best head unit compatible with your car model. The same professional will install it for you at a small fee.

2. Make Use of OEM Retrofit Kits

Remembering that Carplay has been in the market for close to a decade, the Auto manufacturers have acknowledged the significant changes to the driving experience. The said acknowledgment has nudged more manufacturers to craft retrofit kits that enable you to enjoy Apple Carplay regardless of your car’s model. 

Before going the retrofits way, be aware that not all car manufacturers provide OEM retrofit kits; hence, ensure that you engage an expert to determine whether retrofits are an option for your vehicle.

One good thing about retrofits is that you might not necessarily need to replace the entire radio hardware to make your car compatible with Apple Carplay. Sometimes a software upgrade can fix the issue and activate the app, saving you unnecessary expenses.

3. Explore Bluetooth Connectivity

Professional installers try the best they can to make your older car compatible with Apple Carplay. However, some older models pose a challenge when replacing the head unit. Others might be stubborn even to accommodate OEM retrofits. In such a scenario, you have to rely on Bluetooth connectivity if your older car is equipped with the app.

Although in this scenario, you will miss advanced features such as Apple CarKey and Homekit, you have an opportunity to enjoy basic features such as music apps and map connectivity. 

You may opt to use your phone’s headphones by connecting them to the head unit. However, if you desire the advanced features, it is time you consider changing your wheels for a newer model.

4. Use Car and Driver INTELLIDASH+

Suppose you have an old model car and don’t wish to install the app on your car; you may try utilizing the Car and Driver INTELLIDASH+.

The Car and Driver INELLIDASH+ doesn’t require installation, but it adds Carplay or Android Auto within seconds.

The advantage of Car and Driver INTELLIDASH+ is that it’s a suitable remedy for you if you crave Apple Carplay but don’t desire to partake in a complicated and time-consuming app installation process.

With Car and Driver INTELLIDASH+, you will enjoy added features not available in Apple Carplay. The features include SiriusXM support, Waze support, YouTube, etc.

Another upside of Car and Driver INTELLIDASH+ plus is that you have the freedom to swap it from one car to the other with relative ease.

There exists another version of INTELLIDASH pro that provides wireless Carplay support and provides an unrivaled road experience.

A Sneak Peek into INTELLIDASH+ Facts

  • The INTELLIDASH+ works with the Carplay app, but it also works with SiriusXM and Android Auto!
  • It is not permanent; hence ease of swapping between cars.
  • It is a smart display for all cars, new and old alike.
  • No installation is necessary, and it works in seconds.
  • You can use your iPhone’s virtual voice assistant, such as Siri, for a hands-free driving experience.
  • It charges your phone while driving.
  • You can use it in making calls, writing texts, playing music, etc.
  • INTELLIDASH+ has a suction mount that you can secure to your dashboard or windshield.

Reasons Why You Should Install Apple Carplay

Carplay is an autopilot that navigates your phone while you are focused on the road. The following features have endeared the app to most drivers, and they also might win you over:

Accurate and Straightforward Maps

Suppose you are not conversant with the route; the app has simplified and accurate maps to guide you effortlessly to your destination. Apple Carplay provides audio directions to ensure that you are not distracted from the steering wheel.

The Ever-Dependable Siri

Carplay ensures smart and safe driving by activating Siri’s voice. The app also integrates your car’s physical knobs and other controls to ensure optimal dependability.

Digital Car Keys

Carplay is a powerful app that makes it possible for your iPhone to function as a car key in new car models. The digital key can work for up to 5 hours after the phone’s battery has run down by utilizing the power reserve mode.Other notable features of Apple Carplay that you will fall in love with are; hassle-free communication, easily accessed music and podcasts, and easy calendar view.