Hack WiFi Password On Any iPhone

How To Hack Wi-Fi Password On Any iPhone

Is it feasible to use Wi-Fi to crack a password? Yes, you can use your iPhone to hack a Wi-Fi password.

Time has passed, and there was a time when most hackers used Kali Linux to crack Wi-Fi passwords by collecting packets and then scanning those packets to discover the password.

However, not everyone is an expert in Linux. Not everyone owns a computer that runs Linux; therefore, in this article, you will learn the most up-to-date and practical approach for hacking most Wi-Fi networks using an iPhone.

Because of the iPhone’s security, nearly no hack tool works. However, after jailbreaking your iPhone, you may use almost any means.

Because jailbreaking is not easy, we’ve covered all ways to work on jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones. So, if you want to get some free internet on your iPhone, keep reading this article.

What Is Jailbreaking And Is It Safe?

Jailbreaking an iOS device, such as an iPhone, entails gaining root access and eliminating software limitations imposed by Apple, the device’s manufacturer.

But why would Apple want to prevent people from utilizing their goods in the way they desire? There are several causes for this; not all get directed toward consumer enjoyment. Built-in software limits on an iPhone or iPad often aim to ensure user safety, legal protection, and, of course, income.

The word “privilege escalation” is used in the technical definition to mean jailbreaking. Using a design defect, weakness, or problem to get higher user access is known as privilege escalation. It’s essentially a backdoor method of exploiting a flaw in designing a device’s software or operating system. And this may be the fundamental reason why Apple opposes jailbreaking.

What Does Jailbreaking An iPhone Do?

When you jailbreak an iPhone, you get unlawful root access to the device’s essential software and structure. So, what can you do with a jail-broken iPhone? There are numerous reasons why jailbreaking an iPhone or other iOS devices would be desired, aside from sliding through the wormhole into the underground jailbreaking community and potentially exposing your device to hackers and malware. You can do the following with a jailbroken phone:

1. Do whatever you want with your phone or tablet.

2. Outside of the official App Store, you may use third-party apps.

3. Deepen the customization and personalization of your phone and its settings.

4. Remove carrier restrictions.

The Advantages Of Jailbreaking

Some of the most prevalent reasons to jailbreak include remarkable modifications, simple file sharing, and loopholes around carrier limitations.

1. Customization Of The Device: Jailbreaking your phone or tablet allows you to remove manufacturer-specific default apps, eliminate file limitations, and modify the appearance and feel. Tech-savvy people much desire the jailbreaking feature.

2. Unauthorized Software Downloads: It might take a considerable time and effort to get an app authorized for the App Store. Jailbroken smartphones may skip the Software Store entirely and go straight to third-party app stores like Cydia. While jailbroken iPhones still have access to the official App Store, they may still download open-source software and apps from other sources.

3. Unlocking Carrier Restrictions: As previously stated, jailbreaking a phone is not the same as unlocking a phone. However, one of the advantages of a jailbroken phone is opening carrier settings, allowing you to change carriers if you want to.

How To Hack Wi-Fi Password Using Jailbroken iPhone

 Hack WiFi Password Using Jailbroken iPhone

Do you have a jailbroken iPhone? Then you are most likely a tech-savvy individual. If that’s the case, utilizing your iPhone to hack any Wi-Fi around you will be a breeze.

There is no direct way to crack Wi-Fi passwords on the iPhone; instead, we must use third-party apps. We’ve done extensive research and hand-picked a few apps that allow you to hack Wi-Fi using your iPhone.

1. Aircrack-ng

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you should be familiar with Cydia. Search for Aircrack-ng in the Cydia store. Install the app on your device.

This app is a legitimate type of hacking. Unfortunately, it can only be used in cracking WEP keys. WPA hacking is challenging; however, you can also hack a WPA key if the victim has a weak password.

Aircrack works in the same manner as it does on a computer. Packet sniffing can take up to 2-4 hours, after which the password will be deciphered.

Support gets relatively restricted up to iOS 6.1; nonetheless, you may utilize your old iPhone.

2. iSpeedTouched

The most incredible thing about iSpeedTouched is that it works with iOS 11. So, you can use it without difficulty, but you’ll need a jailbroken phone.

This software indeed lists all of the potential password combinations for default routers. However, we may use this program to launch a brute force assault, which will take hours but has a far too high success rate.

3. WlanAudit

It’s jailbreak-enabled software that can let you hack Wi-Fi if the default password hasn’t been updated. Don’t worry; most people leave the default password intact.

1. Switch on your Wi-Fi and location to utilize this app.

2. Then look for networks in the area.

3. When you tap the targeted network, it will display all potential password combinations right away.

4. If the default password hasn’t changed yet, try each key one at a time, and you should be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

The worst part/ disadvantage about this app is that it only works with iOS 5 and above. As a result, you must use this app on your old iPhone.

How To Hack Wi-Fi Password Using A Non-Jailbreak iPhone

Yes, you can hack a non-jailbroken iPhone’s Wi-Fi password, although the success rate will be lower than on a jailbroken iPhone.

Here’s a list of apps that run best on an iPhone that hasn’t been jailbroken.

1. WiFiAuditPro

 It features a dictionary containing all of the default passwords for many routers.

WiFiAuditPro’s Advantages 

1. This fascinating software works on iPhones, iPads, and even iPod Touch.

2. It is compatible with all iOS 7.0 and higher versions.

3. It works on iOS devices that haven’t been jailbroken.

Cons Of WiFiAuditPro

As previously stated, this tool can only get used to attacking Wi-Fi networks whose default passwords have not been changed. This program is completely useless until the default password is updated.

2. Instabridge

Instabridge isn’t a hacking program at all. However, this program includes a built-in hacking technique that allows you to connect to any nearby free Wi-Fi or hotspot. Instabridge, which contains a database of over 3 billion Wi-Fi networks, will keep you connected even if your data plan has run out. The software is often compatible with all iOS devices running iOS 9.0 or later.

Advantages Of Instabridge

1. It has a massive Wi-Fi database with over 3 billion connections.

2. It has a more straightforward user interface.

3. It works on iOS devices that haven’t been jailbroken.

Cons Of Instabridge

You can’t use this tool to infiltrate protected Wi-Fi networks.

3. WPA Tester

WPA Tester is a great app available on the Apple App Store. You can quickly acquire the Wi-Fi password with the WPA Tester for iPhone. WPA Tester is a password cracking program used to access the hotspot’s wireless network. Individuals with little to no expertise in hacking may profit from utilizing this program.

4. iWep Pro

 iWep Pro is one of the most advanced and widely used software for hacking Wi-Fi for iPhone users. The iWep Pro offers a fantastic user interface that is much easier for consumers to understand. 

You don’t need any programming or technical expertise to hack the Wi-Fi passwords. The iWep Pro program successfully cracks the Wi-Fi password on an iOS device without the need for a jailbreak.

Advantages Of iWep Pro

1. Easy to use, as seen by the user interface.

2. It examines a Wi-Fi network’s security.

3. The Wi-Fi router creates WEP.

4. Compatible with all non-jailbroken iOS devices running iOS 8 and above.

iWep Pro’s Drawbacks Include:

Crashing without warning.

Tips To Prevent Wi-Fi Password Hacking On Your iPhone

Tip 1: Make Sure Your iOS Version Is Up To Sate

When a new iOS version is published, make sure to update your device as soon as possible. Every iOS version is more secure than before, and various vulnerabilities get fixed.

Tip 2: When Using Public Networks, Use A VPN.

When Using Public Networks Use A VPN

A VPN protects your IP address from prying eyes when you are connected to a public network. Hackers using these public networks will not access your iPhone’s data since they will not obtain your original IP address.

Tip 3: Don’t let your iPhone join public networks nvoluntarily

Don’t leave your Wi-Fi on when you’re moving out of your house. This is because your iPhone will continue to look for networks and automatically connect to public networks, which is a significant security risk. 

If you frequently forget to switch off Wi-Fi, you may use your iPhone’s ‘Ask to join networks’ feature to avoid unwanted automatic connections.


If you want to hack Wi-Fi passwords on your iPhone or iPad without jailbreaking it, start by installing the best program. You’ll gain limitless access without having to pay anything to retrieve the password. Use the Secure WPA Password to generate a lengthy, random password to safeguard your wireless network.