How Often Does Google Street View Updates?

How Often Does Google Street View Updates?

Officially there is no particular schedule for updating the Street View. They are concerned about including the cities and countryside into the location, uncovered by the portal yet. But the updates have occurred because the images and other data changed a few years back, Google just went back and blurred the faces and license plates. Since there is no replacement plan, the application will stand for years. 

How Often Does Google Street View Updates?

What Does It Capture?

Everyone is familiar with Google Car, which drives and captures the street view across the globe. It is an innovative approach in the field of technology, and many people use it for its outstanding features. 

The World is comprised of various routes and endless miles of prolonged pathways. It includes roads, streets, trails, neighborhoods, and so on; mapping these minute details required lots of hard labor. Google recently launched its new application called Google Street View, including the mapping images of 10 million miles of streets across the globe. But still, lots yet to be captured. 

You don’t have to wait for google to reach your place and capture and map the road; you can hire a service provider who can do this job for you. 

Why Would You Need To Update Google Street View?

The following information is the detailed instructions to be followed to update Google Street View for promoting your real estate property, perhaps. 

The Power Of Google Business Listings.

In the epoch of scientific innovation, google holds a firm position as an effective and consistent search engine across the World. Around 77% out of 1.52 billion search engine users do a quick ‘Google search’ to find out about local businesses. In general, every company should possess Google My Business Optimization. 

The prolific ways to do the optimization depends on the following categories,

1. Information

2. Imagery

3. Location

By enabling accurate information about your listing, you can get a higher rank in the search results, helping the users identify and prioritize your Business amidst the competitors. 

The Street View portion is also significant. How many times you access Google Maps for exploring the area, you will be able to know what it looked like? Or did you try to explore where you are going by just glancing at the street view? 

May, 2007Launched in the United States
May, 2008Launched 3rd edition with street’s 3D view
2009Introduced full-screen mode
May, 2011Indoor view of Business was announced
November, 2012Invited users to contribute images
2014Street-level imagery can be viewed
2015Partnership announced between street view and environment monitoring company
2017Imagery inside international space Station is added
2018Google Japan offers street view

The searches play a significant role in the phenomenal presentation of your property on Google, and this is your time to begin to initiate your part of optimization.

Let’s Talk Street View: Why Update?

Let’s look into the reason for the update of the Google Street View. The two sources for the Street View Imagery are Google or the external party certified to update. Google to maintain reliability drives around the places and update the Street view at the perfect interval of time, perhaps once in a year at bustling location. But in the rural setting, the update will happen once in 8years.

As far as the updates regarding the rural areas are concerned, Google isn’t consistent. In other words, they require ample time to ensure every Business is professionally shot. This is why the real estate agents are interested in getting updates and moderation from themselves, somewhat depending on the online portal.

This paves the way for the arrival of Google Certified Vendors. For instance, LCP360 has joined hands with Google for the only significant purpose of updating the Google Street View. 

Why Do You Ask? 

Because searching for the home, hospital, or any places or property expect an accurate source of information for depicting direction and identification.

How Often Should You Update Google Street View?

By Google, the search with receive 42% more interest for driving directions, and 35% are more click through the websites. This also includes exterior imagery. 

Knowing the exact location and the identification are more significant for the progress of the Business. Moreover, Google cannot provide prolific updates on the property; it depends on how often we have to update the Street View. 

The advancement of technology at its peak and the continuous changes in the exterior results in an update. It is the best way to assess the accuracy and reliability of the Google Street View. 

The main reason or the prime motive is to check your property in the search engine. It’s better to stay away from it and continue scanning to identify whether you could be able to gather the updated street view information or not. 

Before assessing yourself and arrive at a conclusion, the expert’s advice to have a consistent update on Google Street View at least once a year. This is not only due to the exterior changing; it also includes the seasons, surroundings and trade evolution, and so on. 

So How Do You Update Google Street View?

As mentioned above, the LCO360 has joined with Google to promote accurate updates at a particular interval of time.

Apart from the updates of Google Street View update, they also offer effective content required for Google My Business listings and promotion, elevating the SEO efforts and helping your property stand unique and phenomenal amidst the competitors. 

This also includes 360 virtual tours, high-quality pictographs, and an update on Google Maps. 

The Privacy Policy From Google For Contributors To Google Street View.

The emphasis has to be primarily laid on adapting reliable vendors with apt tools to update the location in Google Maps.

Google Maps and Google Street View have created a significant transformation in the way we explore the World and navigate the destination without negativity. Google Street View has been initiated in 2007 and began with San Francisco, Denver, Miami, Las Vegas, and New York City. After 2008, the application expanded to places like France, Italy, Japan, and Australia. 

Google Street View Data Gathering.

Google Street View uses two forms of the update to maintain the current trend. It uses camera cars that capture the images of the pathway in 360-degree cameras. As per the schedule, it travels across the globe to capture all the prolific places. 

The Google Street View presents the updated images to have consistency. The innovative projects add resources to the portal. Some of the reliable sources update the existing images, so you will be able to check it when you check the street view car schedule. 

For instance, let’s take one location near your home town. The date of the current image is May 2018. The Google Car View scheduled it to be revisited in September and March 2019. It is clear that Google Street View updates after a year or 18 months in rural areas. This does not apply to every place. It may vary, but Google has to be updated potentially for the perfect interval of time. 

Can You Request Google Street View Update?

Many users requested Google to revisit their vicinity or town to renovate, improve, and elevate the picture’s standard captured by the car. But most probably, we can’t request Google Street View for an instant update. It has been scheduled, and it follows that strictly. 

We can also upload the Google Street View by uploading the customized images for consideration by Google. But it should be clear and taken in a 360-degree shot, and it should be potential to the rules depicted by Google. There’s another option that you can borrow the 360-degree camera from Google to take the best images for uploading it in the Google Street View. 

 Those uploaded images can be viewed in the user-added section in the Google Street View Gallery, and this is an excellent idea cherished mainly by the people. 


1. What Are The Other Sources For The Google Street View Imagery? 

Another source for Google Street View Gallery is from the uploading imagery of the users. Google exceptionally introduced this feature in the year 2017, enabling the users to post the images taken by them in the Google Street View database. 

2. Does Google Street View Provide Accurate Routes?

Yes, Google Street View will provide you with an exact route, enabling imagery of accuracy. But the consistent update ensures better results.

3. What Is The Main Aim Of This innovative software?

The main reason why Google invented Google Street View is to provide accurate imagery that will help you to learn about all places.