How To Remove Airwatch From Android

How To Remove Airwatch From Android

To remove Airwatch from Android, you need to open android settings and then device administrator under security. Now uncheck Airwatch administrator and then click uninstall to install the package. In other words, go to Settings- Security -Device Administrator-Uncheck Airwatch administrator. 

How To Remove Airwatch From Android

Uninstall The application

The removal process depends on the model of the devices. If you have such permission as an “android option” in your device, you have to open the Airwatch agent application and choose such an option. It is the preferable method to remove Airwatch. There are two options. On your mobile, either you can do “hard reset,” or “factory reset” from the main menu of your Android device. Remember, you will lose all data from your device.

Feature And Description Of AirWatch Related Process

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1AirWatch in AndroidAirwatch is one of the virtualization and cloud computing software.
2MAM supporting devicesWindows 10 and Apple Mac OS.
3AirWatch’ EMM SuiteGoogle Android, Blackberry QNX, Apple iOS, Chrome OS, and Samsung Tizen
4Removing Airwatch in AndroidSettings>Security>Device administrator>Uncheck Airwatch administrator>Uninstall the application.

What Is Airwatch?

Airwatch is nothing but software for enterprise mobility, and it is one of the divisions of virtualization and cloud computing software. IT administrators can deploy, safeguard, and manage their devices like mobile, Windows 10, Apple, and MacBook details, and applications with the technology’s help are provided by virtualization vendor VMware.

When the application is installed on the air watch agent, the product works well, which is the best combination. It can be accessed to set and comply with the policies by back-end software. Cloud services are available for Air watch’s EMM suite. 

Different Edition Of Airwatch

It has four editions, which include the lowest tier and highest tier. The lowest tier includes MAM and MDM. The highest tier comprises all other features. Google Android, Blackberry QNX, Apple iOS, Chrome OS, and Samsung Tizen; the Airwatch can support all this. Apart from this, Airwatch support MAM on Windows 10 and Apple Mac OS.

EMM of Airwatch, one of the parts of VMware workspace one, is to have one central portal to access all other virtual and physical data, applications, and desktops.

Functions Of Airwatch In Android:

To perform the complete function, Airwatch MDM requires a mobile application.

Mobile applications have to be installed on each device. The Airwatch agent has to connect the device with the Airwatch MDM server for Communication. This watch agent enables the administrators to manage, safeguard, and support their devices like mobile phones, laptops, etc. 

When it comes to Airwatch MAM, it doesn’t require an agent. Instead of an agent, here, the management console plays an essential role in Communication. The management console can handle Communication with the code in the installed applications. This kind of approach enables administrators to access how mobile applications are managed and secured.

Other Features Of Airwatch MAM

Air watch’s MAM can start self-service access for both corporate and public applications through enterprise application stores. Their ultimate goal is to allow more users to access more engaging enterprise applications to increase mobile productivity.

In addition to that, MAM has some additional features of segregating personal and corporate assets on Android and IOS devices through Airwatch container applications. We can track reports on the activities of users and how the patterns are used through VMware AirWatch. So, administrators can use it as a remote control to troubleshoot their devices when needed.

How To Remove Airwatch From Android:

Here is the complete guide to remove the Airwatch profile from your device.

Step-1: Open Settings from your Android applications

Step-2: You have to select the main- pane from the left-pane in the general section.

Step-3: Click workspace services

Step-4: After that, a click will remove management.

Step-5: Finally, you have to click remove to remove the Airwatch profile from your device.

Why You Should Use Airwatch On Android:

Despite being the well-known operating system globally, android enterprises have been slower to adopt because of security concerns and fragmentation across device manufacturers. Regardless of the device manufacturer, for Work from Google, Android introduces the separation of work and personal apps and data to deliver standardized security and management capabilities for IT, and they also maintain a consistent native experience for end-users. 

The best architecture that is highly secure, scalable, and flexible for meeting your android mobility starts across tablets, smartphones, laptops, rugged and peripheral devices delivered by the AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform. 

AirWatch provides comprehensive support for Android for Work with AirWatch; leverage advanced security, management, and production capabilities for Android for Work, which enabled the running of 5.0 or later for separate work and personal. 

Other Important Applications Of Airwatch

Preserving the native Android user interface allows end-users to bring their device (BYOD) to work for a familiar user experience by enabling a work profile. Android for Work separates data at the operating system level, which creates a dedicated space for only work apps. 

Work applications are given with an icon to specify that the application will only contain work data. End-users can easily switch between work and personal apps with a simple click. 

Providing transparency and the users’ peace of mind is essential so that their data and apps are kept private and separate from the work data that’s visible to IT. Through the AirWatch agent, enrolment is simple and consistent across devices. Using NFC technology passes configurations from device to device with an easy tap. Admins can enroll devices in bulk and enable Business apps.

Offers By Airwatch

 AirWatch gives access to administrators to move, manage, and safeguard public and internal apps. Integration with Google Play for Work enables applications like VMware Boxer, calendar, email, contacts, Gmail, and system apps like Work Google Play, Chrome, Google settings, and Camera to access Android.

With the help of built-in single sign-on (SSO), apps can distribute to user devices for automatic or on-demand installation in a unified app catalog for web, native and remote apps. Installation of unapproved applications can be blocked by administrators and define required apps that cannot be uninstalled from the device. Within the AirWatch console, Admins can track app inventory, versions, and user compliance with the app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Do You Mean By Airwatch In Android?

Airwatch is nothing, but it provides software for enterprise mobility and virtualization and cloud computing software divisions.IT administrators can deploy, safeguard, and manage their devices like mobile Windows 10 apple and MacBook details and applications with the help of the technology provided by virtualization vendor VMware.

2. Does Airwatch Have The Capability To Collect Personal Data?  

No. It does not have the capability of collecting information from iMessage, personal text messages, etc.

3. Can We Remove Airwatch From Android?

Yes, we can easily remove Airwatch from Android. Just follow the steps suggested above to remove Airwatch.