Keys Are On Different Computer Keyboards

How Many Keys Are On Different Computer Keyboards?

There are many different keyboards for your computer in today’s market. The keyboard is a piece of computer hardware that holds all of the alphabets, symbols, numerics, and special characters used to enter data into a desktop computer for display on the screen.

Users generally utilize numerous computer keyboards for different reasons, such as a gaming keyboard, a multimedia keyboard, or even an ergonomic keyboard to improve comfort.

A keyboard can be a wired keyboard, a wireless keyboard, a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi standard keyboard, or a USB keyboard based on the connectivity possibilities.

All computer keyboards have distinct functions depending on users’ needs and wishes. Let’s look at the different sorts of keyboards and their characteristics.

The Different Keys On A Computer Keyboard

Different Keys On A Computer Keyboard

Even though there is no internationally agreed standard for the number of keys, buttons, or characters on a keyboard, most organizations adopt the de facto standard of a PC keyboard with 104 alphanumeric keys. Due to the multiple different manufacturers over the years, the number of keys varies from model to model. This page discusses the key counts for several of the most common keyboard types in their respective classes.

1. Keyboards For IBM And PC

1. The initial IBM PC keyboard had 83 keys (1981).

2. The AT keyboard has 84 keys.

3. The upgraded IBM PC Keyboard has 84 keys (1984).

4. The AT Enhanced Keyboard has 101 keys.

5. On a standard US keyboard, there are 101 keys.

6. The Enhanced European Keyboard has 102 keys.

7. The Windows keyboard has 104 keys.

8. Windows laptop keyboard has 86 keys

9. The number of special keys on the keyboard in multimedia applications for Windows varies.

2. Keyboards Made by Apple

Keyboards Made by Apple

1. The Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad has 109 keys.

2. The Apple Wireless Keyboard has 78 keys.

3. The Apple MacBook Air laptop has 78 keys.

3. Miscellaneous Keyboards

Other keyboard layouts with more than 104 keys are possible, such as those used in Korea, Japan, and Brazil. In addition, keyboards with unique keys for controlling a CD drive or Media Center features may contain hundreds of extra keys. Some keyboards are programmable, like gaming keyboards because they have programmable keys.

On programmable keyboards, media keyboards, and gaming keyboards, 110 to 115 keys are typical. The extra functionality they bring to a computer and its users determines the number of keys.

How Many Functional Keys Are Available On A Keyboard?

F1 through F12 are the function keys on today’s standard PC keyboards. F1 through F24 are the function keys on some specialist PC keyboards.

F1 through F19 are the function keys on many Apple desktop computer keyboards with a number pad.

What’s The Total Number Of Keys On The Numeric Keypad?

The numeric keypad on most desktop computer keyboards has 17 keys on PC and 18 on Apple.

A numeric keypad is available on certain laptop keyboards but not all. A numeric keypad is on most laptops with a screen size of 15 inches or greater. A numeric keypad is frequently absent from laptops with smaller screens.


You can connect some PCs to an external USB numeric keypad. The external USB numeric keypad can have any number of keys. For instance, there are 31 keys accessible on the numeric keypad page.

This keypad has 12 buttons, and you may use it as a phone or a security keypad. The pound (#) and asterisk (*) keys and the 0 to 9 digits are part of the keyboard keys.

How Many Number Keys Are On A Keyboard?

There are ten number keys on a keyboard if you count the top row of number keys, digits 1 through 0.

There are 20 number keys on the keyboard if the keyboard additionally contains a numeric keypad (1 through 0).

On A Keyboard, How Many Symbols Are There?

There are 40 symbols (,!, @, #, $, and % that are neither letters nor numbers) or 28 keys on an English QWERTY keyboard. Because some keys contain two symbols, there is a numerical discrepancy.

Note: The arrow keys are not in the above list, including the Windows and Menu keys (3 keys).

On A Keyboard, How Many Arrow Keys Are There?

There are 4 arrow keys (up, right, down, and left arrow). If you include the arrow keys featured on most PC keyboards’ number pad, there are eight arrow keys.

Computer Keyboard Types

There are many possibilities available; all we have to do is search. From flexible keyboards that can easily be rolled away in our bags to highly complex gaming keyboards, there are many options available out there.

There is a keyboard out there for everyone, whether you are an enthusiastic gamer or a skilled designer. Check out this collection of several keyboards to find which one suit you best.

1. Keyboard For Gaming

Many gaming keyboards include a built-in joystick that allows the user to seamlessly and effortlessly manage many axes of movement while using the mouse, greatly improving the gaming user experience.

Gaming keyboards are often ergonomically correct to provide basic comfort when used, especially because most video game fanatics can spend long hours in front of the monitor playing competitive games.

If you desire to play games on your computer for a few days, you may get a regular keyboard and try it out. On the other hand, a gaming keyboard may help you take your favorite games to the next level.

You can distinguish them by their splendid formats, which include lights, highlighted WASD keys, colored keyboards, more resistant keys, and a variety of designs, in addition to having an additional key block to play.

Features Of A Gaming Keyboard

1. Rollover: This component regulates how many keystrokes a keyboard may record at once. On most keyboards, there are one or two rollover keys. As a result, if you hit multiple keys at once, the extra keystrokes will not be recorded.

On the other hand, a gaming keyboard has a minimum of 5-key Rollover. That allows a player to make many keystrokes at the same time easily.

The embedded keyboard hardware scans each key individually, ensuring that each stroke is reliably registered, regardless of how many distinct keys you press at once.

2. Macro Functions: The majority of gaming keyboards are in such a way that users may reprogram the function of the keys to their liking. They may now do many functions manually, reprogramming the functionality with a single touch.

3. Backlit Keys: Every gamer enjoys the glow of LED lights, and gaming keyboards are no exception.

Most gaming keyboards include LED-backlit keys and allow multiple color combinations to be programmed. Playing in the dark is an entirely new experience for today’s gamers.

2. Mechanical Keyboard

One of the most common types of keyboards is the mechanical keyboard. They are costly, and understanding how they function takes some education.

Even if you’re not a keyboard enthusiast, you’ve heard about the advantages and uses of mechanical keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards have two fundamental advantages over membrane keyboards: first, they are more responsive, and second, they are more durable.

A mechanical keyboard’s functioning mechanism comprises only one component: a key switch. The mechanism or process by which the keys physically move and activate a switch beneath each key that transmits a signal to capture the input is what we refer to as a key switch.

These keyboards also allow you to revert to your previous key placements quickly. You may also register the value of the key by pressing it halfway. This characteristic distinguishes mechanical keyboards from other keyboards and allows for speedier typing.

What are the additional advantages of mechanical keyboards? They are extremely long-lasting. The number of keystrokes a keyboard can support or handle determines its longevity. A mechanical keyboard can handle more than 50 million keystrokes, but a normal keyboard can only withstand 10 million.

Unfortunately, modern keyboards make more noise when used; however, certain key switches are quieter than others. They’re also pricey.

3. Keyboard With Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic keyboards are not a specific type of computer keyboard; rather, they apply to any keyboard meant to reduce tension and discomfort in the body while also improving comfort.

Poorly constructed keyboards can cause ailments such as repeated strain, hand discomfort, and carpal tunnel syndrome, in addition to slowing down typing speed.

This ergonomic keyboard differs in that it has been modified in design, allowing the user to assume a more comfortable and relaxed typing position.

These keyboards are for persons who work long hours and need to avoid or lessen cramps or muscular strain caused by poor posture when at the keyboard.

Everything that is ergonomic is, by definition, designed with the human body’s health in mind. These keyboards are said to be more comfortable and boost typing speed when used in a comfortable position. Additionally, these keyboards reduce stress on your hands, wrists, and fingers.

4. Multimedia Keyboard

Multimedia keyboards resemble conventional keyboards, but they have a set of keys that allow you to directly control the most common functions of multimedia content players, such as Play, Stop, Resume, Rewind, Mute, Volume, and so on.

Because your hands are largely on the keyboard, these keyboards allow you to do things much faster than if you did them directly on the keyboard with a dedicated button.

Consequently, having the most common actions on a physical keyboard rather than a screen makes these keyboards substantially more productive.

The multimedia keyboard for PC aims towards a specific demographic that may like the enhancements, but other users may find it to be a hindrance.

Most Common Keys of Multimedia Keyboard include:

Play ▶

Stop ⏹

Next  ⏭

Previous ⏮

Pause ⏸

Volume ➕

Volume ➖


Most keyboards have a lifetime of 5 to 50 million key presses, with mechanical keyboards being more robust than their silent equivalents.

However, owing to heavy use, certain keyboards may develop problems sooner.

So, whether you’re typing away at a desk all day or working from a serene campground, keep in mind that there’s a keyboard out there made just for you!