Insert Division Symbol On Computer Keyboard

How To Insert Division Symbol On Computer Keyboard

PC keyboards make it harder to type symbols and unusual characters. Symbols and special characters will have their keyboard on cellphones. There are only a few keys on PC keyboards. To input symbols and unique characters, you must utilize particular keyboard shortcuts. This tutorial will show you how to enter the division symbol on the keyboard using a shortcut key.

What Exactly Is The Division Sign?

The division symbol looks like a dash or double dash with a dot above and below it (÷). It’s the same as saying “divided by.”  You primarily find this symbol in primary school mathematics texts. Professional and academic mathematicians, scientists, and engineers rarely utilize it.

The forward slash is the mathematical equivalent of the division symbol. For instance, 20 ÷ 5 = 20/5 = 4, and 100 ÷ 10 = 100/10 = 10. The following is always true for any real number x and any nonzero real number y:

x ÷ y = x / y

The ratio symbol, which is usually written by a colon (:) and reads “is to,” is also technically identical to the division sign. This equation holds for any real number x and any nonzero actual number.

You form the division symbol on most IBM-compatible computers by activating the NUM LOCK function, holding down the ALT key, and typing 2467 on the numeric keypad at the right-hand end of the keyboard. When the ALT key is released, the division sign appears. Most word processors, as well as some graphics and DOS programs, support this technique.

Inserting Division Symbol

Inserting Division Symbol

A few mathematical symbols and signs are on the keyboard, but others, such as ÷, ω, ρ, π, ×, λ, Δ, and others need some special treatment. 

Both mathematicians and non-mathematicians use these symbols. Students use these symbols in presentations, projects, plans, and other documents. You can insert these symbols in several ways that are both easy and effective. But how about learning how to type divide by a symbol in Word today? (÷). There are various ways to accomplish this, with the keyboard shortcut being the simplest.

1. Typing Divide By Symbol In Word

Let’s start with the most straightforward Option.

You can use an Alt code to insert a division sign (÷) for starters. 0247 is the Alt code for divide by (÷). Press the number lock key on the keyboard to keep the number locked. If your laptop doesn’t have a numerical keypad, you’ll need to press both the function and the number lock keys to activate the number lock feature. To type the divide symbol on the keyboard, press Alt while simultaneously typing 0247 in the number pad. (Alt + 0247) Once you release the Alt key, you can find the division symbol (÷) on the word document. 

Using the insert menu to type a divide sign in a word document is another option. Choose the symbols option from the Insert menu, then the more symbols option from the Insert tab. The drop-down box for symbols appears.

 Locate the split sign in the drop-down list in the Symbol dialog box. Click the insert option after selecting the divide symbol. And here’s your document’s divide sign.

Copy-paste the divide symbol (÷) from any online source or offline mathematical publications for the most straightforward approach to type divide by symbol. Isn’t that only sixty seconds of work? Copying and pasting are simple, but technical knowledge is required. Isn’t it incredible that there are many ways to add a division sign to a word document? There are other options. Do you know how to use the Word Auto-correct feature to insert a division sign?

2. How Do You Type A Division Symbol On A Mac?

Division Symbol On A Mac

1. [Option] + [/] is the keyboard shortcut for typing the Division sign on a Mac.

2. To type this symbol on a Mac using the keyboard mentioned above shortcut, perform the steps below:

3. To begin, position the insertion pointer where you will type this symbol.

4. Then, at the same time, press the [Option] and the forward-slash [/] symbols.

5. You may type the Division sign anywhere on your Mac with this keyboard shortcut.

3. In Ms. Excel, How Do You Insert The Division Symbol?

With the insert symbol dialog box, you can key in any symbol into any Microsoft program, including MS Excel and PowerPoint.

The insert symbol dialog box has a library from which you may quickly insert any symbol into your Excel document with a few mouse clicks.

You can use this dialog to insert the Division sign into any office product, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

This section shows you how to add the division sign or any other symbol unavailable on the keyboard step by step.

Let’s get started without further ado.

1. Open your document in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

2. Click and drag the inserting pointer to the desired section to insert the symbol.

3. Select the Insert tab from the drop-down menu.

4. Select More Symbols from the Symbol drop-down menu in the Symbols category.

5. A dialog box called a symbol will emerge. Select Latin-1 Supplement from the Subset drop-down list to see symbols from this category containing the Division symbol.

6. Pick it and use the Insert button to get the symbol into your document.

7. Alternatively, you can double-click it to add it to your document.

8. Shut the dialog.

9. The symbol will be inserted where you place the insertion pointer.

The Division symbol, or any other symbol, can be inserted into your Excel document using the above procedure. 

4. Inserting Equation Method

When you need to insert many mathematical symbols, including the division symbol, Word’s equation tool comes in handy.

This section guides you on using Word’s insert equation tool to enter the division symbol.

Follow the procedures below:

1. Put the cursor where you wish to type the sign.

2. To bring up the equation box, use Alt+= on your keyboard.

3. Type div in the ‘Type equation here box’ and press the spacebar.

4. After typing div and pressing the spacebar key, the division symbol should display in the equation box.

5. Copying And Pasting

The easiest way to get a division symbol on any computer is by copying and pasting it.

1. Copy the division sign from a web page or, for Windows users, the character map and paste it in the right spot using Ctrl+V.

2. Select the Division sign  (÷) and press Ctrl+C to copy it. Then scroll to where you want to paste it and press Ctrl+V.

For Windows users, follow the instructions below to copy and paste this symbol using the character map dialog.

1. Search for Character Map by pressing the Start button.

2. In the search results, click to access the Character map app.

3. After that, the Character Map dialog box will display. Select the Advanced view checkbox in the dialog box to see more options.

4. Type the Word Division in the Search box at the bottom of the advanced view window.

5. The Division sign should now appear on the character map dialog. To choose a symbol, double-click it. Alternatively, press the Select key.

6. After selecting the symbol, it will appear in the Characters to copy: field. Click the Copy button to copy the division symbol.

7. Switch to the location where you want to paste the symbol and press Ctrl+V.

That is how you can use the Character Map dialog on a Windows PC to copy and paste any symbol.

6. Using A Custom Keyboard Shortcut To Insert The Division Symbol

If you frequently use the division sign in Word, you can create your keyboard shortcut for it.

To create a division symbol keyboard shortcut:

1. In a Word document, place the cursor where you want it.

2. In the Ribbon, select the Insert tab.

3. Click Symbol in the Symbols group. A menu appears in a drop-down menu form.

4. Select More Symbols from the drop-down menu. A dialog box displays on the screen.

5. Click the Symbols tab if necessary.

6. From the Font drop-down option, choose (regular text).

7. From the Subset drop-down menu, select Latin-1 Supplement.

8. The division sign (÷) can be found by scrolling through the list of symbols and clicking it.

9. You should select a shortcut. A dialog box displays on the screen.

10. Click the box below the Assign New Shortcut key to assign a new shortcut key. For example, Ctrl + Alt + D are the keys you want to assign. Do not type any text; instead, hit the keys. Make sure you don’t accidentally override a valuable built-in shortcut like Ctrl + D.

11. Select Assign from the drop-down menu. You usually find these shortcuts at the standard (or default) template.

12. Close the window twice.

By pressing the assigned keys in your document, you may test the shortcut.


Math has grown ingrained in our daily lives, and you can utilize it practically everywhere. Learning the fundamentals is critical in today’s robotic society, where computers rule. Incorporating all symbols and indicators into a word document will benefit the entire workforce, including students, one day when typing their works. It would make a significant impact if you learned a few basic technical skills now.

This is a simple but effective method that will undoubtedly save time. These fundamentals, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, are essential in any field. Learning new things is always beneficial in terms of climbing the knowledge ladder.