How To Untap Your Phone

How To Untap Your Phone?

Jennifer and Josh were eating the other day, and she told him something that would shock you. Apparently, Jennifer’s immediate ex had been tapping her phone and was listening in on her conversation for over a month.

That whole time, Josh looked at his friend, but really, he was paying keen attention to his device and asking questions. Could it be that someone is tapping my phone? If yes, how can I untap it? Like Josh, you are concerned and even perplexed but worry not. This article will answer your questions and calm your nerves.

To untap your phone, you should back up all your data and reset the device to factory settings. That way, you will wipe the device clean and only restore your essential information. You can call that method hard tapping because it clears your phone and gives it a new overall look. To reset the device, follow these steps:

For Android Phone

For Android Phone

1. Navigate to Settings.

2. Then, search for Back-Up and Reset.

3. Choose Factory Data Reset.

4. Finally, tap in Erase All Activity.

For Apple Phone (iPhone)

For Apple Phone

1. Go to Settings.

2. Open General.

3. Select Reset.

4. Then, tap on Reset All Setting.

TechBiva 101: As you clear your phone, it is easy to lose your data. So, upload all your information to the cloud a day before you reset it. That way, you will have time to think of what more you can keep.

In this article, we will look at other methods of un tapping your phone. Also, we will teach you how to tell if someone is tapping you and how to prevent it from happening. It is time you became more vigilant, don’t you think?

If yes, let’s get it on!

Untapping Your Phone (More Methods, Tips, And Tricks)

Method 1: Updating To The Latest Operating System

Both Apple and Google usually send regular updates on their OSes. At the moment, Google is at Android 11, and Apple is at iOS 15.1. If your device is compatible with the latest version, download and installs it. Any spyware that was tapping your phone will be blown away once the new version settles in.

Always pay attention to the regular updates that your OS sends you. From time to time, connect your device to a wireless network to bring it up to speed.

Method 2: Looking For Spyware On Your Phone

If you have a keen eye, you can scroll through your phone looking for suspicious files. Start with the lists of applications, then go to the download folder and look for any suspicious activity. If someone used your phone to tap it, you should pick out something as you sweep.

Method 3: Dial A Few Numbers On Your Phone

One of the best, most straightforward methods includes dialing specific codes. Here they are:

1. *#21# (Diversions)

If you want to know if someone is diverting your texts, call, and data, *#21# will help. So, dial it on your phone, choose your SIM (if you have multiple lines), and read the prompt. For example, a Nokia 6.1 Android 11 reported the following:

y3OFFt4Fx5XzRCEJMLYG50HjrG6jJVuYL2ydFBQyYVaVqu OuFx0lcnTJDv ryQ 7TV2jWFNopr5PWzplXWC6ZoFz2 pkkzmd8Byr vBNvo How To Untap Your Phone?

As you can read, this phone’s calls are not going anyway else.

2. *#62# (Redirections)

To know if your incoming calls and texts are going to another number, dial *#62#. Then, you will see if someone is tapping your phone, which will prompt you to take the next step. On the same Nokia 6.1, here is what the code returns:

*#62# Redirections

As you can see, a number is receiving phone calls coming into the phone. However, after further investigation, you will discover that there is nothing harmful. That is because the number belongs to the network, which is shown in the following snapshot:

UVaiM21KtrM zH9g0RAK An LdE lp81OHE9bwS5uQbmZmfI5H D0r7kYCkDx 1xCGk9P 5GSL my4Tnr tGmJQAs rWV89 kJAcUL9617 KJI Kg 1XNOnTLp3ou5VFE8Ef2HQ How To Untap Your Phone?

So, before you conclude that someone is tapping you, check with your network provider. If they don’t know the number, consider removing the redirection by dialing ##002#. That should do the trick.

TechBiva 101: The last code, the Utility Netmonitor Code, takes things a level higher. To read about it, see this post by

Knowing If Someone Is Tapping You

If you are not sure whether you’ve been tapped, it’s good to pay attention to the symptoms. That way, it will be easier for you to diagnose the problem if it exists. And this section shows you exactly what to focus on:

1. Your Battery Drains Frequently And Gets Hot 

If spyware runs in the background, it will eat up your power as it monitors and tracks all your activity. Also, it will make your phone feel hotter even though you have not been using it.

To put the issue to bed, check your phone’s battery activity. Navigate to battery settings and see the app that is taking too much power. If you see any suspicious app, uninstall it immediately.

2. Apps That You’ve Never Seen Before Appear

When you suspect that you’re being tapped, the first place to look will be your app list. Although you may not find the culprits red-handed, you will catch some unusual installs. For example, if you see SyncManager, it means someone installed FlexiSpy and is monitoring your business remotely.

3. Your Phone Displays Odd Behavior, Like Lighting Up Randomly

Typically, your phone should be on display only when you are using it. When it is off-use, the black light shouldn’t be playing around. If that is happening, someone could be controlling it remotely. And that, really, is bad news.

4. Your Data Runs Down Fast

Tapping apps may use your data to send applications to the culprit. So, if you use mobile data and it keeps running out fast, take it as a red flag. Like your battery power, go to Settings and see the apps sucking in the most data.

TechBiva 101: It is good practice to switch your data off whenever you are not using your phone. But, if you want to remain connected, consider using a Virtual Private Network or VPN for short. That way, your device will be invisible to anyone trying to hunt you down virtually.

5. Your Mic And Camera Will Start Opening Up Randomly

Spies usually capture your camera and mic, so pay attention to how they behave. If you suddenly see the light blinking without your doing, cover the camera. Then, go to your camera settings and see the apps that have permission. If you find a spying app, deny it from accessing and changing files or opening the mic and camera. 

6. Pop-Ups And Ads Start Showing

It is normal to see ads and pop-ups when you are browsing. However, if the online drama takes place offline, you could be dealing with an adware-cum-spyware. Never click on such links because it may be an opening for the tapper to land on your device.

How To Prevent Your Phone From Being Tapped

It is better to be safe than sorry. So, look at these ways that’ll prevent your phone from being tapped.

1. Use A Phone Antivirus

Out there, you will find many apps that claim to protect your device, and you too. However, the best, top-ranking ones are:

1. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security

2. AVG AntiVirus – Mobile Security & Privacy

3. Avast Antivirus – Mobile Security & Virus Cleaner

4. ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

5. Avira Antivirus 2021 – Virus Cleaner & VPN

6. Mobile Security: VPN Proxy & Anti-Theft Safe Wi-Fi

7. Norton 360: Online Privacy & Security

TechBiva 101: The links only point to the Google Playstore, but the apps are all available on the Apple App Store too.

You may be wondering why antivirus software can handle un tapping. Well, most times, people who tap phones always involve a third-party app. Since the antivirus has an extensive database of suspicious apps, it will shout at you when it finds something fishy, like a spyware app.

2. Avoid Public Wi-Fi

These days, Wi-Fi is everywhere, and you will find hotspots in libraries, public parks, and even bus stations. While connecting to those networks saves your data, it opens you up to malicious people. Actually, the network provider of public Wi-Fi can easily snoop around your phone. Although they may not tap it, they will steal your privacy.

If you want to remain protected, consider using any of these VPNs. Even in public Wi-Fi, your device will be undetectable. Most of them offer discounts, so grab one whenever you can:

1. Turbo VPN – Secure VPN Proxy

2. Windscribe VPN

3. NordVPN – fast VPN for privacy

4. TunnelBear: Virtual Private Network & Security

5. VPN Surfshark

6. VPN by CyberGhost: Secure Wi-Fi


When you are sure that someone is tapping your phone, sweep it up by resetting to factory settings. Also, update your device frequently, especially by installing regular security packages. Phone companies are very aware of privacy issues online, so trust that they are keeping you safe.

If you can’t untap the phone successfully, consider talking to Google or Apple Support. They may help your solve the issues and undo any changes that the tapper made. Also, bring in your network provider if you have any redirection and diversion issues.

And that was it!

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