How to Charge an Apple Watch without the Charger

How to Charge an Apple Watch without the Charger?

Yes. You can charge your Apple Watch effortlessly without a charger. Many people charge their devices a few times a day. You will want to know how to charge your Apple Watch, although not all chargers are created equally. Not only will some fast chargers work better with your device, but not charging your watch is a big deal. 

If you are following along with the Apple Watch series, you know that the new generation of the device and the Apple Watch series require a lot more charge than the first-generation model. The new models run on the new Watch OS 3 operating system, which requires more power than the older operating system. The Apple Watch has some magical features that help you stay connected to your friends and keeps you healthy by monitoring your activity levels and eating habits.

Can You Use an Apple Watch While Charging It? 

Can You Use an Apple Watch While Charging It

The disadvantage is that you can’t use the watch while charging because it takes a long time to charge. You will have to charge it at least once a day. If you are one of those people who think that charging an Apple Watch every day is too much, you are in the right place. This article will talk about how you can charge your Apple Watch without the charger. 

What Is An Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is a smartwatch with various components such as built-in sensors, GPS, magnetic charging cable, Siri, microphone, and speaker. 

It is ideal to use the Apple Watch as a fitness watch since it has many sensors that monitor health and help stay active. It tracks activity levels, heart rate, and nutrition details. The sensors also measure distance, pace, calories burned, and how many stairs you climb.

You can also use the Siri function for voice commands such as sending e-mails and reading messages. 

The Apple Watch allows you to use apps such as Uber and Deliveroo. The watches are available in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm, and they come in three different models, which are Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition. 

When wearing the Apple Watch, it can run out of battery, and a red lightning bolt symbol will appear on the screen indicating low battery. When this happens, charge the watch, and ensure it charges appropriately. 

It is better to use appropriate equipment to charge the device. Although charging it isn’t tricky, understanding how to charge an Apple Watch is challenging for beginners.

The Apple Watch’s battery lasts for eighteen hours with everyday use and twelve hours with heavy use. You can charge the battery to a hundred percent in two hours.

A Guide to Charging an Apple Watch without the Charger

Firstly, you should always use the original equipment (OEM) manufacturer’s chargers to charge the Apple Watch SE. It is important to remember that Apple’s charger is not just any regular charger. The watch will last long without any issues or harm when using the original equipment. 

There are three ways to charge the Apple Watch without the charger if you don’t have the original cable. You can use a portable power bank, an external battery, or a USB power bank. 

Charge Your Watch with a USB Cable

Connect your Apple Watch using a USB cable to a USB wall charger or a computer’s USB port. Charging your watch with a USB cable will take longer than a portable power bank. 

Charge Your Watch Using a Power Bank

Using a power bank is the best way to charge your Apple Watch. They come in different sizes and can charge your watch quickly in less than ten hours. 

A USB power bank is a small device with a USB port and a power bank. If traveling or staying over at someone’s house, charge your watch with a power bank. After charging your watch, you can charge your phone. 

The USB cable connects to your phone and the Apple Watch’s charging port. Buy a portable power bank and charge your Apple Watch simultaneously, although this will heat your phone and watch.

Charge Your Watch with an External Battery

Charge your watch with an external battery if you are going on a road trip and don’t have a portable or USB power bank. Buy an external battery with a USB port and charge your watch. 

An external battery is a small device that comes with a USB port. Connecting your watch charging cable to the external battery is better than a power bank because the latter uses a lot of power.

If the charging port is dirty, your watch won’t charge as it won’t connect to the watch’s charging cable. You can clean the charging port with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. If you don’t have the rubbing alcohol, use nail polish remover. 

Be careful when cleaning the port because it is small and delicate. Use a toothpick to clean around the charging port edges.

If your watch still won’t charge, there is something wrong with either the charger or watch. Your charger might be faulty if it doesn’t charge any device that uses a USB cable or if it charges devices very slowly—contact customer service for help with fixing or replacing the charger. 

What Is the Difference between a Charger and a Watch Cable?

The Apple Watch’s magnetic charging cable is a standard accessory with every Apple Watch. You can use it to charge the watch without the Apple Watch’s charger. The only difference between the charger and the cable is that the cable doesn’t have a USB support. 

The charger is a small square-shaped device that you need to put on an electric outlet. It supplies voltage that charges the watch fully. In that case, you can connect another Apple Watch cable to the first one. You can do this as long as both the cables are from the same watch. 

How to Charge Your Apple Watch Properly

To proceed with the charging of your Apple Watch, follow these simple steps.

  • Remove your watch before attaching it to any power source, and handle accessories carefully and safely.
  • Plug the cable into a USB adapter connected to the power source and is plugged into an outlet, charger, or laptop.
  • Another way to charge is by using battery packs and other external chargers that are portable and easy to carry around.

The Best Apple Watch Chargers

  • Elago co3 Apple Watch stand
  • Conido charging station
  • Macally desktop charging stand for Apple Watch
  • Belkin travel stand for Apple Watch
  • All-in-one Apple Watch stand.
  • Belkin boost charge power bank 2k for Apple Watch

How Much Time Does a Single Charge Take?

The Apple Watch’s standard charger takes around two hours to charge a watch. However, a brand-new Apple Watch takes around one hour to charge. If there is no access to an electric outlet, use a power bank to charge it, which will charge in eight to ten hours.

How Often Should You Charge An Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch comes with a battery that is chargeable frequently. However, it is best to charge the watch every day, depending on the usage. Replace your watch if it is old as it won’t last long as it will start charging slowly and then stop charging at some point. 

Other Ways to Charge Your Apple Watch

Other Ways to Charge Your Apple Watch

Use Your Car

The best place to charge your Apple Watch is your car. Connect it with the car’s USB port and charge it while driving. The cable with the watch has a lighting connector at one end and a USB connector at the other. 

Connect it to the car USB port and plug the lightning connector into the watch. Charging it while on the move is a great way to keep your watch charged all day.

Use a Laptop or a Desktop Computer

If you have a laptop or desktop computer at home, this method will be beneficial for charging your watch. You only need to connect the watch’s cable to the computer’s USB port.

Do You Want to Get the Most Out of Your Apple Watch? – Here Are the Tips

  • Ensure your screen is clean. A dirty screen causes your watch to malfunction.
  • Ensure the band fits well as it is what keeps your watch on your wrist.
  • Keep your watch away from water as it damages the internal components.
  • Try not to drop your watch or put it under extreme pressure as it will be damaged.
  • Remember that your watch is an expensive piece of technology; therefore, treat it with care and ensure it doesn’t get damaged.

Turn On Power Saving Features to Preserve the Battery Charge

Whether you have the aluminum, rose gold, or stainless-steel Apple Watch, you can turn on power-saving features to dramatically reduce the amount of power it requires. Go to the Settings app on your Apple Watch and scroll to the bottom of the list to find power saving. 

Here, you can turn on Airplane mode, turn off ambient light, turn off the digital crown- a feature on the new Apple Watch that allows you to turn off and on by swiping up or down. Turn on Nightstand mode; it is the feature that activates the screen when you raise your wrist to look at it.