How To Use GPS On Smartphone?

How To Use GPS On Smartphone?

One of the best ways to determine where you are while being there is to use GPS or Global Positioning System. To use GPS on your smartphone, you can drag down the icons from the top of your smartphone. Tap the GPS icon, which is like an upside-down water drop. Besides, you can use Google Maps to check your current location. It is the most common GPS app used on smartphones. 

How To Use GPS On Smartphone?

What Is GPS?

Originally NAVSTAR GPS, the GPS or Global Positioning System is a radio navigation system based on satellite. The government of the United States owns it, and the USSF, the space service branch of the Armed Forces of the United States operates it.

GPS is one of the GNSS or Global Navigation Satellite System to provide time and geolocation information to GPS receiver anywhere on the Earth. It is received where there are no obstructions (like building blocks or mountains) in the line of sight to GPS satellites (Four or more than that). 

How Does GPS Work?

GPS receiver relies on radio wave like a smartphone. However, it communicates with satellites orbiting the Earth instead of towers. There are over 27 GPS satellites currently in orbit, out of which around 24 are actively in use, and three are for backup if any satellite has issues.

A GPS receiver needs to discover the location of a minimum of three satellites above the user to determine the location and the current location concerning the satellites. It then uses trilateration to determine the exact location.

In essence, it draws a sphere encompassing each satellite, intersecting the spheres in two points, one in space and the other on the ground. This point on the ground is the exact location.

However, GPS receiver should have an unobstructed line for the satellite to operate, i.e, dense trees covering or the buildings. 

Steps To Enable GPS On Smartphone.

GPS needs internet data or Wi-Fi connectivity in smarphones. You can enable GPS in your smartphone by following the below-mentioned steps:

1. Go To Settings in the Menu of your device

2. Go and tap on the Location

3. Tap on it to enable GPS

It will enable GPS on your device. You can tap again whenever you want to disable GPS from your smartphone.

Using GPS Through App.

For smartphones, there are many GPS apps available on Google Play Store that contain your region’s map. These apps use their internal maps to determine your location.  

However, the most trusted and commonly used GPS apps is Google Map. Before using the Google Map app, you need to turn on your location from the settings of mobile. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to enable Google Maps on your smartphone:

1. Search in the Play Store.

2. Look for Google Maps in the search bar.

3. Download and Install.

4. Click Accept when prompted.

5. Open the Google Maps app.

6. You will see Your Location on the top to check where you are. 

Besides, you can use Google Map for navigation and transit by entering the desired location or destination in the search bar. 

Best Available GPS Apps For Smartphones.

Many GPS apps can make your smartphone a real navigation system while you are on the move. These apps fascinate youngsters when they are on an adventurous ride to distant places.

The below-mentioned table contains some of the GPS apps that you will adore. 

Table: GPS Apps For Smartphone

Sl. No.GPS Apps Features
1Geo Tracker – GPS Tracker-Record track of your trip-You can share your trip 
2Google Maps-Smarter and faster way to navigate-Receives real-time traffic, transit information, and GPS navigation
3GPS Location Finder-Finds GPS mobile location on maps-Finds shortest driving route-Consist of speedometer and Live Compass
4GPS Locations-Shows current location-Its map centers your location automatically-Time shown is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)-Locates and coordinate anything on the map
5iTrack – GPS Tracking System-Stable app for vehicles-Vehicle monitoring and management
6My GPS Location-Provides location, based on geolocation data from GPS and Wi-Fi location providers-Real-time GPS coordination, ideal for sailing, geocaching, or fieldwork

Using GPS With Internet Connectivity.

GPS works according to the network strength of your SIM, which is the primary source of GPS to track your location. Your smartphone gets a position from signals of GPS satellites. 

The devices with default navigation apps need network connectivity to download a map of your region. It displays your location after calculating your position.   

Most of the Android smartphones come with a pre-installed Assisted-Global Positioning System or AGPS. It means they take the help of Wi-Fi hotspots or network towers to determine the nearby location. It will help your device to get locked with GPS satellites. 

The chips communicate with the GPS satellites. However, smartphones with AGPS chips get a lock with satellites without internet connectivity with a clear sky view.    


On the whole, GPS is designed to work for transmission of the signal to satellites, identifying your position on the globe. In smartphones, GPS relies on the signal connection of the network provider of your SIM. The network of your smartphone is the primary source of GPS. You can use GPS by enabling location from the settings of your smartphone. Besides, you can use GPS apps like Google Maps to determine your location. 


Q1. What Is GPS?

Ans: GPS or the Global Positioning System, is designed to establish a connection with GPS satellites to determine location. The device gets data from the satellite to help track your location.  

Q2. Which Are The Best Available GPS Apps For Smartphones?

Ans: While on the move, you can turn your smartphone to real navigation with some of the best available GPS apps on the Google Play Store. These apps are Google Maps, GPS Location Finder, GPS Locations, and many more.

Q3. How Does GPS Work?

Ans:  GPS gives the smartphone direction, speed, longitude, and latitude. The device downloads and display the map of the region, which you can see over the internet.

Q4. How To Use GPS On A Smartphone?

Ans: You can enable GPS from the Location settings of your smartphone. The Location icon looks like an upside-down water drop.