How Reliable Are Toshiba TVs

How Reliable Are Toshiba TVs?

Major companies dominate the television market: LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, and Philips. However, if you’re looking for a great deal, a brand like Toshiba would be a better choice. Although it lacks the gravitas of the bigger brands, Toshiba is routinely included in Amazon’s top-selling TVs, and the finest Toshiba TVs now have Dolby Vision, the most advanced type of HDR, as well as excellent smart capabilities.

Toshiba has a lot to show, but are their televisions any good?  Which Toshiba TV offers are the most cost-effective? Continue reading for all the professional guidance you’ll need and an in-depth review of two Toshiba TVs. 

Are Toshiba TVs A Good Investment?

Toshiba TVs

Toshiba TVs are worth purchasing, especially compared to other companies prices and performance.

Toshiba smart TVs run Android, Amazon’s Fire TV platform, or its proprietary system, preinstalled with the most popular streaming apps like Netflix. Consumer electronics experts consider their Fire TVs to be excellent entry-level models.

However, it would be best to keep your expectations in check because of the low cost.

While you may anticipate good picture quality, don’t expect all of their TVs to be as bright or crisp as those built by more costly, well-known companies like Sony. Toshiba’s higher-priced TVs, such as its OLED TVs, come closest to becoming premium-grade TVs.

Toshiba TV Variations

Toshiba TV Variations

1. Toshiba 50-inch Ultimate 4K TV

The Toshiba 50U50 (50-inch) 4K Ultra High Definition Smart LED TV is part of the company’s TV lineup that attempts to bridge the gap between the low-cost 32-inch and 43-inch TVs and the more costly 55-inch and 65-inch UHD versions. 

More and more new TV brands are attempting to get into the Smart TV market, offering a relatively comparable overall package. Toshiba appears to be capitalizing on the brand recall with a package that might help them win the race.

The Toshiba 50-inch model has enough features to satisfy customers, but is it worth considering famous manufacturers like Sony, LG, Samsung, or Xiaomi?


Product Dimensions: 1116 x 647 x 85 mm

Item Weight: 10.1 kg

USB ports: 3 

HDMI ports: 4

Storage: 1.5 GB of RAM

Backlight: LED



To begin with, the Toshiba 50U50 Smart TV features narrow bezels on three sides, making it appear even more expensive for the price. The bottom bezel is significantly thicker than the top and features the Toshiba logo, giving a class touch.

We’ve seen many new Smart TVs come out, and one thing that has stayed consistent is the design. While we agree that Toshiba isn’t bringing anything new to the table, it does have an appealing style.

Image Quality And Audio Output

Toshiba’s CEVO 4K HDR Engine promises to upscale HD and Full-HD material to 4K resolution on the Toshiba 50-inch 4K LED TV. Dolby Vision, which provides better contrast, respectable brightness levels, and ultra-vivid colors, is also included with the TV. 

The TV has a 3840×2160 pixel resolution. Dolby Atmos has a maximum output of 30 watts for sound upgrades, which is astounding for a TV this big. The TV has a large dynamic range, which means visuals will be more bright and realistic, and colors will be more brilliant. 

Toshiba has introduced the Active Motion and Resolution Plus function for sports fans, which claims to accentuate every little detail when viewing live sporting events.

Standard, Cinema Day, Cinema Night, Dynamic, and Sports are among the picture modes available on the Toshiba 50U50. As you’ll observe, the modes are tailored to fit the use case circumstances. 

The Standard setting, on the other hand, will appeal to you since it provides balanced colors without requiring extensive contrast and brightness adjustments. 

Users may also modify numerous characteristics such as Backlight, Brightness, Contrast, Color Saturation, Sharpness, Adaptive Contrast, Noise Reduction, and more using the company’s Picture Mode Settings.

VIDAA’s User Interface

If there were one thing we could alter about Toshiba’s Smart TV, it would have to be the operating system. You will have to rely on third-party streaming players like Mi Box 4K streaming player to access additional applications accessible on the Google Play store because Toshiba’s all-new VIDAA UI doesn’t honor the total package.

While we enjoy how Toshiba has incorporated YouTube alongside Netflix and Prime Video, the fact is that when it comes to watching shows and movies on a Smart TV, customers want a selection of applications.

The Alexa connection is well-done, and once set up, you can tell the TV to play whatever material you choose with a simple voice command. Toshiba’s VIDAA UI has to be improved if it competes with Xiaomi’s Patchwall UI, which has progressed tremendously.

Screen mirroring is also available on the Toshiba 50U50, allowing you to mirror information from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The option is simple to use, and the screen mirror function is flawless.


1. The sound output is strong, and the design is minimalistic.

2. Alexia has been built-in.

3. Price/quality ratio


1. The company should improve the VIDAA user interface. 

2. The lack of access to the App Store is a major drawback.

2. Toshiba 55U79 4K HDR TV 

The Toshiba 55U79 TV intends to provide consumers with a 4K HDR experience. The TV succeeds mostly because of its good panel, Android OS, and Dolby Vision/Audio certification. Most contemporary display technology is “excellent” on the Toshiba 55U79. Although it isn’t the finest in class, the performance and visual experience are rather good for the price. 

Compared to other panels on the market, you won’t get the brightest TV with the finest dimming, 4K 120Hz, VRR, and other capabilities, but this Toshiba 55U79 won’t break the bank and that alone is noteworthy.



The Toshiba 55U79 has an attractive design. The bezels around the display on the Toshiba 55U79 are 10mm thick. This feature brings the panel design in line with most TVs on the market, resulting in less frame and more display. 

The Toshiba 55U79’s speakers are hidden behind the panel below the stand and to the side of the TV. There’s also a thumbstick switch on the back left that you may use to traverse the menus without using the remote.

The Toshiba 55U79 has a good design. The display is made of durable materials, and the reduced profile of the stand helps it look elegant on your TV stand. It isn’t the most cutting-edge technological design, but it works.


The features of this Toshiba 55U79 TV are a significant selling point, and if you watch 4K HDR material, it will meet your demands. Because the panel is a D-LED with no local dimming, the backlight is constantly on, and you won’t see any darker or completely black situations when viewing this TV. The TV, on the other hand, excels in terms of brightness.

The panel has a peak brightness of roughly 520nits, which is good for this pricing. Remember that true HDR demands a peak brightness of at least 800-1000 nits if you want to see material the way it was designed to be seen.

Toshiba 55U79 Technical Specifications

Display: 3840 x 2160 UHD 55-inch display, D-LED 460 nits basic brightness

Display Engine/Settings: CEVO HDR Engine in 4K, seven different image modes, Dolby Vision technology, +800 AMR

Sound Support: Six different sound modes, 12W + 12W speaker set, Dolby Surround Audio.

System Features

1. 9.0 Android.

2. Built-in Chrome Cast

3. Bluetooth isn’t available.

4. Dimensions: (1230 x 727 x 75) mm 


1. Image quality is excellent.

2. Excellent audio quality

3. A good selection of connection alternatives is available.


1. App support is limited.

2. There isn’t a Chromecast built-in.