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How To Open Galaxy S8 (Taking Off The Back, The Battery, And Restarting It Again)

If you here, I bet that you’re a DIYer who’s been opening phones for a while now. And today, you won’t stop until you disassemble the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is in front of you. Well, you are in the right place.

To open the Galaxy S8, get the back off first. Then, remove the fingerprint scanner and remove the screws to undo the plastic protections of the phone. It won’t be long before you reach the back of the Galaxy S8 and spread out all its spare parts.

TechBiva 101: Since the Galaxy S8 comes with an ‘irremovable’ back, getting the back off will essentially be voiding the warranty. So, if you end up with a dead phone, the customer service won’t be able to help you.

In this article, we will show you how to open and disassemble the Galaxy S8. That way, you will be able to explore its parts and pursue your under-the-hood mission. As you read, you will also learn how to hard-restart the phone and why it may not turn on. Scroll down to know that and much more.

How Do You Get The Back Off A Galaxy S8?

TechBiva 101: If your phone is still under warranty, take advantage of that. That is because if anything happens with your Galaxy S8 at the repair shop, the professional technicians will be liable. But, to each their own, so keep reading.

The first step of opening a Samsung Galaxy S8 is taking the back off. This section will give you the steps, which should be helpful if you are doing an advanced repair. And here they are:

1. Assemble The Tools

If you have been opening up your phone for a while, you should own a repair kit. It comes with spudgers, tweezers, screwdrivers, a screen-separating tool, a screen film squeegee, a suction cup, and a SIM card tray opener. However, if you don’t have it but wish to own one, here are some options you can consider from Amazon:

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If you can’t get your repair kit in time, the tools you need to get the back off are:

1. A hairdryer

2. A credit card

3. A spudger

TechBiva 101: A spudger is anything from a screwdriver to a tool that separates plastic components without causing any damage.

2. Turn Off The Phone

To do so, press down on the lock button. Then, on the menu that pops up, tap Power off. Then, wait until the phone shuts down completely. If you start removing the back before the Galaxy S8 is off, you could shock yourself or, even worse, short-circuit the phone.

3. Remove The SD Cards And The SIM

Since you will apply some heat in later stages, remove the memory card and the SIM. So, push a pin or a tray opener into the holes and eject the trays. Then, keep the items safe until you reassemble the phone again.

4. Place The Phone On A Smooth Surface, Face-Down

Smartphones have sensitive screens, so they need to be kept safe from scratches. And since the phone will spend the entire opening time face down, place it on a mat or a fluffy sweater. 

5. Use The Hairdryer And Warm Up The Phone’s Back

Since the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a removable back, you will need to blow hot air to the back area. But, if you don’t have a hairdryer, use a heat gun for around two minutes. As you do so, do not heat one spot for too long. If you do, you risk burning the cover beyond repair.

If none of the two options works for you, try out a microwavable heating pad.

6. Push The Spudger Into The Seams On The Phone’s Housing 

The heat in the previous step helped to melt down the glue holding the back. Now, push the spudger in the cracks and let it sit there.

7. Run The Credit Card Around The Seams

While the spudger is still sticking in, use a credit card to loosen the back. Make sure you do it gently to avoid scratching or damaging your phone.

8. Apply More Heat If The Housing Is Not Loosening Up

If you are having trouble undoing the housing, put the phone under the dryer again.

9. Pull The Housing Away And Get The Back Off

Around 10 minutes later, you should have finished dealing with the last adhesive. You should now see how your Samsung Galaxy S8 looks without the back cover.

How Do You Take The Battery Out Of A Samsung Galaxy S8?

Now, you are staring at your naked phone, thinking of how to remove the power source. Well, do not worry because this section will show you how to perform ‘further surgery.’ Here are the steps you need to take the battery out of the Samsung Galaxy S8:

1. Disconnect The Fingerprint Scanner And Remove It

When you open the phone, you will see the fingerprint scanner. Unlike with iPhones, you can remove Samsung fingerprint scanners. So, use the nylon spudger from your repair kit and undo the cable.

Once the scanner’s cable is disconnected, remove the panel by lifting it off.

2. Unclip The Phone’s Internal Frame

You may need another type of spudger to finish this step, but it is pretty straightforward. Start on the top left, then go to the top right corner. That will push the internal frame-up.

3. Unscrew The Midframe And Remove It

For your Samsung Galaxy S8, you will need to undo the 11 screws that hold the midframe together.

TechBiva 101: For a well-illustrated description, read this article.

When all the 11 screws are out, grasp the frame and remove it gently. Now, you will be opened up to the battery you want to take out.

4. Disconnect The Battery’s Cable

Get a spudger to undo the cable that connects the battery to the phone’s motherboard.

5. Heat The Bottom Area Of The Screen

Gently turn the phone and let the screen face up, then heat the lower part of the screen. That will help the glue around the battery to loosen off.

6. Remove The Battery

Once the glue has warmed up, get a spudger and push it between the battery and the frame. Then, lever it up to unfix the battery while being careful not to pierce or damage it.

There you have it: your S8 battery is out!

How Do You Hard Restart A Galaxy S8 (Putting It In Recovery Mode)?

After you finish disassembling the phone, you should bring it back together after doing whatever you were doing. Pressing the power button will boot and light up, but you may experience some freezing and insensitivity. In that case, you will need to do a hard reset, and here’s how:

1. Press Down And Hold The Power Button

The button sits on the right side of your Samsung.

2. Press And Hold The Volume Button

Together with the power button, hold the down volume button for about 10 seconds. That will trigger the phone to shut down and then come back on again.

Those two steps will start the forced restart.  Then, they will open the Recovery Mode, which you may not be familiar with much. There, you can erase your device and revert to factory settings. In addition, you can wipe your Galaxy’s cache to improve its performance when you start it again in normal mode.

Why Won’t My Galaxy S8 Turn On?

Why Won’t My Galaxy S8 Turn On

After disassembling and reassembling your phone, you should not be surprised if it does not open turn back on. What could be the problem, though? 

1. The battery may be low. So, leave it at the charging point for at least 30 minutes before you restart the phone again.

2. If you had opened the phone, it could be that the battery was placed wrongly. That would need a reopening, so follow the steps we gave earlier.

TechBiva 101: If the phone isn’t turning off and you’re under warranty, go to the repair shop. That way, you will get pro help without lifting a finger.


Now, you are a pro at opening the Samsung Galaxy S8. The steps given should have helped you to complete the job. But if they weren’t vivid enough, you can always watch an instructional video like this one. Indeed, it will provide a better illustration.

If you’re not an expert DIYer, we suggest that you avoid opening your phone. That’s because you could damage it, and no one will compensate you. However, if you are confident, do as your heart pleases. Just know that once you start, you have already voided the warranty.

And that was all you needed to know!

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