Minecraft Server Cost

How Much Does A Minecraft Server Cost? – Minecraft Server Cost In Detail

With Minecraft becoming a top-rated game, it’s not that much of a surprise that most players would want to set up their server. There are plenty of ways that you and your friends can play Minecraft, but the best and most versatile way is on a Minecraft server hosted online. 

If this is one of your plans, you might be wondering how much it will cost you to get a Minecraft server. Buying the wrong server can result in frustrating gameplay. The wrong server may also fail to support more than one player, which you want to avoid by all means. The cost of a Minecraft server depends on your provider and the number of active players on the server. A server that allows 20 players will cost you roughly $ 15 per month.

What Is A Minecraft Server?

Minecraft Server

It’s easy to make a Minecraft server when you follow the proper steps. Minecraft servers allow players to play multiplayer with other people and create worlds that players can collaborate, discover, explore, and build. You can make your community and open the server to other people. You can also invite others, including strangers, to help you create a virtual world for meeting people and having fun on the game.

How Much Does A Minecraft Server Cost?

The cost of a Minecraft server will vary according to your provider. The price goes up depending on the number of active players on that server. For example, if the server has 20 players, it will cost you around $15 every month.

If you want to build a PC, you can host it in the house; the cost will still depend on active players. You can go for a cheap server or pay for a fully equipped one for $1000. The best average is around $500 for a good PC for running a Minecraft server.

If you choose the low-cost options, you may not run every plugin you require. Growth in the number of players may also result in crushing as a cheap server won’t handle all of them.

You can buy a gaming computer or make one yourself for approximately $500 for the cheaper ones. If you build it right with the best parts, it is pretty reliable and can handle a Minecraft server.

The other option is to buy from a reputable gaming PC provider with similar results. For instance, if you want to build a Minecraft server with a very high capacity for several active players, you may have to spend over $2000. The server will give you the needed processing power, speed, and RAM for computing every action of the active player. Whichever option you choose, you should try to make the best and most responsible and well-informed decision before you buy anything.

Is It Ideal To Run A Minecraft Server?

Run A Minecraft Server

A Minecraft server will have more benefits than the traditional Minecraft world set up with a local LAN multiplayer or buying a Minecraft Realm from Microsoft. For instance, a Minecraft player realm option can only allow ten players to play in the owner’s world. However, if you have a server, you will virtually have no limit, only your computer power or memory on your device handling numerous players.

You can also modify a Minecraft server (mod) and add additional features and game functionalities not included to make it more aesthetically appealing or add a new storyline that has not yet been added in the classic game.

If you have a normal LAN multiplayer, it’s impossible to do this. It’s also impossible with the Player Realm feature offered by Microsoft and Mojang. Furthermore, the game may become somehow dull if you are looking into creating minigames or a specific server with an adventure map or something close to that. Thus, having a server providing you with a way to include mods in the Minecraft world and sharing them with other players is the best thing to do.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Minecraft Servers

There are different Minecraft hosting servers that a user can use, and it’s also an important aspect that determines the pricing. Running a server at home is a good idea for managing a hosting server remotely. It also reduces the cost since you do not have to power your computer all the time. In addition, a remote server helps on improving performance and lessen lag. 

Nonetheless, other factors affect the cost of a Minecraft server as listed below.


If you want to use plugins to open up access for more players, you should increase your RAM because it may harm your system if you don’t. For instance, the “Feed the Beast” mod needs 3GB of RAM for at least three players. If you don’t plan on having many players, you can start your Minecraft server with 2GB of RAM.

Versions Of Minecraft

There are two major versions in Minecraft: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. Therefore, the cost of a Minecraft server varies based on the Minecraft versions. Nonetheless, most users prefer Java edition on their computer since it’s a default version they can get on Minecraft.net. Bedrock is a favorite among users because it’s developed for mobile devices. Unfortunately, a Bedrock user and a Java user cannot be on a similar server; therefore, you must create two separate servers for the Bedrock Edition and Java Edition, but this may raise the cost.

Number Of Players

If you have good RAM, it can handle several players on the server. Therefore, one player needs 3 GB of RAM for a good load time on the server, and the newest Minecraft versions have become memory intensive. That is why you should have a high memory on the server based on the number of players.


Minecraft is played for fun, but many people play it for passion. Hence if you are a dedicated player, you should ensure that you have the correct server to make your experience worthwhile. Server cost differs according to personal needs. A server for a small number of players costs less than the one that accommodates several players.