Add Apps To Sharp Smart TV

How To Add Apps To Sharp Smart TV | Using VEMD And AppsNow To Get Apps, And How To Update The TV

You recently closed a deal, and now, your Sharp Smart TV is sitting right before your eyes. Although you have always wanted to own one, it seems that you can’t figure out how to download any apps on the TV. How goes it?

To add apps to Sharp Smart TV, you can use either AppsNow or VEWD. Both are app stores, meaning that they give you access to the most popular apps out there. Those two come with the Sharp Smart TV, together with the Roku streaming player.

Sharp TV, whose brand was sold to companies like Hisense, is one of the most popular innovative TV series. Like others in the market, it provides users with the chance to enjoy their favorite apps like Netflix and YouTube. But, the process of adding apps isn’t very straightforward, which is why you’re here.

In this article, we will look at adding more apps on Sharp Smart TV using VEWD and AppsNow. Then, we will pay attention to some related questions, like how you can stream or update your Sharp Smart TV. The answers will be helpful in your next steps, so stick around until the end to get all info. 

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Can I Add More Apps To My Smart TV?

Can I Add More Apps To My Smart TV

Yes, and we will show you how to do so using both AppsNow and VEWD.

Using AppsNow

1. Once you have switched on your TV, press the Apps button on the remote. If your remote is not working, consider downloading the digital version as an app on your phone.

2. Pressing the Apps button will show AppsNow, so press OK to open it.

3. When the app loads, you will see a filter option at the top of your screen. There, you’ll be able to sort the apps in various categories like:

a. Music

b. Lifestyle

c. Movies and TV Shows

d. Games

e. Technology

4. After you choose your category, type in the name of the app.

5. When it loads, press OK to install it.

To confirm if the app installs successfully, you will see a checkmark on the top left corner of the screen. So now, go forth and enjoy your shows!

Using VEWD

TechBiva 101: With VEWD, you cannot add apps directly into your Sharp Smart TV. That is because VEWD is a cloud-based solution, meaning that the apps you download stay on the cloud. Nevertheless, it delivers effectively, just like AppsNow.

1. Press the Apps button on your remote once the TV is on and running.

2. Like AppsNow, select the VEWD app by pressing OK.

Using VEWD

3. At the top left corner, you should see the filtering icon. Use it to navigate to the category of the app you are looking for.

4. Once you have selected the app, tap on the OK button. You should download the app, and in a few minutes, you will be ready to enjoy it.

With the VEWD app, you can use the Favorite feature to mark all your best apps.

Since you know how to add apps on the Sharp Smart TV, let us get you more related help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Add Disney App To My Sharp Smart TV?

The best way to add any apps, as we have mentioned, is by using AppsNow and VEWD. However, if none of them seems to be working for you, you can use Roku to download the Disney + app. Follow these steps to complete your download:

1. From the Sharp Smart TV, launch the Roku app. But, if you have the Roku setup plus the remote, press Home.

2. On the Roku app, scroll down to Streaming Channels and press OK.

3. Type in Disney.

4. When the app appears, choose it, then select Add Channel. If Roku requires you to add the PIN, do it. That may be a mandatory step before you even install it.

5. If you have not signed up, Roku will guide you through its free trial. Add the email address and press OK.

6. To activate the trial, enter the pin and enjoy your app.

As a streaming service, Roku charges $6.99 per month. So, be ready to pay that as soon as the trial period ends.

TechBiva 101: The Disney+ platform helps you to stream Disney movies, among others. Since it gives competition to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, download it to enjoy its library.

What Sharp TV Do I Have?

The Sharp Smart TV series has many types, so each unit is very different. If you want to find your serial numbers and model, look at the back of the screen.

If not, you can check the Quick Start Guide or the User Manual.

Is My Sharp TV A Smart TV?

The easiest and best way to know if your TV is smart or not is by checking the remote. Many times, smart TV remotes will have the red Netflix button, showing you that they are, indeed, smart. Also, you can check the menu to see if there are any streaming apps like:

1. Amazon Prime Video

2. Hulu

3. Netflix

4. YouTube

How Do I Install Google Play On My Sharp Smart TV?

Like with other apps, you can install Google Play on your Sharp Smart TV. You only need to search it on VEWD or AppsNow and download it.

If that does not work, it means Google Play is not available on your device. Luckily, you can upgrade to a Sharp Smart TV that doubles up as an Android TV. That way, Google Play will come preinstalled, and you will enjoy all the TV apps that it comes with.

TechBiva 101: Out there in the market, Sharp Smart TVs come in two operating systems. One is Roku, and the other is Android. So, before you look for Android-related apps, check your User Manual to confirm the OS.

Which Sharp Smart TVs Are Android?

From 2015 onwards, Sharp has been selling many of their TVs as Android TVs. In 2021, they launched the DL and DN series, which support Android TV. Here they are in a table, their Android Versions, and market prices:

NameAndroid VersionGoogle AssistantBuilt-in ChromecastPrice ($)
Sharp 50DL3KA9.0YesYes578.00
Sharp 50DN3KA9.0YesYes600.80
Sharp 65DL3KA9.0YesYes808.80
Sharp 65DN3KA9.0YesYes844.00

How Do I Update My Smart Sharp TV?

Smart TVs need frequent upgrades, and that is why manufacturers always provide firmware updates. But really, how is it all done?

First, you should know that the firmware is constantly updating in the background automatically. That is true, especially if the TV is always connected to the internet. Still, you can do the updates manually by following these steps:

1. Use your physical or app-based remote to turn on the TV.

2. Then, tap on the menu.

3. Using the navigation buttons, look for Settings.

4. Under Settings, you will see Check Software Upgrade. Select it to prompt the OS to look for any latest updates.

5. If you find any, press Yes for the update to begin.

6. When it finishes, the TV will restart. Depending on the changes, you may or may not see a difference in the updates. 

TechBiva 101: If those steps do not work for your TV, read the article on updating Sharp Smart TVs of all models.


There you have it! You know how to add apps to a Sharp Smart TV, regardless of the model. Sharp TVs are easy to use, so use the steps given in this post to navigate. As you have picked out, AppsNow and VEWD should be your partners whenever you look for a new application.

For anyone looking to upgrade to a Sharp Smart TV with Android TV, Hisense is waiting for you. Hisense is the brand that uses Sharp, and so, you can trust that their products are of top quality. Here are some options you can check out on Amazon:

1. Hisense ULED 4K Premium Model 65U6G with Quantum Dot QLED Series (65-Inch) Android Smart TV (2021 Model Compatible with Alexa)$650

2. Hisense 55A6G 55-Inch 4K (Ultra HD Android Smart TV) 2021 Model and Compatible with Alexa$389

3. Hisense 43-Inch Model 43H5500G Full HD (Smart Android TV) with Voice Remote (2020 Model)$260

4. Hisense 50-Inch Class H8 (of the Quantum Series) Android and 4K ULED Smart TV (comes with Voice Remote, 2020 Model, 50H8G)$520

5. Hisense 65A6G Size 65-Inch, 4K Ultra HD with Android Smart TV (2021 Model), Comes with Alexa Compatibility$500

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