How To Find Jungle Biome – The Detailed Guide

Minecraft is a very popular video game developed by Mojang Studios and it was first released on May 17, 2009. It’s an adventure game where you have to explore, build, and survive. Since its release, more than 200 million copies have sold across all platforms and as of 2020, 126 million active players are playing this game.

In Minecraft, Jungles are the largest and most diverse biomes. So many players find it very difficult to find a jungle biome. A jungle biome is a forest of tall trees and some of these trees are 2×2 wood blocks thick and you will also find oak trees there. So if you are wondering how to find a jungle biome then keeps reading the article.

How To Find Jungle Biome In Minecraft

Jungles are the rarest occurrence in Minecraft. Like the other biome, jungles also don’t have any set location. But, most of the time you will have a higher chance of finding jungles near Savannas, Mesas, and Desert biomes. You will immediately notice the jungle because of the large number of tall trees. Generally, the leaves of the trees almost cover the roof of the Jungle. In the Jungle biome you will find different types of vines, tall trees, grass, ferns, cocoa bean plants, pandas, ocelots, parrots, and jungle temples.

Types Of Jungles

There are various types of jungle biomes available. They are:

1. Regular Jungle

2. Jungle Hills

3. Jungle Edge

4. Bamboo Jungles

Regular jungles are considered dangerous but the Jungle hills are the worse. If you are on a jungle hill then make sure you stay crouched down on the ground until you have a way to support yourself in the air. In the “Jungle Edge,” the trees are smaller and safer to travel. Bamboo Jungles are considered a mini biome because they occur within regular Jungles. In bamboo, jungle trees are smaller and you’re more likely to encounter pandas.

Jungle Trees

In the Jungle biome, jungle trees can grow up to 30 blocks high and are typically covered in vines that players can climb. The largest jungle trees have four blocks of base and it continues to extend upwards. So you can collect 120 blocks at a time from a single tree. Moreover, if you want to build a treehouse, Jungle trees can be the ideal base.

When you refine the jungle tree’s woods they turned into Jungle Wood Planks and they have a slight pinkish-red color. These jungle wood Planks have no special attributes other than their color. Like all the other planks jungle wood planks can be turned into various tools and items, so you can create color variations of items like Doors, Boats, or Stairs.

Jungle Ocelots

You can get the ocelots only from the jungle biome. Because of the high-density trees and bushes, it is very difficult to find or locate jungle ocelots. It is worth looking for the ocelots and collects them because ocelots can scare away Minecraft Creepers that attempt to sneak up on you.

Many gamers find it a bit difficult to catch an ocelot. The best way to catch an ocelot is to slowly approach the ocelot with an uncooked fish. After the ocelot has noticed you and don’t run away, stop, and stay where you are. Allow the Ocelot to approach and then feed it to gain its trust.

Jungle Temples

A Jungle Temple is a naturally generated structure found in the jungle biome and they are consists of stone bricks, mossy stone bricks, mossy cobblestone, cracked stone brick, and chiseled stone bricks. These Jungle Temples are filled with traps, puzzles, and plenty of treasure. In a jungle temple, you will find different types of items that include Arrows, Bones, Rotten Flesh, Saddles, Enchanted Books, Iron Horse Armor, Iron Ingots, Gold Horse Armor, Gold Ingots, Diamond Horse Armor, Diamonds, and Emeralds.            

Jungle Plants

In the jungle biome, you will find various types of jungle plants. Cocoa plants are exclusive in the jungle biome and they grow on the sides of Jungle trees. Generally, cocoa plants have three forms:

1. A small green form,

2. A medium-sized yellow-orange form,

3. A ready-to-harvest dark orange-brown form

You can create different types of foods from the harvested cocoa. You can also alter the color of the items, and more. Cocoa Beans can only be placed on Jungle Wood, so if you are planning on building a cocoa farm you have to bring a few pieces of Jungle Wood with you.

Final Thought

I hope you have found what you were looking for. However, if you have any other query then feel free to leave your question in the comment section. I will get to you. Happy gaming!


What Is The Jungle Biome?

The Jungle Biome is an intense, rough habitat with many different species of plants and animals. Non-stop rain is common in the jungle, so the terrain is always wet. The ground is also often muddy and it can be difficult to move through this environment. Not only is there dangerous wildlife like snakes, spiders, and jaguars but there are also various parasites that live on the land.

What Is The Difference Between A Jungle And A Rainforest?

Jungles are often known as hot, humid, and dense forests where the tree cover is thick. Rainforests are dense areas of moist tropical forest that feature lush vegetation. The difference between a jungle and a rainforest is that rainforests are typically located near the equator while jungles may be found in other climates. A common misconception about rainforests is that they are covered in swamp-like conditions year-round.

What Are The Most Common Plants And Animals In The Jungle Biome?

The Jungle Biome is characterized by a wide range of species because of the diverse range of climates and habitats. The most common plants and animals in the Jungle Biome are trees, amphibians, birds, mammals, insects, and reptiles. These species make up a large percentage of the types of life found in this biome.

How Can I Find A Map Of The Jungle Biome?

This Process will take the reader through the steps of finding a map of the Jungle biome, which can be useful to those who are planning to go on an adventure through this exciting new biome. The first step is to find a search engine that will give you images of where you need to go, such as Google Maps. Once you have found the image that corresponds with the location of your destination, click “Link” and then “Map”.

What Are Some Animals Found In The Jungle Biome?

A jungle is a biome typically found in wet, warm regions of the world. This type of environment has a heavy canopy coverage, so not much light gets to the ground. The waterlogged terrain and abundance of plants make food scarce for animals living in this environment. Despite these conditions, there are still animals living in the jungle. These animals include but are not limited to snakes, monkeys, elephants, crocodiles, beetles, birds like toucans, and hummingbirds.