How To Change IP Address on Android | Step By Step Guide

IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP address is a numerical label that identifies a device that is connected to an Internet Protocol for communication.IP addresses bear 2 information, network interface identification, and location addressing.IP address follows a 32-bit numeral format, and the same IP address is used on the network to communicate with other devices. There are many reasons you may have to change the IP address. For example:

1. To overcome a site ban based on IP

2. To change identity following an attack

3. To get around some restriction based on IP

4. To register more than one account on a site

If you are an Android user and want to change the IP address of your device, then read this article. In this article, our experts have shown some easy methods to change the IP address of the Android device.

Types Of IP Address

Before we dig into the article, we should know about different types of IP addresses. Depending on the type of connection or the preference of your internet service provider, you may be allocated either static IP address or a dynamic IP address.

Static IP Address

This type of IP address never changes. Many people know this type of address as a dedicated IP address or a personal IP address. Generally, an internet service provider doesn’t assign a static IP address unless the user requests it. This type of IP address is used by website owners, remote workers, gamers, etc.

Dynamic IP Address

This type of IP addresses changes at every new connection or when the connection resets.It is the most commonly used IP address by the internet service provider. A dynamic IP address is more cost-effective thana Static IP address. Therefore, this type of IP address is used by most of the general internet users.

Reasons To Change An IP Address

1. If you are trying to get passed blocked website, then it is required to change the IP address

2. You can protect the data by changing the IP address

3. By changing the IP address, you can maintain the strict anonymity of your identity

4. If you want to open a different account on a single website, then you have to change the IP address

5. If you want to run a mobile web server, then it is required to change the IP address

6. In order to share mobile files with FTP server software,you have to change the IP address

How To Change IP Address Of Android Phone

1. First, go to yourPhone’s Android Settings

2. Now tap Wireless & Networks

3. Then go to Wi-Fi section

4. Tap & hold the Wi-Fi network that you are connected

5. Tap Modify Network

6. Expand or Go to Advanced options

7. Change your android’s IP Address DHCP to Static

8. Once the change happened a form will appear

9. Now fill the form with proper information of IP address, Gateway and DNS 1 and DNS 2

10. If there is other fields in this form then set them as default

11. Finally, save the change

How To Find Android Device’s IP Address

1. First, go to your Phone’s Android Settings

2. Scroll down and tap About Phone

3. Now tap Status

4. Again scroll down and you will find the local IP and Mac address of your Android device

How To Change IP Address And Location On Android With VPN

Using a VPN app you can change the IP address and location on Android phone. VPNs are available both inthe free and paid version. For general use free version is more than enough. Follow these steps:

1. First visit Play Store and search “Free VPN”

2. Now download a VPN app on your smart Phone

3. Once the app is downloaded open the app

4. Now choose the location from the available list

5. Then tap the connect button, and you are good to go!

6. Now visit “” to check your new IP and location

How To Get New IP Address

You will need a computer to get a new IP address. The process is very easy. Follow these steps:

1. First, click the start menu of your computer

2. Type cmd and click on the Command Prompt desktop app

3. In the command prompt window, type the command ipconfig/all and press Enter

4. You will see all the IP address

5. Now type ipconfig /release at the prompt window, press Enter

6. It will release the current IP configuration

7. Now type ipconfig /renew at the prompt window, press Enter

8. Wait for a few moments, and the DHCP server will assign a new IP address

Final Thoughts

I hope this article helps you change the IP address on the Android device, and you can increase your data security, online privacy, or getting past the dreaded location-blocks. Enjoy an anonymous Internet surfing experience by following the above methods.


How Do I Change My IP Address?

There are multiple ways to change your IP address. The first way is to use a proxy server. This method will allow you to surf the internet anonymously and it will also be a deterrent for hackers. The second way involves using a paid service such as What Ip. This service provides an IP address from a pool of addresses from around the world.

For those that want to hide their IP address from online attackers, there are a number of services available. One such service called HideMyAss claims to have over 4 million IP addresses from around the world, making it a popular option for those looking to connect to a website without revealing their true location. The service offers different levels of protection and features a proxy finder tool on its website.

What Is An IP Address?

An IP address is a number assigned to a device that identifies it on the internet. They are used to establish communication between computers on networks and within disparate systems. The IP address can be accessed through your web browser or by typing “ipconfig” into the command prompt.

How Do I Change My IP Address On My Android Device?

The IP address assigned to your device is just one of the many pieces of information that can be used to identify you online. If you’re using an Android device, there are a few ways you can change your IP address. The easiest way is to install VPN software on the phone. There are also other methods, such as editing DNS settings on your phone, connecting to local Wi-Fi networks, or disabling data roaming on your phone.

How Do I Find My IP Address On My Android Device?

In order to find your IP address on your Android device, you will need to open the Settings app. From here, scroll down and tap on Wi-Fi. Once this is open, tap on the network that is being used to connect to the internet. Next, tap on “More,” then tap on “Show IP.” This will bring up a screen with your IP address displayed.