Remove Emojis From Pictures

How To Remove Emojis From Pictures? [Tools, Tips, Tricks, And Everything Therebetween]

You are making rounds online, and then you see an image that your ex posted. It is a selfie, and she is with someone else. From the caption, it is clear that the guy, whose face is behind a big emoji, is her new boyfriend.

You want to scroll away, but your deep-running curiosity taps you in the back. It makes you succumb to the idea of removing the emoji from the picture and revealing the mysterious person.

But, where do you start?

Well, the best way to remove emojis from pictures is using tools such as Picwish Online Photo Retouch, Apowersoft Online Background Eraser, WebinPaint, Fotor, Jihosoft Photo Eraser, Snapseed, and Airbrush. Of course, you will know more about each tool in the next section.

In this article, we will look at emojis, how to remove them, and if you can unhide or delete them from your phone. Moreover, you will know whether you can delete an emoji and how un-editing someone else’s photo works. And there is more to that, so read until the end to get our special kickoff remarks.

Now, let’s go!

Tools To Remove Emojis From Photos [Tried, Tested, And Trusted]

This section will go through a comprehensive list of tools that remove emojis, stickers, and smileys. That will give you many ways of knowing the face of your ex’s new partner or getting the emojis out of any of your favorite pictures.

Let us take each one of them down!



If you want to do everything on your phone, Airbrush is the app to choose from. As an eraser tool, it automatically removes an area whenever you apply it. Also, it can deal with objects (such as emojis) or even people.

With a few clicks, you will be able to change your picture by removing unwanted items or using it for any of these functions:

1. Filtering

2. Resizing

3. Retouching

4. Reshaping

5. Blurring

6. And stretching

To work with this user-friendly mobile app:

1. Visit the app store on your phone, search the app, and install it.

2. Then, launch it from the home screen and permit it to access your gallery.

3. Pick out the image that has the emoji.

4. Select the Tools option, then Erase.

5. Highlight the entire area where the emoji sits, then wait for the app to do its thing.

6. To save the edited file, tap on Check.

TechBiva 101: Since you are only doing emoji erasing for one or two images, you don’t need to purchase Airbrush Premium.

Apowersoft Online Background Eraser

Apowersoft Online Background Eraser

This is one of the most powerful background editors, which is why it makes it to the list. But, unlike Airbrush, it removes emojis together with the entire background of the image. So, you’ll need to add a new background once you finish editing.

Here is how you work your way around Apowersoft:

1. Visit your favorite browser on your phone or PC (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Firefox).

2. Then, upload the image that has the emoji object.

3. After processing, your image will be missing its background. Instead, all you will see is the main object surrounded by a checkerboard pattern.

4. Then, you will upload a new background to fill in the pattern.

5. When done, hit download to save the emoji-less file.



This little-known tool works online and helps you resolve the emoji problem effortlessly. It comes with a unique clone effect feature that mimics the other emoji-less area to cover the emoji. To use the tool, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to your browser and look up Fotor.

2. Then, visit the homepage and upload your emoji images.

3. After a successful upload, use the Beauty option, then pick a clone.

4. Choose the brushing tool and run it over to cover the emoji. To adjust things to your liking, use the brush size, intensity, and fade options.

5. Save the image and enjoy it without the emoji.

Jihosoft Photo Eraser

Jihosoft Photo Eraser

If you spend lots of time on your desktop, this should be your go-to tool for editing. Jihosoft is a PC-based application that removes unwanted objects (like emojis) with little effort. But unlike Apowersoft, it does not take away the entire background. Instead, it restores an image without spoiling quality or leaving marks.

Apart from removing emojis from pictures, it can also:

1. Remove mustaches and beards from portraits

2. Repair old, damaged photos

3. Clone objects into a picture

4. And delete people sitting in a photo’s background

This tool uses two methods to remove emojis from pictures. However, this article only shows you steps for one method:

1. Once you have downloaded it on your Mac or PC, upload the image with the emoji using the Select Photo option.

2. Once the image loads, pick the Brush tool and paint over the emoji.  Depending on the emoji’s size, you can adjust the brush. When you finish painting, the software will mark the emoji in red.

3. Then, click Erase to remove it.

Once the software finishes processing, you will see what sits behind the emoji.

Picwish Online Photo Retouch

Picwish Online Photo Retouch

This is a newer tool that helps you remove emojis from pictures quickly. Apart from emojis, it can also drop:

1. Buildings

2. Toys

3. Electrical wirings

The unique thing about Picwish is its special AI abilities that remove emojis in one go. To work your way around it, follow these steps:

1. Open your browser and search for the tool. It is a mobile app, so you will have to download and install it before using it.

2. Then, upload the image with the emoji, smiley, or sticker.

3. Once it loads fully, highlights the unwanted object and tap erase. Depending on the size or type of file you uploaded, it may take a while.

4. Finally, click download once it brings back results.



If you love working with images, you may have already heard about Snapseed. It is favored on both iPhone and Android because it has one of the best sets of editing tools. If you want to use it to remove emojis from pictures, follow these steps:

1. Download and install the app, then permit it to access your gallery.

2. On the app’s screen, import your image by tapping on the + icon.

3. In the section labeled Tools, you will find and select the Healing option.

4. Gently rub your finger on the emoji, then save the image.



The last tool would have to be InPaint, which uses a unique, robust algorithm. The set of instructions remove all imperfections on your pictures. To use it:

1. Visit the official website and upload your image.

2. On the editing interface, choose the red button.

3. Then, highlight the smileys or emojis you do not want.

4. Then, Erase and finally, download.

Since we have solved the biggest puzzle, let us look at other questions that may be lingering in your mind. You might be surprised by what you will find out, so read through all the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Remove Snapchat Stickers From Someone Else’s Picture?

First, is it possible? Yes, and you can do it using the Adobe Photoshop Fix app.

Removing the stickers is easy, and Adobe makes the processing convenient for you:

1. On your app store, download Adobe Photoshop Fix. Install, launch it, and open a free account.

2. Allow it to access your gallery and upload the image with the Snapchat stickers.

3. Use the Healing tool, specifically Spot Healing, and tap on the stickers.

That should remove the sticker forever, and your picture will be looking blameless.

Can You Remove Something From A Photo?


The tools we have already listed can do the job, but TouchRetouch is also another perfect way to remove something from a photo:

1. Download and install the app on your iOS or Android.

2. Then, upload the image with the object you do not want.

3. Use either the lasso or the brush tool to select the thing you want to remove. Advice: The brush delivers the best results.

4. Once you have precisely selected the image, press the Start button.

5. Save the processed file and marvel at the results.

How Do I Remove Emojis?

If you are talking about the emojis that come with your keyboard, sorry – you cannot remove them. However, you can turn the keyboard off altogether, which will make the emojis disappear.

TechBiva 101: Disabling your keyboard is not something you want to try.

How Do You Remove Objects From Photos On iPhone?

You can use the TouchRetouch app, which will cost you about $3.00. That should be a reasonable price, seeing that other tools charge expensively.

Can You Delete Emojis You Do Not Want?


Emojis usually come together with the keyboard as a package. So, if you want to delete them, your best bet will be to remove the keyboard. And indeed, you don’t want that to happen, do you? 

Is It Possible To Remove An Emoji From A Video?


Like with images, you can remove emojis from videos using photo-editing tools. If you skipped to this section, scroll up and check the top seven tools you can use.

How Do I Hide Emoji Faces?

You can use editing programs like Photoshop, PicMonkey, and Lightroom. Also, they have the clone and heal tools, which can really come in handy. 

How Do I Un Edit (Undo) Someone Else’s Photo?

To revert the changes that someone made on their photo, the best free app to use is Google Photos. Here are the steps you should follow:

1. Open the app on your Android, iPhone, PC, or Mac.

2. Then, open the photo that you want to edit.

3. Under Edit, click on Revert.

4. To save a copy of the processed file, click Save, then save it as copy.

Now, check the original and edited photo to see if Google Photos did an excellent job. If they did not, keep trying until the results satisfy you.

How Do I Remove A Filter From Someone Else’s Photo?

You can use Fotor (already mentioned here), Pixlr E, Canva, Tucia, and GIMP. To know how each of them works, simply search online and click their website. Photo-editing platforms are easy to navigate through. But, if you find it tasking, look for tutorial videos on YouTube.


The best way to remove emojis from pictures is by using any of the available photo-editing tools. If you have forgotten, here is a list of all the tools we’ve mentioned:

1. Airbrush

2. Apowersoft Online Background Eraser

3. Fotor

4. Jihosoft Photo Eraser

5. Picwish Online Photo Retouch

6. Snapseed

7. WebinPaint

8. TouchRetouch

9. Canva

10. GIMP

11. Tucia

12. Pixlr E

13. Adobe Photoshop

14. Lightroom

Indeed, you will find your solution between any of those 13 platforms. We also looked at questions people ask to shed light on related issues. Here at TechBiva, we hope you can finally remove that emoji and see how your ex’s new girlfriend looks.

That’s pretty much all we go today!

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