Make Potions In Minecraft

How To Make Potions In Minecraft

If you are new to the popular game Minecraft, you must be wondering what Potions are. In this popular game, potions are created through the brewing process, whereby the player adds various ingredients to the brewing stand’s water bottle. When placing at least a single or more water cans in the lower three slots of that brewing interface, use the upper slot for an ingredient and the fuel slot to add blaze powder. You can distill the elements in all the bottles and brew potions that may need consumption to give you an effect. 

The brewed potions shouldn’t exactly be the same as they are for various effects. Keep reading this article to familiarize you with the potion-making process in the Minecraft game.

How To Brew Potions Step-By Step

All Potions begin with a water bottle and proceed with other brewing steps. Some of the steps include:

1. Creating a base option by adding a base ingredient. For example, a player can use a nether wart for making an awkward potion.

2. Creating a  Potion with a working effect through adding an effect ingredient into an Awkward Potion.

3. You can add several optional steps according to the primary effects, but not every step is valid.

4. Add an enhancer ingredient. The Glowstone dust will make the effects more intense, or use the Redstone dust for the effect to last longer.

5. Add a fermented spider eye to corrupt the effect and reverse it.

6. Add gunpowder to transform into a Splash Potion that you can throw or fire using a dispenser to affect every player and mob in a radius.

After brewing a Splash Potion, you can upgrade it to get to the lingering option by Adding Dragon’s Breath. This creates a lasting area effect cloud and can also craft tipped arrows.

The only exception to the steps outlined above is the potion of weakness following the brewing of a fermented spider eye directly into the water. You can extend the resulting Potion with Redstone or convert it to a splash or Lingering Potion like seen above.

Every brewing step will take 20 seconds. Therefore, every glaze powder piece used gives fuel for 20 brewing steps. You consume fuel when you start a brewing portion and fail to recover it when halting the operation prematurely by getting rid of the ingredient and potion bottles. Consumption of fuel is the same whether brewing one or more bottles.

Hoppers can feed the brewing stand. Players can provide the ingredients to the top of the stand and feed the bottles and fuel to the stand’s side. You can take the finished potions from the bottom.

You can load every ingredient for one batch of any recipe in the order from the hopper for a brewing that doesn’t involve the hands of a multi-step Potion.

Because all steps produce a finished Potion that you can take by a bottom hopper, creating the potions in bulk is not essential. However, you can manage it by chaining various brewing stands from the bottom to the side, all with the successive ingredients fuel and stacks. For example, you can feed the first step by a chest of water jars.

How To Modify The Potion Through Ingredients

1. When you add Glowstone dust to different potions, the strength of the effect will increase (usually, it doubles). The Potions are calibrated with a “II” at the end of their name.

2. When you add Redstone dust to several Potions, the duration of the effect extends. The Potions usually have a “+” at the last part of their name.

3. When you add fermented spider eyes to different Potions, the effect gets corrupted and turns into various Potions.

4. When you add gunpowder to a Potion, it turns into a splash potion. So rather than being drunk, you can throw the Splash Potion on the ground, which will affect anyone around the location it shatters.

5. Adding dragon’s breath to a Splash Potion will turn it into a lingering potion. A Lingering Potion’s effects will continue for a short while in the area, but after breaking and reducing the effect, it may stack when you stay in that area.

Minecraft Potion Recipes

Minecraft Potion Recipes

As mentioned above, brewing a potion in Minecraft requires you to add particular ingredients to a water bottle. 

Some elements, for instance, gun powder and Glowstone dust, will change the functioning of a Potion, although you create an actual Potion effect when you add one of the ingredients mentioned below.

1. To create an Awkward Potion, add a Water Bottle to a Nether Wart.

2. To create a Potion of Healing, add an Awkward Potion to a Glistering Melon

3. A Potion of Poison is created by adding an Awkward Potion to a Spider Eye

4. A Potion of Harming is made by adding a Potion of Healing or poison to a fermented spider eye

5. An Awkward Potion and Blaze Powder creates a Potion of Strength

6. An Awkward Potion added to Rabbit’s Food creates a Potion of Leaping

7. A Potion of Swiftness or Leaping added to a Fermented Spider Eye creates a Potion of Slowness

8. An Awkward Potion added to a Golden Carrot creates a Potion of Night Vision

9. A Potion of Night Vision added to a Fermented Spider Eye creates a Potion of Invisibility

10. An Awkward Potion added to Magma Cream creates a Potion of Fire Resistance

11. An Awkward Potion and a Pufferfish create a Potion of Water Breathing

12. An Awkward Potion and a Turtle Shell creates a Potion of The Turtle Master

13. A Potion of Slow Falling is made by adding an Awkward Potion to a Phantom Membrane

14. A Water Bottle added to Fermented Spider Eye create a Potion of Weakness

Not every potion can be transformed into a better version of itself, but you can change all the potions into Splash and Lingering versions. Another option is mixing and matching the allowed modifiers.


Most potions are super powerful tools to take on challenging Minecraft mobs. The potions also form a significant part of PvP fights for people playing on a Minecraft server. You decide the battle if you have the potions of strength and some spare regeneration.