Minecraft Cost On A PC

How Much Does Minecraft Cost On A PC?

The cost of a Minecraft sand-based box video game depends on the version of the game and the platform where it is played. They have two versions of the game, namely; Java and Bedrock. Understanding the version compatible with your device is vital as it will guide you to identify how much Minecraft costs on a PC.

Before we dig deeper into understanding the cost of the Minecraft game, let’s first find out what Minecraft is and explore its versions. So, what is Minecraft? All video game enthusiasts understand that Minecraft is a sand-based game that allows players to freely craft various items with the intent of learning new things.

Minecraft Versions And Their Cost On A PC

As mentioned earlier in the introduction, Minecraft for PC is synonymous with two versions. The versions are java and Bedrock. Most people cannot decide whether to purchase the game because they don’t understand the cost of Minecraft on a PC. Common sense dictates that you must think twice if you don’t know what you wish to buy and its price.

Both Java and Bedrock (also known as Minecraft for Windows 10) versions are suitable for your PC. The two versions come with notable differences. 

The Bedrock version doesn’t feature an updated combat system; it boasts some content that you can’t find on the Java edition. The Bedrock version also allows cross-play with mobile devices and Xbox One. 

On the other hand, the Java version comes with advanced modding scenes and more public servers. Java only permits players to play with other Java counterparts.

Are you lost on which version will work well with you? Although the burden of choice is solely on your shoulders, our advice is to go for the Java edition. The version is advantageous as it features a free copy of the Minecraft for Windows 10 (Bedrock) edition.

So what is the cost of the two versions on a PC? The prices of the two versions on a PC are almost similar. Java is available on the Minecraft website, and it costs anything between 17.95USD and 26.95 USD. The Bedrock edition sells at the cost of 22.49 USD to 26.99 USD.

How To Acquire The Minecraft Video Game

You have known the cost of the Minecraft game on your PC up to this point. The next step is to understand how to acquire the game on your PC.

If you have decided on the suitable version that suits you, consider downloading it from the official Minecraft website. Here is how to go about it:

1. Visit The Minecraft Website

Your first step is to visit the official Minecraft website. Once you mosey yourself to the website, you will be welcomed by an impressive picture of the two Minecraft protagonists, namely Steve and Alex. The two characters’ image depicts them overlooking the Minecraft world.

Click the green box that says “Get Minecraft.”

2. Choose The Best Minecraft Version For You

After clicking the green button, it is time for you to choose the ideal Minecraft version compatible with your device. You have various options, including versions compatible with computers, consoles, mobile, and many more. Choose to download the one marked “computer.”

There are two versions compatible with your computer, and you have to choose one of them: Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock (Minecraft for Windows 10) Version.

Suppose you choose the Bedrock version; you will be directed to a specific page. On this page, there is a buy option button. Click “buy” and navigate to the Microsoft store to purchase the Bedrock version. After purchasing, install the game and start enjoying it!

If your choice is the Bedrock version, you are done up to this far. However, if you prefer the Java Edition, the process goes further.

If you desire to purchase the Java version, click on it, and you will be redirected to the buying page. When the page loads, hit the buy button, and patiently follow the steps below. 

3. Register For Minecraft.Net

As notified earlier, if your choice is the Bedrock version, your game is ready for use. However, you have to do extra things if you wish to grab the Java Edition.

Now that you have chosen your Java Edition game, it is time to register it. You should register the new account using your email address and a password. Kindly note that generic passwords like animal names are not allowed.

Once you fill up the registration form, click “register” and proceed by opening a new tab and pulling up your email inbox. You will receive a four-letter verification code that must be entered on the website to proceed. Copy the code, paste it in the “Enter Code box, and click verify. Up to this point, you are almost done!

4. Buy And Install Minecraft Java Edition

The buy page will display on your PC’s screen at this stage. Select the payment method, enter your card details, and check the amount shown at the bottom to determine how much is to be deducted from your account.

If you are satisfied with the figures, hit the purchase banner displayed at the bottom of your screen. Here you have to practice patience while waiting for the page to load. Next, you will be taken to the “purchase complete” screen. While there, a file named “MinecraftInstaller.msi” will auto-download if you hit the download button.

After the download, install the game by simply clicking on the downloaded file. Your next task is to hit the “next” button until the game is installed. When the game is installed correctly, click the “Finish” button.

After exercising patience, now it’s time to reap the rewards! When you hit finish, the Minecraft launcher window opens on your screen. Please log in with your email details, and click “play.” Have you done so? Okay, now relax and watch as Minecraft Java edition launches. You are at liberty to immerse yourself into the Minecraft world of fantastic fun up to this far.

What Is Important When Purchasing Minecraft Version For A Computer

Before buying a Minecraft game for your computer, it would be best to know and understand all versions. Knowing all these versions enables you to determine the perfect game for you and ensures that you are an outstanding and dependable player.

Grasping various versions and knowing how they operate gives a player the edge over others as it assists you in understanding the game and increases your knowledge.

Is There A Free Version Of Minecraft Game?

There is no free version of Minecraft for your computer, but you can play the game for free. For instance, if you want to understand how the game works, you can go for Minecraft demo mode. The demo mode helps you have a Minecraft experience so that when you opt to purchase it, you will have a sufficient understanding of the game.

What Is The Importance Of Minecraft Demo Mode?

Sometimes buying a game that you do not know about is hard. Here is where the demo mode comes into play. The deal is, you get a free game to understand how it works, and if it impresses, you get the motivation to buy it.


Before purchasing a Minecraft game for a computer, consider all information on this page. The information will guide you to understand the cost of the Minecraft PC version. You will also familiarize yourself with the game’s aspects and the essential information to aid in playing the game safely.