How To Install DLC On Steam – The Detailed Guide

Steam is a cloud-based video game digital distribution service developed by Valve Corporation and it was first released on September 12, 2003. Steam provides automatic updates for their games and expanded to include games from third-party publishers. One of the best advantages of Steam is you can use any computer to play games that are on your Steam account; how cool is it?

DLC stands for Downloadable Content. It is actually additional content created for already published video games. Generally, this type of content is distributed through the Internet by the game’s publisher. For many years DLC has become an integral part of the gamer’s life. DLC can include additional levels, new features, and cosmetic extras like character outfits and skins to your game. The best news is; Steam has collaborated with the game developers to offer DLC in Steam’s online store.

So you can easily buy the DLC direct from your Steam account and most of the DLC purchased from Steam installs automatically. However, there are few DLCs that require manual downloading and installing as well as DLC authorization through a third-party app. Sometimes you might require a verification code to activate DLC. If you are new to Steam then this article is for you. Here I will show how you can install DLC on Steam.

Install DLC on Steam

Features Of Steam

1. There are around 30,000 games available in Steam from AAA to indie and everything in-between

2. You can enjoy exclusive deals, automatic game updates, and other great facilities on Steam

3. Meet new people, join groups, form clans, chat in-game, and more on Steam

4. You can use the Steam Controller and the VR technologies on the PC for the better gaming experience

5. New friend list, chat, and voice chat feature makes it easier and more fun to game with your friends

6. The Game Hub of Steam has a large collection of game-centric discussions, workshop items, screenshots, videos, and news

7. The Steam Broadcast let you share your gameplay live with a click of a button and share your game with friends or the rest of the community

8. Create, discover, and download player-created mods and cosmetics for nearly 1,000 supported games

9. Access Steam anywhere from your iOS or Android device with the Steam mobile app

10. Discover, play, and get involved with games as they evolve because you can get early access to thousands of games

11 Steam supports 100+ payment methods across over 35 currencies, giving you the flexibility to pay how you want

12. Steam encourages developers to include controller support in their games including PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo controllers

How To Install DLC On Steam

Steam is very popular for easy to install DLC. You can similarly find the DLC to base game purchases. You can visit the games store page on Steam to add the DLC on your profile. Generally, the DLC is located underneath where you would physically buy the game labeled “Add DLC to Cart.” Once you purchase the game you will find it in your Steam library underneath the base game. The process of purchasing and installing DLC is very easy. Here is how:

First, open Steam on your computer. Now log in to your account by providing the user name and password. Once you have logged in, select the Library from the Home Menu.

When the Library opens you will see all your purchased and downloaded games in the left column. Now select the game from the left column that you want to install DLC.

The Game page will open. Here you will see a lot of options. Locate the “Sore Page” and click on it.

Once the “Store Page” opens, scroll down and select the DLC you want under “Content” for this game

After selecting all the available DLC, make the payment and complete your purchase. Then, from the receipt page, you have to click on the “Install content.” It will take a few times to install the DLC.

How To Install DLC On Steam With A Product Key

You can buy a Steam key from various vendors and use them as traditional product keys that come packaged with physical copies of games. Usually, when you buy a game with DLC from the store; you will find the key for the DLC printed on your recipient or on a special card included in the game’s case. But when you buy games and DLC from Steam or other online retailers, the developer will send you an email with a product key. So you have to activate the DLC on Steam with that product key. The process is very simple. Follow the below steps:

First, open Steam on your computer. Now log in to your account by providing the user name and password. Once you have logged in select “Add a Game” in the bottom-left corner of your screen and then from the available options select “Activate a Product on Steam.”

A new dialog box will open, click on the Next button, and then accept the Steam subscriber agreement

In the next window, you will see a box where you have to enter the Product Key. Now type the product key in the required box and then select Next to install the content. It will take a few times to install the content.

How To Troubleshoot DLC On Steam

Sometimes you may face troubleshooting and the Steam DLC might not be installed right away. Make sure you check the mail and see if there are any additional things you have to do to install the DLC. If there is nothing in your mail then try these steps in order and solve the problem.

Check The Downloads

Go to the download page of Stream and check if the download is still in progress. If the download is stalled or completed but the DLC is still not working; then move to the next step.

Restart The Steam

You can restart the steam to see if you find the downloaded DLC. From the top left corner of your screen click on the steam and then select the exit button.

Now open the Steam again on your computer and check for the DLC.

Reconnect To The Steam Server

First, select the username of your Steam account from the top right corner and then click on the “Log out of account” to log out. Now again provide your username and password to log in to the account.

Restart Your Computer

Most of the problems related to a computer can be solved by restarting the computer. So if you don’t find the DLC on your Steam then try restarting your computer and see if the error has resolved or not. While restarting the computer make sure you close all your applications and save all your data.

Validate The Game Files

You can validate the game file to resolve the problem. First, select the game and open the properties menu. In the Properties menu, you will see a few options. Locate the “Local Files” and click on it. After that; select “Verify Integrity of Game Files.” Steam will automatically repair the damaged files.

Check The Community Hub

You can check the community hub and see if anyone has already reported similar issues. If so, then you might find the proper solution to your problem.

Wait A While

Sometimes the server of Steam gets overwhelmed, so you just have to be patient and see if the problem is resolved by itself. You can check the SteamStatus website to see what traffic is like in your region.

Report The Issue To Steam

If your DLC isn’t working after following the above steps then it’s time you report an issue to Steam. First, visit Steam’s customer support page and then sign in to your account by providing the username and password. Then select the content you’re having problems with and report it to Steam.

Final Thought

I hope you have found the information that you were looking for. Let us know if you have successfully installed DLC on Steam. If you have any queries then leave your questions in the comment section. Our expert will answer the questions. Finally, if you think this article can be handy for your friends and family, then feel free to share it with them.


What Is The DLC?

The term “DLC” is often used to describe downloadable content for video games. When a game developer produces an expansion pack, they may release it separately from the original game. DLCs are typically smaller in size than expansions and can be purchased individually or in bundles. The variety of DLCs allows gamers to customize their gaming experience. 

The term “DLC” is often used to refer to downloadable content for video games.

How Do I Remove A DLC From My Steam Library?

Steam is a popular gaming software platform for PC and Mac. This article will teach readers how to remove DLCs from their Steam library. One can do this by clicking on the game’s icon, selecting ‘Add or Remove Games’, and then scrolling down to find the DLC they want to remove. They can then click on the little arrow that points downwards and select ‘remove’.

What Is The DLCs For Fallout 4?

The DLCs for Fallout 4 are the latest pieces of downloadable content that have been offered to players by Bethesda. The first DLC is Automatron, which was released on March 22nd, 2016. This is the first new questline for Fallout 4 since Far Harbor was released in May 2016. The second DLC is Wasteland Workshop, which came out on April 12th, 2016. Wasteland Workshop allows players to build cages and fight animals against one another or humans.

How Do I Get The DLC?

Let’s discuss how to get DLC. First, one must know what is DLC. DLC stands for downloadable content. This means that someone can pay to download additional content for a game. One has many options when it comes to paying for DLC, but the most popular is through buying in-game items online or purchasing an expansion pack that includes more levels or different game modes. It is also possible to buy DLC in stores, which is typically sold on disk.