How To Uninstall Microsoft Teams | Step By Step Guide

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration. So a group of people can stay organized and have conversations in one place. Microsoft Team integrates the people, content, and tools to make your group more engaged with each other.

Many computer users don’t require Microsoft Teams on their computer so they delete the app. But there are many complaints about the Microsoft Teamswon’t uninstall from the computer or it returns after uninstalling which is very annoying. In this article, our experts have shared a few methods that will help you permanently uninstall Microsoft Teams from your computer.

Why Computer Users Want To Uninstall Microsoft Teams

This is an excellent tool for businesses and teams to collaborate very fast with their works and communication but unfortunately, this app lacks some very important features. They are:

1. Microsoft Teams has an insufficient notification problem. For instance, you will not get any notification if anyone creates a group with an already existing label.

2. It is very difficult to find the files in Microsoft Teams. There is no advanced search option available to locate the file.

3. Microsoft Teams lacks meeting experiences like intuition, lags, etc.

4. It has limited channel numbers and teams are restricted to 100 per team.

5. Microsoft Teams doesn’t support group calendars so users have to switch to Outlook to review the calendar.

6. It has a problem regarding the permission setting. So sharing resources is very easy among the team member but Microsoft Teams doesn’t allow sharing outside the teams.

Method 1: Uninstall Microsoft Teams Via Programs And Features

You will find all the installed programs of your computer in Programs and Features. You can easily uninstall any program from the Programs and Features. So if you want to uninstall Microsoft Teams via Programs and Features then follow these steps:

1. First, open the Programs and Features on your computer by holding Windows and X keys together

2. Now from the available options select “uninstall a program”

3. You will see all the installed applications here

4. Now locate Microsoft Teams and select it

5. Then click on the “Uninstall” button

6. Follow the instruction and it will uninstall the Microsoft Teams from your computer

Method 2: Uninstall Microsoft Teams Via Windows Settings

1. First, click on the Windows button and then navigate to the Settings option

2. Now click on the settings and then select Apps from the available options

3. Then from the apps find the “Microsoft Teams” and “Teams Machine-Wide Installer”

4. Select both the apps and click on the Uninstall button

5. Once the uninstall is completed reboot your computer

Method 3: Uninstall Microsoft Teams Via System Restore

System Restore is a service that helps Widows computer users restore the system to a previous setup to remove/uninstall programs that are interfering with the operation of the computer. You can use the system restore feature to uninstall Microsoft Teams on Windows 10. Here are the steps:

1. First close all the open programs of the computer

2. On the desktop, right-click Computer and select Properties

3. When the system window appears, select System protection from the left side menu

4. Now the System Properties window will display and from there click on System Restore

5. Then from the System Restore window Select Choose a different restores point and then click Next

6. Now select a date and time from the list and click on Next

7. Then, click the Finish button and a dialog box will appear to confirm the process

8. Finally, click on Yes to confirm the process

Method 4: Use The Uninstall Command From The Registry

When you install an application on your computer, Windows saves all the settings and information in the registry including the uninstall command. You can try the uninstall command to remove Microsoft Teams from Windows 10 computers. Follow these simple steps:

1. First, hold the Windows and R button to open the Run command

2. Now type “regedit” in the box and click OK

3. Then navigate the following registry key:

a) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall

4. Now find the Microsoft Teams

5. Then double click on the “Uninstall String” value, and copy its Value Data

6. Now past the value data on the Run command and click OK

7. Finally, follow the wizard to uninstall Avast Antivirus from your computer

How to Clear the Cache of Microsoft Teams

1. First press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete together to open the Task Manager

2. Search Microsoft Teams and click on End Task

3. Now go to File Explorer and paste “%appdata%Microsoft/teams” in the location box

4. Then delete all files from Application Cache, Cache folder, database folder, GPUCache folder, Indexed DB folder, Local Storage folder, and tmp folder

Final Thoughts

I hope these solutions have fixed the problem and you have successfully uninstalled the Microsoft Teams from your computer. If there is anything you need to ask about Microsoft Teams then leave your question in the comment section. I will provide you the information.


How To Uninstall Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that facilitates teamwork by tracking conversations, files, and tasks in one place. In order to uninstall Microsoft Teams, first open the app by clicking on the Windows icon. From there you should be able to scroll down and find an “Uninstall” button at the bottom of the page. Once you click on the Uninstall button a confirmation box should pop up which should read “Do you want to uninstall Microsoft Teams?

How To Remove The Microsoft Teams App From My Computer?

Microsoft Teams is a Skype-based communication and collaboration program that was released in 2017. This instruction will teach readers how to remove the Microsoft Teams app from their computers. To uninstall the Microsoft Teams app from your computer you need to launch “Settings”. Once there select “Apps” then “Microsoft Teams” and click uninstall.

How To Remove The Microsoft Teams App From My Phone?

If you don’t want to access Microsoft Teams on your Android phone anymore, you can remove the app. There is a setting on your phone that will allow you to do this. Open Settings and scroll down until you see more. You’ll find “Microsoft Teams” on the list of apps inside Settings and if it’s checked, simply uncheck it.

What Are The Steps To Uninstall Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that integrates with the most popular Office 365 applications. Teams have been designed to bring people, conversations, content, and apps together. It is important for an administrator to understand the steps to uninstall Microsoft teams if they are no longer needed by the company.

1) From your desktop or web browser, open the Microsoft Teams app and select “Settings”.

2) Select “Uninstall” and then follow the directions.


How Do I Remove Microsoft Teams From My Computer?

It is possible to remove Microsoft Teams from your computer, but it may leave some components behind that you don’t want. There are two ways to remove the app: using the Windows Control Panel or right-clicking on the icon in your taskbar. If you still see the icon after removing the application, this means that it has left some components behind. To avoid this, make sure you uninstall any applications created by Microsoft Teams while following their instructions.

How Do I Uninstall Microsoft Teams On A Mac?

It’s easy to uninstall Microsoft Teams on a Mac. Simply open Finder, browse to the Microsoft Teams folder in the Applications directory, and drag it to the trash can. You’ll then need to empty out your Trash or click “Empty Trash” in the Finder window. Any files that are deleted will be gone for good, so make sure you take this step seriously.

How To Uninstall Microsoft Teams From My Phone?

Hello! This tutorial will teach you how to uninstall Microsoft Teams from your phone. It’s quite easy, so please read on!

If you are using an Android phone, the process is simple. Enter Settings and scroll down until you see Apps & Notification. Find Microsoft Teams and tap it. Next, disable the app by unchecking the switch next to “Enabled.” That’s it!

How Do I Uninstall Microsoft Teams From My Tablet?

Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool that needs to be installed on a Windows PC or Mac. Uninstalling Microsoft Teams from a tablet can be done by following these steps:

-Make sure your device is connected to the internet

-Open the Settings App of your tablet and then go into Apps & Features

-Search for Microsoft Teams and then select the app, then click Uninstall.

-Once you’ve successfully removed Microsoft Teams from your tablet, restart your device.