How To Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped – The Detailed Guide

Have you ever wondered if your phone is being tapped? Many people think that their personal and business calls are being tapped and they are worried about their privacy. There are reasons to be concerned about phone tapping because nowadays many powerful spy software is available for snooping on mobile phones. Moreover, many users use jailbroken or rooted mobile phones which makes them more vulnerable to this problem. So if you have a reason to believe that your phone is being tapped then there is nothing to worry about. There are few signs or clues that you can look for and these will help you determine if your suspicion is right or not. Once you are sure about your suspicion, you can go to the officials for help. Here’s what to look for if you suspect that someone is tapping your phone.

Unusual Background Sound During Call

If you hear any unusual background sound during every call like clicking sounds, pulsating static, high-pitched humming, static or distant voices, or other strange noise then it could be a sign that your phone is being tapped. In the present day, these types of sounds are not normal because of the high configuration phones as well as digital networks. Moreover, if you also hear unusual sounds when you are not in a call then it’s another sign that your phone may be tapped. You can use a sound-bandwidth sensor to check the inaudible sounds on your phone and become sure whether or not someone is tapping your phone.

Decreased Battery Capacity

This is another indication of a tapped mobile phone. This is because the phone is recording your activities and transmitting them to a third party, therefore, consumes a lot of energy from the mobile so the battery drains very quickly compared to normal time. If you see your mobile’s battery is draining very quickly even after coming off the charger then your mobile phone may have been tapping by someone. You can test your battery on another phone and see if it drains like it was draining on your mobile or performing batter. If your phone is consuming more battery power then there are chances your phone is being bugged.

Increased Data Usage

If your phone is tapped by a third-party app then it will run in the background and will use a lot of data therefore, the internet data will be consumed at a faster rate. So check your monthly data usages and see if there is any unexplained increase in your monthly data usage. It is very difficult to locate the best spy software programs in mobile phones but increased data usages are a sign of these types of spyware and other malicious apps. So call your carrier and tell them to investigate the matter.

Unusual App Crashing

If you are experiencing an unusual app crashing or an application getting stuck in the middle of a process whenever you are using the apps then it is likely your phone is being tapped by someone. You might find many unknown apps installed on your mobile that you are not aware of. This is also one of the symptoms when your mobile phone is being bugged by someone. It also suggests that there are malware or tapping apps installed on your mobile.

Trouble With Shutting Down The Phone

Generally, a phone completed all the running tasks before shutting down. So if your phone takes more time to shut down then there are chances your phone is being tapped by someone. This is because if your phone is transmitting data to someone it will have to complete the process before it shuts down. So if your phone is taking a long time to shut down after taking calls or text, email, or web browsing then you should look into this matter more seriously.  

Increment In Bills

There are a few malware and spyware apps that know how to call and send premium-rate SMS messages from your phone. So if your phone is being tapped by these types of viruses then you can see an unexpected increment in your phone bill because of the premium message rates. Moreover, this type of apps can delete incoming messages. So make sure you regularly check the outgoing text messages/SMS and calls to make sure whether your phone is bugged or not.

Final Thought

Well, there are other explanations of the above signs so consulting with a professional is an excellent process to determine whether your phone is tapped or not. So don’t be panic if your phone is tapped by someone, keep calm, and take proper steps to secure your phone.


How Do I Stop My Phone From Being Tapped?

Are you concerned that your phone is being tapped? You might be feeling paranoid, but if you think it is a possibility, you should take steps to protect yourself. One way to do this is by installing an app such as Signal on your phone. This app allows for encrypted communications and does not store contacts or images of messages. You can also go on the web and use ProtonMail, which provides end-to-end encryption of email messages.

Is My Phone Tapped?

You may be asking yourself, “Is my phone tapped?” It is a question that often crosses the minds of people with no criminal record, but simply want to protect their privacy. The answer is complicated. Some investigations, like those for espionage or terrorism, require law enforcement officials to tap phones. However, in the United States, the government is not allowed to listen in on conversations unless they are with one of these suspects or involved with illegal activities.

How Do I Know If My Phone Is Tapped?

Modern-day phones are increasingly sophisticated and everyone should know the signs that their device is being monitored.

The probability of your phone being tapped can be determined by noticing strange or unusual activity on your device. When you feel like someone is watching or listening to what you are doing, it may be worth taking a closer look. Other indications are if your battery runs down too fast, there is interference when using your phone, or the volume increases significantly when talking near the microphone.

What Should I Do If My Phone Is Tapped?

If you suspect someone is tapping your phone, there are a number of steps you can take to investigate the situation, such as: examining the device for any signs of tampering; checking outside and inside lines for physical damage or anything that would indicate an intruder; and installing a monitoring app. If you think your device was compromised, we recommend contacting your carrier and upgrading your service to include a wiretap detection service.