Inspect Element Android | How To Make It Happen?

Inspect an element is a browser tool that lets a web developer view and edits the HTML & CSS of web content. Whether it’s the development of a web page or just casual web surfing, if the developer encounters a UI bug, the first thing they are likely to do is to inspect that specific web element. But while editing with the inspects element, all the edits will only appear on your personal screen and last until the exit out. That means with the inspect element; you are not making any permanent change. If you are a computer user, then you can easily use the inspect element tool, and most of the users know how to do it. However, do you know how you can inspect elements on Android? In this article, our experts have discussed a few methods to answer that question. Read the article to know the details.

Use Of Inspect Element

Both the web developer and general computer user can use the inspect element tool for many purposes. Some of the common uses of the inspect element are:

1. Inspect element let a web developer see the changes immediately while they are doing CSS live to edit

2. A web developer can test different layouts on a website before making permanent changes from the backend

3. Inspect element enables developers to see if there’s any broken code available on the site

4. This tool allows developers to tweak around the web page freely because every change made in inspect element are temporary

5. You can use inspect element tool to remove sensitive information from a web page before taking a screenshot

6. As a web developer, you can understand how certain design and layout variations would look like before applying them on a web page

7. If you are a digital marketer, then you can use the inspect element tool to see hidden keywords on a website and take vital information from the competitor’s web page

How To Inspect Element On Android

There are many ways you can inspect elements on Android. But the process of accessing the inspect element on Android is not simple. Let’s check out the available methods to inspect elements on Android.

Method 1 – Inspect Element On Android Using Chrome Browser

You can see the source code of a website from an Android device using a chrome browser. You don’t need any additional apps to use this tool. However, in this method, you can only view the source code and not customize the website or change its appearance. Follow these easy steps:

1. First, open the chrome browser on your android device

2. Now browse a web page of your choice

3. Then go to the address bar and input “view-source:” before the website link and tap Enter

4. For example, view-source:

5. Now you will view the source code of the webpage

Method 2 – Inspect Element On Android Using Edit Webpage App

There are many apps available in the play store that let you see the code of any webpage. The Edit webpage is a very popular app to inspect the element of a website. Follow these steps:

1. First, download and install Edit Webpage on your android device

2. Open the app and by default Google home page loads

3. Now type the URL of the website that you want to inspect

4. Wait few moments for the webpage to load

5. Now tap on the edit icon on the right corner of the app

6. Now do the changes you want in the page as per preference

7. After doing the required changes click on the edit icon again and save the changes

8. You can save the changes only at your end

Method 3 – Inspect Element On Android Using Remote Debugging

With remote debugging, you can inspect elements on Android from your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. The process is a bit complex but worth trying. So follow these steps:

1. First, open the Developer Options screen on your Android device

2. Now select enable USB debugging

3. From your computer open Chrome browser

4. Then open DevTools

5. In DevTools, click the Main Menu, then select More tools > Remote devices

6. Now open the setting tab from the DevTools

7. Now check if the Discover USB devices checkbox is enabled

8. Then connect your Android device directly to your computer using a USB cable

9. It will take a few moments to connect your device and recognize

10. If your device is showing up as Unknown, then accept the “Allow USB Debugging” permission from your Android device

Final Thoughts

Inspect element tool comes in handy when you want to see a mock-up of a website with different colors, fonts, and layouts to analyze what makes the design work best. The above methods will help you inspect the element of a webpage from an Android device. Feel free to ask any questions regarding this topic. Our experts will get to you.


What Is The Inspect Element Android App?

What is the Inspect Element Android app? One of the most common questions asked by anyone with an Android device is “What is the Inspect Element app?” The answer to this question is that it allows users to select an element on their phone and then magnify it, allowing them to inspect its properties without opening or running any apps. This can be done in one tap, with no needless scrolling involved.

What Is Inspect Element?

Inspect an Element is a tool within Chrome that allows users to see the HTML and CSS of the webpage they are viewing. The Inspect tool can be used to troubleshoot page layouts and diagnose coding errors, as well as make changes to the web page without having to use editing software. Users can even export and save changes made using Inspector for later use.

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