How To Delete Instagram Account Page – The Detailed Guide

Instagram is a very popular photo and video-sharing social networking platform and it is owned by Facebook. Instagram was first launched on October 6, 2010, for iOS devices. The android version of Instagram was launched in 2012. It was the 4th most downloaded mobile app of the 2010s and it suggests the popularity of this app. However, continuous use of Instagram can sometimes be too much of a distraction or simply undesirable anymore. In that case, many Instagram users want to delete their accounts. So if you are looking for guidance on how to delete the Instagram account then you are in right place. Deleting the Instagram account page is a very simple process, read the full article to know different methods.

Delete Instagram Permanently

You can completely delete your Instagram account. But when you do that your profile, photos, videos, comments, likes, and followers will be gone forever. There is no way you can resurrect the account or retrieve any of the data within it. Moreover, you won’t be able to sign up again with the same username or add the same username to another account. So if you are thinking of deleting your account then make sure you download your entire Instagram photo, video, and other account details.

Deactivate Instagram Account Temporarily

If you want to take a break from Instagram then it is a better solution for you. You can deactivate your Instagram account for as long as you want. Deactivating your account temporarily will hide all your photos, comments, likes, and other information from your account. The best part of this process is you can easily restore all of that information simply by logging in again on your Instagram account. So if you are not ready to cut ties completely and lose your account data then this is the right option for you.

How to Delete Instagram Account

You can’t delete your Instagram account from within the phone app. You have to delete the account directly from the website. So if you want to permanently delete your Instagram account then follow these simple steps:

1. First, open a browser on your computer and visit the Instagram website

2. Once the page loads, login to your account by providing the username and password

3. Now go to the “Delete Your Account” page of Instagram

4. Then from the drop-down menu select your reason for leaving

5. Now enter your password and click “Permanently delete my account”

6. Finally, your Instagram account is deleted

How To Deactivate An Instagram Account

Like the delete process, you can’t deactivate your Instagram account from within the phone app. You have to visit the website of Instagram in order to deactivate your account. The process is very simple. Follow the steps accordingly:

1. First, open a browser on your computer and visit the Instagram website

2. Once the page loads, login to your account by providing the username and password

3. Now click on the person icon to go to the profile page of Instagram account

4. Then from the available options select “Edit Profile”

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and then click on the “Temporarily disable my account” option

6. Now select a reason from the drop-down menu

7. Then enter your password and click “Temporarily disable account”

8. Finally, your account is deactivated and it will be hidden from other users until you re-activate your account again.

How To Download Instagram Data

There is no way you can retrieve data from a deleted Instagram account. Therefore, it is wiser to download Instagram data before deleting the account. This way you can keep all your photos, videos, etc. that you have posted on your timeline. Now follow these simple instructions:

1. First, open a browser on your computer and visit the Instagram website

2. Once the page loads, login to your account by providing the username and password

3. Now go to the Instagram profile and from available options select Settings

4. Then select the “Privacy & Security” option and then click on the “Request Download”

5. In the next page, enter the mail address where you want to receive a link to your Instagram data

6. Then provide the password of your account

7. You will receive a mail with the download link within 48 hours

8. Click on the link to download all the data of your account

Final Thought

The above methods are tested by our experts and they are 100% working. However, if you are facing any problems while trying out any of the above methods then feel free to leave your problem in the comment section. Our experts will provide you guidance.


How Do I Delete My Instagram Account?

If you are looking for a way to delete your Instagram account, the first thing you need to know is that it’s not as simple as deleting your Facebook or Twitter. In order to actually delete an Instagram account, you first have to log out of the app and then go into settings and select “deactivate.” If you still want to keep your Instagram profile but just want to stop using it for a while, you can also disable notifications from the app without deleting your account.

How Do I Delete My Instagram Account Without Deleting My Photos?

It is possible for Instagram users to delete their accounts without deleting their photos. While you cannot delete an account without deleting the photos contained therein, it’s possible to save a copy of your photos before you delete your account by going through your phone or computer and saving them. By doing so, you can have a copy of the pictures that were on your Instagram account before deleting it.

What Is The Instagram Account URL?

The Instagram account URL is a link to an Instagram account. It can be found in the bio of the user’s profile, and by clicking on the icon it will take you to their profile. You might want to have this information available when posting links or advertisements for your business so others can check out your page. It also helps if you are doing research for a project or class assignment because you can instantly see what the page looks like without needing to search through pictures.

What Is The Difference Between Instagram And Facebook?

Instagram and Facebook are two popular social media websites, but what sets them apart? Personal profiles on Instagram are usually more private than those on Facebook. It is not uncommon for people to only follow a few other accounts on Instagram while they can easily follow hundreds of pages or friends on Facebook. The two sites also have different methods of interacting with followers. On Instagram, users are able to like, comment, tag, share photos with friends, and use the hashtag function.