How To Delete Downloads On Android – Step By Step Guide

In our daily life, we download thousands of files for our Android phones like photos, videos, apps, documents, and many more. And, by doing so we hoard files in our phone and make our phone slow as well as we run out of storage space to download important apps. Moreover, on the android device, it is not easy to find the downloaded files. So in this article, our team of experts has provided step by step guide on how to delete downloads on Android.

Proven Methods To Delete Downloads On Android

Nobody likes a slow Android phone. We can increase the speed of the mobile as well as free up some storage space by deleting downloaded files. Here are a few proven methods on how to clear downloads on your Android phone or device.

1. Delete downloads through Settings

2. Delete downloads from the Apps Tray

3. Delete downloads through App Manager

4. Clear out cached data

5. Factory Reset the Mobile

Delete Downloads Through Settings

This is a very basic way of deleting unnecessary downloaded apps from the Android phone. Follow these simple steps:

1. First, go to the settings of your phone

2. Now click on to App Manager to see all your installed apps

3. Then click on “Download” and you will see all the apps that you have downloaded on your mobile

4. Now choose which app you want to delete/uninstall

5. Then, click on the app

6. Now tap uninstall button

7. A dialog box will appear for your confirmation

8. Finally, tap OK to delete the app permanently

Delete Downloads From The Apps Tray

1. First, go to the Apps Tray of your mobile

2. Find out the application that you want to delete/uninstall

3. Once you have located the app,tap on the application for a long time, or

4. You can drag the application icon to the bottom to uninstall it

5. When you are trying to delete the app a confirmation message will appear

6. Click OK to confirm the uninstall

Delete Downloads Through App Manager

1. First, go to the apps tray of your mobile

2. Now click on the File Manager of your mobile

3. Now click on Downloads

4. Here you will see all the downloaded files

5. Now find out which file you want to delete

6. You can select more than one file from the option to delete

7. Once you have selected all the files, click on the Delete button from the top of the screen

8. A dialog box will appear to confirm the process

9. Click on the OK to confirm the process

Clear Out Cached Data

Cached data is information from a website or app that is stored on your device as files, scripts, images, and other multimedia formats when using an app or visiting a website. Cached data can occupy a huge amount of storage space and it can slow down your mobile. So deleting cached data can improve the speed of the mobile. You don’t need to worry about deleting the cached data because these are just junk files. It is completely safe to delete the cached apps to free some storage space. Follow these easy steps:

1. First, go to the settings

2. Now click on the Device Maintenance

3. Then click on the storage

4. Now click on Cached data

5. You will see the total amount of Cached data of your Mobile

6. Click on the “Clear Now” button and all the cached data will be deleted

Factory Reset The Mobile

This is a very effective method to delete all downloads from your Android phone.In fact, it will delete everything you have downloaded or installed on your mobile. So make sure you have all your important files backed up. Now follow these steps:

1. First, go to the settings of your mobile

2. Now select General Management

3. Then select Reset

4. And from there select Factory Data Reset and all your data will be deleted

Final Thoughts

When your mobile runs out of storage space or becomes slow it becomes mandatory to optimize the Android phone. Deleting the downloaded files is a great way to optimize the phone. In this article, our experts have explained the different methods to delete downloaded files from Android phones. If you have any questions or facing any problems while applying these methods then feels free to leave your question in the comment section. Our experts will provide the solutions.


How Do I Delete Downloads On My Android Phone?

The ability to delete apps and downloads is found all over the phone. Once you go to the “All Apps” page, click on the app you want to delete and then tap on “Uninstall.” Make sure that you don’t have any files in your Downloads folder that you want first. To find your downloads folder, go into Settings on your Android device and then choose Storage on the side panel.

What Is The Purpose Of Downloading Files?

The process of downloading files is an important step in the life cycle of a file. Most often, when you download a file, it will be saved to your computer. If you are saving the file to your computer for future use, it is best to save it in a folder so that it does not get lost among all of your other files.

What Is The Advantage Of Downloading Files?

The old method of downloading files by getting them off the internet is very outdated. Downloading files has many advantages that are not available with other methods. There are multiple advantages to downloading files, for example, you have the ability to store your music on your smartphone so you can always have it with you without having to download it every single time you want to use it. It also saves space on your computer which will allow you to store more information, pictures, or videos.

How Do I Delete Downloads On Android?

In this article, I will show you how to delete files from your Android phone. When you need to clear up space on your device, it is important to get rid of old apps and attachments that can be transferred elsewhere. To get started, go into the Settings menu and tap General at the very bottom. Scroll down until you find Storage and click it before tapping on Free Up Space Now. From there, you can select which type of data you want to delete.