Refund A Game On Xbox

The Ultimate Guide On How To Refund A Game On Xbox

Games are wonderful as they keep us busy when we are bored. However, sometimes they may fail to live up to our expectations, and oftentimes, they can be downright broken. Most people will look to refund the game after hitting this wall. The process for a refund can be challenging, especially if you do not know what to do. It is not as straightforward as you may believe. Xbox one console distributed 50 million copies globally, and with so many games available on the game store, you may experience some issues. 

If you have ever bought a game that everyone seems to be excited about but then disappointed you, you are probably wondering whether it’s possible to get a refund. Read on to find out how you can refund your game on Xbox, and the circumstances under which you’ll get a refund.

What Is The Xbox Refund Policy?

For a long time, it has not been possible for people to get refunds for a digital game no matter where you bought a game for your computer, PlayStation or Xbox online. All the refund policies looked similar, with every sale being final. Nonetheless, the situation has changed recently, and Xbox has also started adopting some of these changes. Requesting a refund on Xbox is possible, but it is not easy.

After opening the game’s Purchase Refund Terms page, you may not be very encouraged by the Refund Eligibility section. The developers state that they consider every sale of digital game products final, except for some extenuating circumstances. It’s hard to understand what the extenuating circumstances are. However, the support pages suggest that the Xbox refund policy includes the following rules.

1. All players must have a genuine reason for asking for a refund

2. You can only get a refund within 14 days after making a purchase

3. It’s impossible to get a refund after playing a game for over two hours on all accounts

4. You can only get a refund at least a day after the release date of a game and after downloading and launching the game at least one time

5. You will not be refunded for downloadable content, season passes, or add-ons.

When they talk of legitimate reasons for getting a refund for a game on Xbox, you only have the following options:

1. You purchased the wrong game by accident

2. The game is not working or has severely malfunctioned

3. The bill has an error

4. Another person purchased the game using your account

If they approve your refund, Microsoft returns the money within a few working days. The company does not mention if one can choose the payment method for their refund.

Microsoft processes the refund to your original means of payment if possible. Therefore, you should confirm if the company has properly credited your applicable payment method to your bank.

How To Get A Refund From The Microsoft Store?

Refund From The Microsoft Store

Fortunately, the process to claim a refund from the Microsoft store is clear if you made a digital purchase. You need to go to the Xbox Refund Request Solution and scan the checklist. Ensure that you have signed in to your Microsoft account and keep the relevant order number ready.

Sometimes Microsoft gives a refund immediately, but other times they will need to verify your refund reason. If they need to verify the refund, you should contact a Microsoft representative within three days of applying.

Step One: Visit XBOX Support and click on “Request an Xbox refund”

Step Two: Check if you have signed in to your account

Step Three: You will see a list on the screen. Scroll down until you get the game you wish to refund.

Step Four: Check the game box you want a refund, go back to the top of the page, and click “Request a refund.”

Step Five: You will see a pop-up box, and you will be asked the reason for your request, additional details, and an email address. Press next and submit your request.

Step Six: after submitting a request, you must wait for a response. You can check how the refund process is going by clicking on the tab “Refund status.”

Which Game Is Eligible For A Refund?

The refund system for Microsoft applies to Xbox One or Windows 10 games and applications but only if you bought them via the digital Microsoft store. Microsoft cannot refund you when you buy a game from other retailers.

Even if you bought a game from the Microsoft store, you should note that it’s not possible to get a refund for all purchases you make. You may need to meet a few requirements. As mentioned above, gamers can only make a refund claim if they have a legitimate reason for asking for one. 

Sometimes you will be asked to talk to a customer service representative to explain your situation. You cannot make a refund request just because you did not like the game as you had expected,

A game or an app can only be refunded within 14 days of buying it and only if you have played below 2 hours across every account. You will not get your money back if you play 40 hours in a huge RPG. 

These restrictions help to prevent players from abusing the system. Therefore, you should avoid treating a refund as an easy way of getting two hours demos of the games you would like to try.

What Problems May You Encounter When Making An Xbox Refund Request?

Although the refund policies for Microsoft may seem strict, it’s possible to get a refund for digital items qualifying as refundable. It would be best to be careful about abusing the system and treating it like a platform for several two-hour demos. 

If a Microsoft representative establishes that you may be abusing your refund rights, they will not offer you a refund until they are legally obliged.

Another problem that a user requesting a refund may experience is the inability to see their purchase in the Order history. When this happens, there may be multiple possible explanations, including:

1. You made a purchase less than 24 hours ago

2. You bought the item through a different account

3. The purchase was a pre-order or a subscription

4. You bought a physical Xbox product

5. The game was a gift to someone

How Long Does The Refund Take?

After finalizing the Xbox refund request, you will get a confirmation email. Once you verify the purchased item qualifies for a refund according to the form and documents you submitted, you will be contacted by a support team representative in 72 hours. 

If you do not get an email from the representatives, you should check your email spam or junk inbox.

The information on the status of your Xbox refund can be found in the account’s Order History. If you need more information about the status or want to make a complaint after your request’s denial, you should reply to the confirmation email you get regarding your refund.

You can also buy physical items through your Xbox, including a new console. Sometimes electrical goods may not work as expected or arrive damaged. If this happens, you can also ask for a refund if you run into any issues.