Stream Audio From Android To Pc

How To Stream Audio From Android To Pc

Let’s say you’re at home and you’ve got some great music that you want to blast out loud so that others may enjoy it. It may happen to you, your friends, or your family. Now, if you play music, not everyone will hear it since it must be played loudly, and most phones don’t have a loudspeaker.

As a result, you must listen to the song on your computer. If that’s the case, you’ll need to transfer the music from your phone to your computer before you can listen to it. It will take some time to transfer ten or fifteen songs if you want to play them all. Now, if you don’t want to share those files with your PC and instead want to play them without moving them, you may do a straightforward method.

These strategies will surely aid you in streaming music from your Android device to your PC. You can also use a Mac to stream music in the same manner. 

Stream Music From An Android Device To A Computer Through Bluetooth

Stream Music From An Android Device To A Computer Through Bluetooth

Option One:

Step 1: Get Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 and install it on your PC. Users using 64-bit operating systems should get the correct version.

Step 2: Turn on Bluetooth on both the computer and the phone, and make sure they are visible.

Step 3: Select Add a device from the Bluetooth icon in the Windows system tray by right-clicking it. Now locate and add your mobile device from which you wish to stream music. When you connect your phone to Windows, Windows will install all necessary peripheral drivers.

Step 4: After your phone and computer get linked, right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the system tray again and choose Show Bluetooth Devices this time.

Step 5: Right-click on your associated phone in the Devices and Printers pane and choose Bluetooth Operations. Windows will now scan your phone to see what services are accessible. If the phone has A2DP functionality, it will include a Play Music option under the Audio and Video operation area. To activate the control, click the link.

Step 6: A little player control will show on your taskbar after linking the service. Right-click on the taskbar and pick Bluetooth Remote Control from the Toolbars menu if it does not appear immediately.

Option Two:

To listen to music on your computer using Windows Media Player, do the following:

Part 1: Go to the “Libraries” area of Windows Media Player. Choose the “Organize” menu, which will bring up a few possibilities. Select “Manage Libraries” and then “Music, Pictures, or Videos” from the drop-down menu.

Part 2: The “Library Locations” box should now appear, and you may add folders by hitting the “ADD” button and browsing through the folders.

Part 3: Choose “Stream” and then “Play Audio on Media Devices.”

Part 4: Enable the music streaming option.

Part 5: If an error message is displayed stating that the media stream has not been enabled, go to “Windows Service Administrative device,” then double-click on the option to share the network service.

Part 6: Using Bluetooth, connect the smartphone to the PC.

Stream Music From Android To PC Using AirSong

Stream Music From Android To PC Using AirSong

On the Google Playstore, AirSong (Wifi Music Player) is at the top of the Music & Audio category. It has a lot of positive feedback and ratings. AirSong (Wifi Music Player) for Windows has over 10,000+ installs and an average user aggregate rating of 4.26 stars.

The Google Play Store presently omits AirSong (Wifi Music Player). Install AirSong (Wifi Music Player) on your Android smartphone from third-party APK download sources if you haven’t already. It’s worth downloading to your smartphone.

Here is a step-bystep guide on how to download AirSong and use it to stream audio from your android dvioce to the pc:

Method 1: Download AirSong (Wifi Music Player) for PC Windows 10/8/7 –

Bluestacks is an Android emulator on Windows that allows you to run Android apps on your computer. For Mac users, the Bluestacks program is also available. This tutorial will use Bluestacks to download and install AirSong for Windows 10. Let’s begin with our easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Step 1: Download the Bluestacks application to your device.

Step 2: The installation configuration is quick and straightforward. When the Bluestacks emulator is successfully installed, open it.

Step 3: It may take a moment for the Bluestacks program to load first. It would be ideal to see the Bluestacks Home screen after it is launched.

Step 4: Bluestacks comes pre-installed with Google Play Store. To access Playstore, look for it on the home screen and double-click it.

Step 5: Now head to the Software Store and search for the software you wish to install. Look for AirSong (Wifi Music Player), then download and install it on your computer.

Step 6: AirSong (Wifi Music Player) will be installed on Bluestacks immediately you click the Install button. The program may be found in Bluestacks’ list of installed apps.

Method 2: 

MEmuplay is another popular Android emulator that has recently gained much attention. It’s incredibly adaptable, quick, and specifically intended for gaming. We’ll show you how to use MemuPlay to get AirSong (Wifi Music Player) for PC Windows 10 or 8 or 7 laptops.

Step 1: Download MemuPlay and install it on your computer. Download the program from the official website.

Step 2: After installing the emulator, launch it and look for the Google Playstore app icon on the Memuplay home screen. To open, double-tap on it.

Step 3: Head to the Google Play Store and look for the AirSong (Wifi Music Player) app. Locate the developer’s official app and click the Install button.

Step 4: AirSong (Wifi Music Player) will appear on the MEmuPlay home screen after successful installation.

Stream Music From Android To PC With VLC Direct

VLC direct is the simplest way to stream media such as audio and video from your Android device to your computer.

Furthermore, this approach is simple to set up and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Plus, because VLC is the most widely used video player for Windows computers, chances are you already have it installed. So, why not put the VLC to good use?

Step 1: Set up the VLC Media Player on Windows.

1. Go to Tools > Preferences in VLC Media Player on your PC.

2. Go to the lower-left corner to see the advanced preferences and choose “All.”

3. Select Interface > Main Interfaces > then type vlcdirect in the Password area and click Save. The newest versions of VLC may require an HTTPS password to stream multimedia. You may change this password at any moment, as we will discuss later on this article.

4. Extract the VLCDIRECT.BAT file from the archive. It’s a bit Windows Batch script that will set up the VLC settings for you automatically.

5. Double-click and launh the VLCDIRECT.BAT file; it will only run for a second.

6. Select Web from the View > Add Interface menu in VLC.

Step 2: On Android, set up VLC Direct.

1. From the Google Play Store, get the VLC Direct app 

2. Launch the VLC Direct application.

3. The program will ask if you have VLC Media Player installed on your Windows PC or Mac during the installation process. Select I have VLC installed on my computer.

4. After that, you are prompted to download a batch file and a tutorial. You can skip totorials by tapping Done.

5. The VLC Direct application will now look for the web interface on your Windows PC. In a minute, it should be able to detect it. If not, return to your PC and check that VLC’s Web Interface is active. (Using VLC, go to View > Add Interface > Web.)

6. If you couldn’t connect the first time or if you’re trying to connect at a later time, you can try reconnecting through the VLC Direct settings. Pick Settings from the three-dot overflow menu in the upper-right corner. Automatic Connection Wizard will be the first option you see.

7. Select the ‘Automatic Connection Wizard’ option, then ‘Start.’ Note: VLC Direct will identify VLC Direct if the web interface is open.

8. Once you’re connected, you may go through all the tabs to find the audio you’re looking for.

9. Any media on your Android will automatically play on your PC when you tap it.

Changing The VLC Direct Password

If you wish to change the original password used to connect to VLC on your PC, do so in VLC Media Player and VLC Direct on your Android. To change the password on your PC, follow the procedures outlined in the preceding guide. Go to Settings > HTTP Password in VLC Direct for Android to update the password. Ensure that you use the same password on the desktop app.


You don’t need to hunt for any other alternatives now that you know how to transfer music from your smartphone to your laptop. The methods discussed on this page are ideal for streaming great quality audio from your android device to your PC. Connect your smartphone to your PC and start listening to your favorite music!