How To Downgrade From iOS 10 To Older Version | Step By Step Guide

iPhone is a very popular smartphone among the technology lover because of its unique features, design, and security options. However, many users have complained about the performance of the battery and facing some other problems like bricking after upgrading to iOS 10 which is very frustrating. So many experts have advised sticking to an older and stable version of iOS and if the users have upgraded to iOS 10 then they should downgrade from iOS 10. If you are looking for a method to downgrade to the iOS version to the older version then you are in the right place. In this article, our experts have discussed a few simple and proven methods to downgrade from iOS 10 to older versions.

How To Backup iPhone

Before downgrading from iOS 10 to older version it is very important you have backed up your phone. There are many ways you can backup your iPhone and there are apps available to help you out. Acronis True Image is a popular app and with this app, you can easily create a backup of your phone. Follow these steps:

1. First, open the App Store of your iPhone

2. In the search box type Acronis true image

3. Then select Acronis true image from the search result and install it on your computer

4. Once the installation is completed open the app on your computer

5. Now click on the Backup

6. Then Sign in to your Acronis account

7. Now select the data categories that you want to back up

8. Tap the Backup button and then allow Acronis True Image access to your personal data

9. It will take a few times to backup your phone

Method 1 – Downgrade IOS 10 To iOS 9.3.5

1. First backup your iPhone following the above steps

2. Now find the compatible iPhone version and download the iOS 9.3.5 IPSW file for your phone

3. Then from your computer launch the latest version of iTunes and then connect the device to the computer via USB cable

4. Once the iTunes detects your device, select the device from the left panel of iTunes and then: 

a) For Windows version: SHIFT + click the “Restore” button

b) For Mac version: OPTION + click the “Restore” button

5. Now choose the iOS 9.3.5 IPSW file downloaded to restore to your iPhone

6. It will take a few times to downgrade to iOS 9.3.5 successfully

7. Once the downgrade is completed restore the backup file to your iPhone

Method 2– Demote From iOS 10 To Older Version Using Restore

1. First backup the iPhone

2. Now from your computer launch the latest version of iTunes and then connect the device to the computer via USB cable

3. Then click on the Restore options from iTunes

4. Now click on the Restore and Update to confirm the process

5. Then click on the Next button and select your preferable Software Updater

6. Click on the Agree button to accept the Terms and Conditions and start downloading the iOS

7. Once the download is completed your iPhone will restore to older iOS version

Method 3– Downgrade From iOS 10 To Older Version Using iAnyGo

iAnyGo is a very popular iPhone utility tool and with this tool, you can downgrade from iOS 10 to older version without losing any vital data. With this app, you can install or uninstall iOS firmware as long as you have authorized Apple ID. This app is an excellent alternative to iTunes. The best part of this app is you don’t need an IPSW file to get iOS demoted from 10 to older versions. So follow these simple instructions:

1. First, download the iAnyGo file on your computer

2. Now navigate to the folder where the file and click on the file

3. An installation window will appear

4. Follow the on-screen instruction and install the app on your computer

5. Once the installation is completed launch the app on your computer and connects your iPhone via USB cable

6. Now you will see two options, select “One Click to Downgrade iOS”

7. Then you have to enter the detailed information of your iPhone like a model, iPhone name, and iOS version

8. Now you will see a list of downloadable iOS versions on the app screen

9. Select the iOS version that you want to install and tap on Download

10. It will take a few times to complete the download process

11. Once the download is completed tap on the “Downgrade” button

12. Then iAnyGo will initiate uninstalling the iOS 10 version and downgrading to an older stable version

Final Thoughts

I hope these methods have helped you demote from iOS 10 to a stable older version. If there is anything you need to ask about these methods then leave your question in the comment section. Our experts will provide you the information.


What Is A Downgrade?

A downgrade is a process of changing a software version to an older, less desirable one. Downgrades are usually done for maintenance purposes or in order to upgrade to an official update. There are many reasons why someone would want to downgrade their software. One example would be if there was a glitch with the newer version and the customer felt like it would be easier to fix the problem with an older version.

You Can Use iTunes To Downgrade Your iOS Device

When Apple updates the iOS version on your device, you might want to downgrade your device. The process of downgrading is easy, but it requires that you have a computer that is running iTunes. You will also need to download the older operating system for your device before you restart the download and install process. One reason for downgrading your device could be because you got an error message during the installation process, but this is not always the case.

How Do I Downgrade From iOS 10 To iOS 9?

In iOS 10, Apple introduced a slew of new features that may seem overwhelming for many iOS 9 users. In this process, we will explain how to downgrade from iOS 10 to iOS 9.

First, locate the iOS firmware file on your computer or an external hard drive and rename it as “iOS 9”. Next, connect your iPhone to iTunes and choose your device from the left sidebar. Scroll down to the area labeled “Summary” and click “Restore”.

How Do I Downgrade From iOS 10 To iOS 8?

You may want to downgrade from iOS 10 to iOS 8 for a number of reasons. If you have an older device, your battery life may take a hit due to the features that Apple has added in iOS 10. You will also find that there are fewer bugs and glitches with the older version of the operating system. There are many tutorials available on YouTube and other websites to help you through this process, as well as from Apple Support businesses.