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How to Start a Ouija Board Game Safely and Successfully

To start a Ouija board game, gather the participants who are willing to participate. Place the Ouija board on a flat and stable surface, ensuring the letters, numbers, and symbols are visible. Assemble the planchette, a triangular device with a clear window, at the center of the board. Create a calm environment by dimming the lights, minimizing distractions, and maintaining a respectful atmosphere. With everyone’s fingertips lightly touching the planchette, ask a question aloud or in your mind. Concentrate and wait for the planchette to move on its own, indicating a response from the “spirit” or entity.

What is a Ouija Board?

A Ouija Board, also known as a talking board, is a game board printed with letters, numbers, and symbols that was first manufactured in the United States in 1890. The purpose of the board is to help users communicate with spirits or entities in a mysterious, otherworldly manner. Its birthplace is traced back to Chestertown, Maryland in 1886, while the name “Ouija” was given to it in Baltimore in 1890.

Over the years, the Ouija board has gained significant popularity and media attention for its use in attempting to communicate with the dead. Additionally, it has been employed in numerous instances to solve mysteries, predict disasters, and even commit crimes. Along with being used by ordinary people around the world, the board has also played a significant role in the lives of several public figures, such as Pearl Curran, a housewife from St. Louis who claimed to have channeled a 17th-century spirit named Patience Worth through her Ouija board.

To play the Ouija board game, participants typically gather in a dimly lit room, ideally with lit candles for added ambiance and focus. Once everyone is settled, the group can begin to invite conversation with spirits by introducing themselves and asking simple, yes-or-no questions before attempting more complex inquiries. By placing their hands on a sliding pointer, the participants are guided by the presumed spirit’s movements, spelling out answers and messages on the board. It is crucial to remember to say goodbye at the end of the session, thus marking the formal closure of the séance and ensuring that all connections with the spirit world are severed.

Preparing for a Ouija Board Session

lauren ouija How to Start a Ouija Board Game Safely and Successfully
  • Before delving into the mysterious world of Ouija boards, one must ensure proper preparation. First, find a quiet space to conduct the session, preferably away from distractions and noise. This could be a bedroom or a serene spot outdoors. Ensure that all electronic devices are off, and phones on silent mode.
  • Cleanse the chosen space to eliminate negative energies by using sage or saltwater. Light the sage and let its smoke spread throughout the area, or sprinkle the saltwater while reciting a cleansing chant. This will help create a positive environment for the session.
  • Arrange a comfortable seating area around a flat surface, such as a table or even the participants’ legs. Light a few candles to set the ambiance and invoke the spirits. Candles with a pleasant scent can add to the experience and further enhance the atmosphere.
  • Invite a friend or two, preferably one male and one female, to join in the séance. Working in a group makes the experience more meaningful and might yield better results. Participants should approach the session with a positive attitude and a sense of humor, ready to have fun while making contact with the other side.

Safety Precautions and Ethical Considerations

Before starting a Ouija board game, it’s essential to take some safety precautions and consider ethical guidelines. Follow these steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Choose a quiet and peaceful location: Select a space with minimal distractions, where all participants can feel comfortable and focused. Keep electronic devices aside and silence them during the session.
  • Set a positive atmosphere: Surround the area with candles, crystals, or a circle of salt to encourage good energy. Burn sage or incense to cleanse the space and ward off negative energy.
  • Invite respectful participants: Gather at least two people who are genuinely interested in connecting with spirits, and make sure they are in a positive state of mind. A respectful and open-minded group can improve communication and the overall experience.
  • Begin with a protective prayer: Start the session by saying a prayer, asking for protection from negative energies and inviting positive spirits to communicate.
  • Stick to simple and respectful questions: Start with easy yes or no inquiries and gradually progress to more complex questions. Avoid asking disrespectful or inappropriate questions or attempting to contact evil spirits.
  • Close the session properly: Once the game is finished, remember to say goodbye. This is crucial to ensure the spirits disconnect and the session ends on a positive note. Afterward, cleanse the area and Ouija board with sage or incense to restore the energy in the space.

Interacting with the Ouija Board

Before starting a Ouija board session, it’s important to choose a peaceful and quiet location where you and your friends can focus on connecting with the spirit world. Minimizing distractions, such as turning off the television and cellphones, will help create the ideal environment.

  • To ensure a positive experience, it’s recommended to perform a cleansing ritual before beginning the session. You can use sage or salt water to eliminate any lingering negative energies from your space. This helps in setting the stage for a constructive communication with spirits.
  • Arranging your space with candles and incense can create the right ambiance for your Ouija board session. Some scents, such as lavender, are believed to promote positivity and spiritual protection, providing a welcoming atmosphere for friendly spirits.
  • Once the setting is prepared, gather around the Ouija board with at least one friend, and place your fingers lightly on the planchette. It’s essential to approach the session with respect and an open mind, as this will affect the type of energies you attract.

Begin by asking simple yes or no questions, and patiently wait for the planchette to move. Keep in mind that communication may be slow and requires patience. Remember to be polite, and always end your Ouija board session by thanking the spirits and saying goodbye, ensuring a safe and respectful closure to your spiritual interaction.

Dealing with Challenging or Negative Experiences

When using a Ouija board, it’s essential to approach the activity with a lighthearted and open attitude. However, sometimes things might not go as planned, resulting in challenging or negative experiences while playing the game.

  • Firstly, set the right atmosphere and mood for your Ouija board session by lighting candles or incense and turning off any distractions. Ensure that all participants approach the game with positive energy and openness to communication.
  • During the session, if you experience any disturbing or unsettling responses, remind yourself and the other participants not to take the game too seriously. Maintain a sense of humor and a relaxed attitude, as fear can intensify negative energy and experiences.
  • In case the board starts giving rude, vulgar, or obscene answers, it’s best to break off the session immediately. Politely but firmly say goodbye to any spirit present and close the Ouija board.
  • Finally, remember that you don’t have to believe everything the board tells you. Maintain a healthy skepticism and take the answers you receive with a grain of salt.

By taking these precautions and maintaining a lighthearted approach, you can safely enjoy your Ouija board session while minimizing the possibility of negative experiences.

Post-Session Procedures

After completing your Ouija board session, it’s important to properly close the connection and cleanse the space. Here are some post-session procedures to ensure a positive experience:

  • Say goodbye: Before ending the session, move the planchette to the “Goodbye” spot on the board and say goodbye out loud to the spirit. This signifies that the conversation is over and the connection is closed.
  • Show gratitude: Thank the spirit or entity for communicating with you during the session. This gesture of appreciation maintains a friendly atmosphere and can encourage positive energy.
  • Close the board: Remove your hands from the planchette and close the board by either folding it or covering it with a cloth. This symbolizes the end of the session and the closing of the portal to the spirit world.
  • Cleanse the space: After the session, it’s important to cleanse the space to remove any residual negative energy. You can do this by burning sage or using salt water to purify the area.
  • Reflect on the experience: Discuss the session with your friends or write down your thoughts and experiences in a journal. This can help you process any messages or information you received during the session.

Remember, not every Ouija board session will result in clear answers or communication with a spirit. Be patient, keep an open mind, and always stay respectful when using a Ouija board.


In conclusion, using a Ouija board can be an entertaining and thrilling experience, especially when proper precautions and guidelines are followed. To start a Ouija board game, choose a quiet and comfortable place with minimal distractions, such as a dimly lit room or a secluded outdoor spot. Gather at least one friend and create a relaxing ambiance with candles and incense to enhance the overall experience.