How To Delete Delivery Optimization Files – The Detailed Guide

Delivery Optimization is a part of windows update and it’s a new feature of Windows 10. Generally, the Delivery Optimization of windows 10 clears the cache automatically after a short time period or when the files take up too much disk space. But you can also manually delete Delivery Optimization files if you want. Deleting the Delivery Optimization files won’t cause any problem to your computer. Read the full article to know how to delete Delivery Optimization files.

What Are Delivery Optimization Files?

When Microsoft issues an update to Windows 10, it publishes files that contain the updates to its servers. Delivery Optimization files are the cache of these files that stays on your PC and enables your computer to get the update or send the update to the neighboring computers on your network, just like the peer-to-peer connections. This feature ensures you get the update much faster and in a convenient way.    

How To Delete Delivery Optimization Files

The problem with this feature is; Delivery Optimization files take a lot of disk space on the computer. With time more and more files will take up the disk space on the computer and you might run out of storage space. So it is very important to delete Delivery Optimization files from the computer. The process is very simple; you don’t have to be a computer expert to delete these files. Just follow the below steps and you will be able to delete the Delivery Optimization files:

1. First, open the Disk Cleanup application on your computer

2. Select the Delivery Optimization Files checkbox

3. Select/de-select other types of files as your requirements

4. Click the OK button to execute the process

Step By Step Picture Instructions To Delete Delivery Optimization Files

If you have never use the Disk Cleanup application before then you may find the above steps overwhelming. Therefore, below I have elaborated the steps as well as included related images so that you can easily delete Delivery Optimization files from your computer. Let’s check them out!

Open The Disk Cleanup Application

First double click on the “My Computer” icon to open My Computer. Here you will see all your drives. Usually, the Delivery Optimization files are kept on drive C. So right-click on the drive C and select Properties from the popup menu.

The Properties menu will open. Now from the available options click on the Disk Clean up button under the General tab.

The Disk Cleanup tool will start scanning the drive and it will take few moments to open the Disk Cleanup app.  

Select The Delivery Optimization Files Checkbox

When the Disc Cleanup app window opens you will see the files to delete. Now you have to find the Delivery Optimization Files option and then click on the checkbox. Here you will see a few other options to delete different files.

Once you tick mark the Delivery Optimization Files options you will see a description like this: Delivery Optimization files are files that were previously downloaded to your computer and can be deleted if currently unused by the Delivery Optimization service.   

Complete The Process

Now uncheck other files that you don’t want to delete, and then press the OK button. It will take a few moments to delete the Delivery Optimization files. After deleting these files you will find some new free space on your computer.

How To Disable Delivery Optimization

1. First, go to the Settings of your computer

2. Select Updates & Security

3. Select Delivery Optimization from the left-hand menu

4. Turn off the “Allow downloads from other PCs” option  

Step By Step Picture Instructions to Disable Delivery Optimization

Open Settings Of Your Computer

First, press the Windows + X button together from the keyboard of your computer to open the System Menu. Now from the available options click on the Settings and the Settings window will open.

Open Updates & Security

Once the Windows Settings open, you will see lots of options. Locate Updates & Security and click on it. The Updates & Security window will open.

Select Delivery Optimization

Here you will see different options at the left side menu of the window. Locate Delivery Optimization from the menu and click on it

Turn Off “Allow Downloads From Other PCs”

The Delivery Optimization window will open. Now switch off the “Allow downloads from other PCs” option and finally click on the Ok button to complete the process.

Final Thought

I hope the above methods help you delete Delivery Optimization files. If you have anything to know about this topic then leave your question in the comment section. I will provide you the information.


What Is Delivery Optimization?

The internet has drastically changed the way we work and play, but there is one thing that has remained the same: the speed of your data connection. Faster data speeds have been a huge benefit to web browsing and downloading, but when it comes to streaming media, faster isn’t always better. Delivery Optimization changes that by compressing video files in a way that reduces bandwidth usage without affecting quality. With Delivery Optimization enabled, videos will play seamlessly over a network even with slow connections.

How Do I Delete Delivery Optimization Files On My Computer?

One of the easiest ways to rid your computer of Delivery Optimization files is to delete the delivery optimization folder in your %AppData% directory. You can find this folder by typing %AppData% into the address bar and pressing enter. Once there, open the Local folder.

What Are Delivery Optimization Files?

Delivery Optimization is a Windows 10 Internet service that allows Microsoft to replace your device’s cache with files from its own servers. This decreases how long it takes to download an update and will help save time in the future when downloading apps, updates, and games from the Store.

The Delivery Optimization feature in Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 10, allows the company to replace your device’s cache of files with files stored on its own servers.

How Can I Prevent Delivery Optimization Files From Being Created In The Future?

If you want to prevent Delivery Optimization files from being created in the future, you need to take a few steps. First, disable the Delivery Optimization service by going to Group Policy and checking the Do not allow Delivery Optimization between clients and servers box. Then go to services and find Windows Update Delivery Optimization and disable that. You can then restart your computer to complete this process.