How To Make Minecraft Skin

The Ultimate Guide On How To Make Minecraft Skin Look Awesome

In Minecraft, a Minecraft skin is simply an image file that is pertained to the player’s 3D model. This means the head part is in the head, the legs parts are in the legs, the arm parts are on the arms, etc. Since we are interested in the ends results, we want these skins to look fabulous. Luckily, the internet and every talented artist have played an essential role by ensuring Minecraft Players do not run out of look to choose from. From the OG Minecraft Skindex to the Minecraft Market Place, we have always had an incredible wardrobe of countless suits. 

Is Making The Minecraft Skin A Horrid Task?

Is Making The Minecraft Skin A Horrid Task

Has it ever occurred to you how nice it would be to have custom and flawless skin? Some of us follow that calling and end up as specialized skin artists. Other Minecraft players look at the skin template and give up immediately, screaming in horridness and confusion. Those Minecraft players in the latter group have no more fears and worries. 

In this article, we shall learn how to create a fabulous look for your Minecraft character. In addition, this guide talks in-depth about the nuisances of designing a Minecraft skin and, by extension, your game character. Let’s start by understanding the importance of your own Minecraft skin and why you must make your own. So without further ado, let’s kick-start our guide!

Why Make Your Own Minecraft Skin?

Why Make Your Own Minecraft Skin

Several reasons might compel you to create your very own Minecraft skin. For instance, maybe the ones available online have not met your fancy expectations you want a particular design for role-playing. It can also look like the one in the actual life or one that looks like your unique playable character from your latest DND sessions. 

When making your own Minecraft skin, you can design it however you want it to be. Maybe you have come across a skin online that has all an outfit and colors you love, but unfortunately, its gender type does not match your preferred presentation. 

For instance, you find perfect skin, except you want the hoodie to be slightly lighter shades of navy blue. If you are a Minecraft addict that is the least you could do for your own experience.

Let’s explore the six requirements that will enable you to make an awesome skin on the Minecraft game:

1. Choosing The Right Tools 

There are many different tools available for photo editing, illustration, and so on that can be used to create Minecraft skin. Any type of software or program that can process and edit images would probably be sufficient. 

Adobe Photoshop is the best photo editor among the other editors in the market today. However, Photoshop is a vast investment meaning you will spend a lot of money. Hence, it might not be the best for all Minecraft players as some may not make it. Luckily, there are some Photoshop that is exclusively for free. The free Photoshop include;


2. Krita


4. Browser-based pixlr

The above Photoshop can be used as an alternative. MS is also one of the Photoshop but is not included in the above list due to its lack of transparency support. You may ask yourself, “Is there any need to use a third-party program like Photoshop when there are multiple options online for skin editors that can be used straight to the browser?” 

The main reason is that these programs offer more functionality in terms of illustration and image processing, for example, capabilities, hue, luminance adjustment, and boon and bane of all modern artists. However, a serious Minecraft player who plans to delve into Minecraft skin creation should use image-editing software. 

Only some people will not be bothered when using the online skin editors as there is certainly nothing wrong with that. The aptly named Minecraft skin editor is a vital option, with its noise and saturation.

2. Understanding The Skin Template 

Indeed, you must be a genius if you understand the skin map/ template. It is one of the painful and most challenging areas in creating Minecraft skin. If you are unknown with the default skin template, it looks like Steve after mined straight up into a gravel patch. 

This might assist in comprehending it has an unfolded shape net from school geometry. You may think of a skin template as wrapping paper for your character model. Each label square conforms to the respective part of the character model. In addition, there are several skin templates available, but this depends on the version and model for which you want to create a skin.

3. Choosing The Right Colors

In layman’s language, this is the study of the properties and terminologies of colors and which one perfectly blends with which one. For instance, if you wish your playable character to wear a blue hoodie, you have to think of which shades of blue you will choose, how you shade it, and commend it with other characters. This will significantly affect the feel of your character’s appearance. 

In contrast, shouting/ bright saturated colors like the tint of blue were trending in the past. Most importantly, the colors should perfectly blend not to hurt your friends’ eyes. You can only imagine a character in neon and green. Probably they will look like an elf. Achieving color harmony means that you have to compliment your colors. However, it can be challenging at times, but it is also essential to make nice balanced clothing for your favorite character. Of course, you wouldn’t want to let your character down by messing up with things.

4. Choosing Your New Look

Now that you have chosen the color and outfits you want, you are free to pick them out. You will have to agree that matching clothes and coming up with a whole new outfit is indeed not everyone’s thing. 

Note that you can only fit so much into the fixed space of the skin template (4,096 pixels). Be careful with the details to avoid overcrowding your new look.

5. Choosing Your New Face

The assigned space for the face of Minecraft skin is relatively smaller. It only takes experienced and creative Minecraft players to create various expressions and face styles. For instance, the OG standard is straightforward, 2×2 squares with 2×1 pupils of any color. You have to darken the two top pixels giving it a shadow effect. 

Adding eyelashes to the top of the eyes gives it a gorgeous fit. Do not blend it with the hair color, but they should be related. This face style gives your character model an unusual expression. This means that your character may look bored, more serious, sleepy, or even sad.

6. Editing Your Skin

You should have a promising idea of what your character looks like up to this point. You can now start editing your skin and make it awesome with all this knowledge. First, download the skin template and choose between Steve and Alex’s character models. Load it into your image editing tool and get familiar with the regions. 

Apart from the main body parts (head, body, arms, legs), there is another set (hat, jacket, sleeve, pants). There are two layers to your Minecraft skin that enables you to select an internal and external cover. The hair, bangs, hoods, and jeans in the jacket are created using the outer layer of the Minecraft skin. 

Do not forget to save the final image as a .png and don’t use MS paint since it does not have transparency support.


Apart from being daunted by making your very own Minecraft skin look fabulous, it is also a rewarding exercise and practice to control how you look and clad in Minecraft. Minecraft is a unique game that allows you to feel free when changing your game appearance however you like it to be. We hope you are enlightened on Minecraft skin creation and how to make a fabulous skin that you are proud and happy with. All the best!