How To Get Free Internet On Android Without Service

In the modern era, we can’t imagine our life without a smartphone. And the smartphone is nothing without an internet connection. Nowadays, the internet is one of our basic necessities of life. The Internet is considered one of the greatest creations and inventions of humankind. Thanks to the internet the whole world is at our doorsteps. We can know information about weather, politics, news, traffic, and whatnot with the help of the internet. There are times when we are in need of using the internet but have zero balance on mobile or out of coverage area. Moreover, because of the expensive data plans, people want to get free internet service. But unfortunately, they don’t know how to get free internet on an Android device. So read this article and know some proven methods to get free internet.

Method 1 – Free Internet On Android Phone Using VPN

There are lots of VPN apps available in the Play Store that you can download free and get free internet. Here I have shown how you set up DROID VPN and FEAT VPN. Follow these steps:

1. First, download and install a VPN app

2. Launch it by setup and then run

3. Then choose the exit option

4. Select the tunnels then the option of add

5. Then choose the option of load

6. After that select configuration

7. Click on the back tap

8. And then choose VPN tunnel

9. Then you have to fill in your email id and password

10. After that VPN connection setting will be successful

Method 2 – Free Internet On Android Phone With Databack App

This is a free app, and you can download Databack App from Google Play Store. This app helps you save mobile data from your data plan, and every month you can save up to 300 to 400 MB of your mobile data. This app stores the extra data that is being used by all your application during the implementation of your commands. With this saved data, you can use your data later or save money to buy the next data plan.

Method 3 – Free Internet On Android Phone With Gigato App

Gigato is a very popular app to get free internet, and this app is available free on the Play Store. While using this app, you can earn free data and use them later. In order to use the free internet, make sure there is no balance available on your mobile. Some of the key features of this app are:

1. Applicable to all android versions

2. Easy to download from Google play store

3. Easy to use and very reliable

Method 4 – Free Internet On Android Phone With Kick Bit App

This is another excellent app that will help you get free internet on an Android device. You can download KickBitfrom the Google play store. This app is completely free to download. If you love online shopping or likes to answer various surveys, then this is a perfect app for you. With this app, you can earn free internet data by giving answers to various surveys and shopping for goods online.

Method 5 – Free Internet On Android Phone Using Opera Mini Achusoft

If you use an opera mini internet browser, then you can get free internet by applying this method. In this method, you have to use a proxy server, and this server is not applicable to other browsers.IF you want to use this method, then download the latest Opera mini browser. Now go to its setting option and select the network setting. Now register yourself and add the new VPN to the access point and add the following proxy information:

1. Name: AchusoftConfig

2. Proxy:

3. Port: 80

4. APN:

Method 6 – Free Internet On Android Phone With Freedom Pop App

Freedom Pop App provides free internet for all types of cell phones and operating systems. This is a free app, and you can download the app from Google Play Store. This app provides you with data plans that can help you browse on the internet as well as use different social media platforms. The best part of this app is; it supports both iOS and Android. You can subscribe to the free internet as long as you can.

Method 7 – Free Internet On Android Phone With WiFi Password App

This is a very popular app, and you can download this app free from Google Play Store. With this app, you can create any key for the available WiFi network. This app generates random numbers that can be used as keys. These keys are so strong that they break the password of the available router and make it an open WiFi. So you can browse the internet for free. Some of the key features of this app are:

1. Scans all available WiFi network

2. Uses a strong security

3. Protects mobile from hackers

Final Thoughts

I hope you find this information helpful, and you are able to enjoy free internet on Android devices. If you are facing any problem or want to know anything about this topic, then feel free to ask in the comment section. Our experts will get to you. Share the article with your friends and family if you think this article can help them.


What Is The Difference Between A VPN And A Proxy?

Virtual Private Networks and Proxy Servers might look similar but they are two completely different things. Virtual Private Networks (VPN) provide a secure connection to the internet through a public network such as the Internet. A VPN tunnel is like a bridge between your device and another server. Hence, every time you connect to the internet, there is a “point of no return” that limits your ability to access anything that can be reached from other networks.

How Do I Get Free Internet On Android Without Service?

Most people know that you can get free internet on your PC, Mac, or tablet without service by using a router. But how do you get free internet on your Android phone? It’s actually not difficult to do so. There are many ways to accomplish this goal. One of the most popular methods is to find data-friendly apps that run in the background and use WiFi coverage for connectivity. This will only work if your Android device has GPS capabilities.

How Do I Get Free Internet On Android Without Wi-Fi?

Getting internet on your Android device without Wi-Fi can be done by using a mobile network to access the internet. If you do not have a data plan, you should look into purchasing one. If you do not want to spend money and want to use data that is from a different provider, this article will show you how to get free internet on Android without Wi-Fi.

How Do I Get Free Internet On Android Without Data?

Android phones are great. They can do almost anything you want them to do with a simple application, but when you’re in the middle of nowhere without wifi or data connection, how do you connect your Android phone to the internet? There are many different ways for an Android phone owner to get free wifi without data. The easiest way is to use a wifi hotspot app on your Android phone.