How to Type the Unequal Sign on Your Computer

How to Type the Unequal Sign on Your Computer

The keystroke on how to type the unequal sign on your computer is Alt + 8800 on a standard PC keyboard or Control + command + space bar to open the Character Viewer in Mac OS. Of course, if you were to search Google, “how do I type the unequal sign?” That would be your first result. The question may seem elementary at first glance, but how do you type an inequality symbol from there?

Typing an Unequal Sign on Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 OS, you have a few options to use in typing the not equal sign (≠). Depending on your preference, you can use the following:

  • The Character Map.
  • The insert symbol tool.
  • Keyboard Shortcut.

Using the Character Map to Type the Unequal Sign (≠)

The unequal sign isn’t part of your standard keyboard. Therefore, to type it, you must know a few hacks that will enable you to execute the task effortlessly. One of the tricks using the character map, a utility that allows you to select all characters you may need, including the unequal sign (≠).

Below is a screenshot of the Character Map.

image How to Type the Unequal Sign on Your Computer

But how do you access the character map on your CP? To access the character map;

  • Click the start button.
  •  Scroll to programs.
  • Select Accessories.
  • Choose the Character Map.
  • Select the unequal sign (≠) from the mathematical symbols.
  • Copy and paste the sign.

Using the Insert Symbol Tool to Type the Unequal Sign (≠)

Another way to add an unequal sign to a document is by using the insert symbol tool in the insert tab. Start by clicking on the symbol (Ω), and navigate the characters in the mathematical operators’ subset. The not equal sign is found towards the end of the subset.

Suppose you wish to access the not equal sign faster; consider using the drop-down menu, as it allows you to select the subset easily. When you choose the unequal character, the insert button automatically inserts it into your document.

Below is a screenshot of the unequal character in the insert symbol tab.

image 1 How to Type the Unequal Sign on Your Computer

Using the Keyboard Shortcut to Type the Not Equal Sign

Did you know that you can type the unequal sign using your keyboard? You can opt to create a shortcut to accomplish the task since the character is hidden. Even without the hassle of creating a shortcut, you can still type the unequal sign in any Suit Office app by typing Alt+8800.

Another quick way to type the not equal sign (≠) on Microsoft word only is by typing 2260, then pressing Alt+x. The action will substitute the numbers with the unequal symbol (≠).

Typing the Unequal Sign in HTML

Unlike in word or any other Microsoft Office document, in HTML, you will use codes to type the not equal sign. The codes used to accomplish the task are:

  • ≠
  • ≠
  • ≠

Instead of typing the character directly, HTML uses special codes to render the symbol.

Typing a Not Equal Sign (≠) on a Mac Using the Keyboard Shortcut

Suppose you own a Mac OS device; you have a powerful machine. But do you know that typing a not equal sign (≠) is so simple? You will simply type Option+=, and you are done.

Another option is to press the Control+Command+Space bar. This command opens the Character Viewer, from which you will choose the unequal sign. While at the Character Viewer;

  • Navigate through all emojis and symbols until you find the unequal sign (≠).
  • Alternatively, you may use the search bar to locate the unequal symbol in the Math Symbols section.
Typing a Not Equal Sign (≠) on a Mac Using the Keyboard Shortcut

The Bonus Hack

Having understood how to type the unequal sign on your Mac OS and windows computer, let’s explore how you can type the symbol on any device using Google search!

Using Google Search to Type an Unequal Sign

Suppose you don’t want to go through the hassle of using shortcuts, commands, and codes to type the unequal symbol; you can opt to use our good old pal: Google! Here is how:

  • Go to your Google browser and type the keyword “Does not equal sign” in the search box.
  • The result will display the not equal sign at the top of the search result.
  • Select the sign.
  • Press Ctrl + C to copy the symbol.
  • Paste the symbol into the Notepad by pressing Ctrl+V after opening the Notepad to eliminate any formatting.
  • Copy the unequal sign (≠) from the Notepad by Pressing Ctrl+C, and paste it onto your document by pressing the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut.

Understanding the Unequal Sign (≠)

Using an equals sign to compare two numbers will mean that these two numbers are equal. However, if you use an unequal sign, then it means that the two numbers are not equal. So, combining these symbols: ≠+≠creates the symbol of being unequal and in need of balancing with something more alike or balanced.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Type the Unequal Sign on Your Computer

What is the History of Math Symbols?

Mathematical symbols were introduced over two thousand years ago. The ancient Greeks used lines and dots for their fractions, but in the 1700s, mathematicians like Leonhard Euler of Switzerland and Thomas Jefferson of Virginia invented many new symbols that are still used today. They are essential because they help make formulas clearer, more precise, and easier to read.

The Unequal Symbol is a sign commonly used in mathematics, meaning that one number is greater than another. When typing on your computer or smartphone, you can easily find it as a character (a letter or symbol).

Nowadays, various ways to input math symbols into any device lead to more accuracy when solving equations.

Why Can’t I Find the Not Equal Sign on My Standard Keyboard?

It could have been easier if the not equal sign had been included on the standard keyboard. However, the keyboard designers were not ignorant of this fact. They had a genuine reason for omitting some characters, the not equal sign included.

Some characters, such as the unequal sign, are seldom used. Therefore, including it on the standard keyboard will serve no purpose.

Also, you must note that a standard keyboard has a specific number of characters. Therefore, there is no room for including all characters.

Why Don’t We Have a Standard Way to Type the Unequal Sign Across All Devices and Apps?

It would help if you appreciated that various entities produce different devices. Therefore, the way entity B configures its devices is different from how entity A does. The same applies to different Apps. However, it is essential to remember that you may opt to create your preferred keyboard shortcut to access any character quickly.


How to type the unequal sign on your computer is a challenging task. The unequal sign is rarely used while typing on your keyboard. However, if you are performing mathematics or scientific tasks, you will use it a lot.

Knowing how to access this critical mathematical symbol is crucial, as you can’t perform specific functions without involving the unequal sign (≠). Remembering various ways to access the character using different devices is essential. Therefore, you must be conversant with how you will use your device to type the not equal sign.