Hack Android Phone Via WIFI

How To Hack Android Phone Via WIFI

Most people have an internet connection wherever they go, not just cellular data. Still, free internet has become available in many public places, including restaurants and hotels, airports, and coffee shops. Hacking is a whole new technology in itself, and hacking methods have rapidly grown in numbers, with phone hackers developing new ideas to hack your phone every day. One such widely used technique of hacking is via WIFI. Android phone hacking has become a favorite hobby among geeks and hackers since they know how to apply most techniques for android hacks. 

This article will discuss how people hack android phones via WIFI and how you can prevent it from happening.

What Is Hacking?

What Is Hacking

Hacking is a process whereby a hacker technically manipulates the expected behavior of your phone or its network. It is a clever way to get into the phone’s programs and information and constructively change the system. Hackers can operate an internal computer network or the android phone network in a way that an unauthorized person cannot.

Hacking android phones is easy compared to other mobile phone operating systems due to its security issues and malware opening. A hacker can spy on your android phone by sending you a simple SMS or MMS, which will crack your phone’s system. Many hackers have devised different methods of hacking into a device by introducing remote access apps for hacking which will retrieve your personal information and allow them to get any detail they need in your android phone. 

The tool gains access to your call logs, SMS, phonebook entries, and passwords and can even make a call using your phone.

Hacking Android Phone Via WIFI 

To hack an android phone via a WIFI, you must get physical access to your target’s Android device and ensure it is connected to the same network as your phone. After confirming that the two devices are connected to a similar WIFI network, you’ll be able to download and install any android monitoring app on your target device.

Once you have installed the monitoring app on the device, it will begin working discreetly in the device’s background and will record every activity taking place on it. The monitoring app records all activity and sends the information to your online dashboard. Through the app, you can see the activities taking place on your target device.

SMS forwarders are other ways to gain info about your target after gaining access through WIFI. SMS forwarders are essentially trojans that steal the authentications and verification codes sent to you through text messages from online service providers. Once you have hacked into the target device, you can intercept these codes and use them to penetrate customer accounts.

After hacking into the device through the WIFI, the target can open the door themselves. This is the goal of many forms of social engineering attacks. An android operating system generally has a stricter security regime than a computer or server with application code that runs in a sandboxed mode preventing it from escalating privileges and taking over your device. Nonetheless, the vaunted security model where you need to take affirmative action for code to access the protected areas of your android phone’s operating system and storage has its drawback. It leads to an abundance of pop-up messages that most people have learned to tune out. The applications on your android device segregate permissions to protect you from rogue apps gaining access to your data. The prompts ask you whether you would like the application to access your photos.

When you allow the app to gain access to your photos, the hackers now have a way of getting more info about you. Since user experience has conditioned us to accept most prompts to access functionality, many android users will allow the app to access whatever it’s requesting. At this point, hackers have all they need from your android phone.

Best Hacking Apps

Best Hacking Apps


Nmap is a network scanner app. The app can be used to help your android hacking efforts or ensure that your phone is exploit-free. The app comes with a complete set of options, including discovering devices that steal your internet connection. Nmap works great on rooted and nonrooted devices.


Mobistealth is equipped with advanced surveillance features to allow you to grab all the information you need about another person’s device and online activity. With the app, you can access another person’s phone through WIFI. The app gives you a look at the person’s phone activity like phone calls, SMS, and emails. You can also track their location and discover all the places they visited in the past or are still visiting.

Droid Sheep

Droid Sheep is software that performs session hacking in a WIFI network. The app specializes in getting into the user’s social media network and retrieving their personal information. Droid Sheep is not meant to steal information and identities of the android user but notifies the user of the weak security properties of the major websites. You will need a rooted phone to use Droid Sheep.

How Do You Know If Someone Has Hacked Into Your Android Phone?

1. Phone Losing Charge Quickly– A hacker can use fraudulent apps in your phone with some malicious code, which will drain a lot of power.

2. Phone Running Abnormally Slow– A hacked phone will give all its processing power to the malicious apps installed by the hacker. This may cause your device to become sluggish. It may also freeze, crash or restart unexpectedly.

3. You See A Strange Activity In The Other Online Accounts In Your Phone- When a hacker gains access to your phone, they may try to steal access to the valuable accounts. You should double-check whether your social media accounts have a password reset prompts or any unusual login location.

4. Unfamiliar Texts And Calls In The Call Logs– Some hackers tap into a phone with an SMS trojan; they may also impersonate you to steal personal info from your family and friends. Hackers may already be in your system if you notice unknown calls and texts.

How To Prevent Phone Hacking Via WIFI

Phone hacking security is increasingly essential as more personal information gets more digitized and mobile connected. Since techniques are constantly evolving, it’s vital to be vigilant with security. The best way of protecting your device is to be mindful of your digital behavior.

1. Avoiding Unsecured Public WIFI– hackers will target essential locations, including bank accounts through public WIFI, which can be unsecured because of relaxed safety standards or sometimes none at all. If you must use a public WIFI, ensure that you have a virtual private network such as Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection which encrypts and anonymizes your data so the unwanted viewers won’t see it.

2. Avoid Downloading Sketchy Or Unreputable Applications– Before installing any app, look at the reviews and research to be sure about the app. If you are not confident in the app’s safety, don’t install it.

3. Never Jailbreak Your Phone- Although jailbreaking will allow you to download from unofficial application stores, it can increase the risk of your phone getting hacked. Apart from malware and spyware, it means that you will miss security patches in the latest operating system updates. A jailbreaker will skip updates to keep the jailbreak functional. This enables hackers to manipulate your device with ease.

4. Keep Your Device With You Always– the easiest way for a WIFI hacker to corrupt your phone is through physical access. If your phone gets stolen, it could result in your it being breached. If you can keep the phone with you, the hacker will find it hard to get into it.

5. Never Store Passwords On Your Phone– It’s difficult to remember unique passwords for all your accounts. Therefore, you should have a secure password manager such as Kaspersky Password Manager. The service will allow you to store all your security credentials in the digital vault, which gives you easy access and the security you require.

6. Clear Your Internet History Frequently– It’s easy for a hacker to profile trends about your life based on your browsing history. Therefore, you should clear everything, including the cookies and cache.

7. Update All Your Apps- Even if you download your android apps from the play store, they may have programming bugs that a hacker can exploit. App updates have bug fixes that protect users from known risks. You should also update your OS when you can.

8. Always Use Two-Factor Authentication– a two-factor verification is a second verification method following an attempt to use your passwords. It uses another private account or something you own physically. You can also use biometrics or face ID to prevent hackers from getting into your device information. Hackers can also intercept your text messages and email 2FA through SIM swapping. Therefore, you should be careful about using text or email for your 2FA.


It’s effortless for hackers to hack your phone through your WIFI. This significant security issue may put your private phone data at risk. However, you can prevent this from occurring in many ways, including avoiding using public WIFIs.



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