How Long Do Tablet Batteries Last?

The duration of the lasting of your battery depends on the way you use it. You can make your battery last for a longer time, as two to three years when you use it to go on the net to browse or play offline. Besides, avoid using online games, use fewer graphic features, do not use live wallpaper features since it requires high power, and drains your battery fast. 

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Reason For Unhealthy Battery

● The screen brightness level is high.

● Unwanted connections.

● Live wallpapers.

● Complete draining of battery.

● Auto-sync is on.

The tablet’s battery life should be longer because it is larger than a mobile phone’s battery, but it is not. The life of a tablet battery is shorter than we think. Charging and discharging decide the Battery’s life, which means the ratio of how much amount of charges you are using daily to how much time it takes for discharging. Some crucial points you have to keep in mind to have a healthy battery.

● Charge your phone once it is ultimately used. 

● Please don’t allow it to drain as it creates frequent problems, like Battery draining completely.

● Always use branded batteries since it has a direct impact on your phone.

● Use your phone when it is ultimately charged, and don’t use it while charging mode.

Once you found your Battery is draining fast, you can either replace your Battery or follow the steps below to increase your Battery’s life. When it comes to Battery, this is somewhat tricky and has lots of opinion over this, but here we have a detailed description to prolong your Battery’s power. 

The Basics

Before jumping into the techniques and tricks to maximize your Battery life, you need to know some basic facts about your phone, tablet, and laptops.

The phone or device you are using right now utilizes lithium-ion batteries as a power source. The lithium-ion battery has a quality; its capacity decreases when the time increases, which means the capacity is indirectly proportional to the time. Using the following techniques, we can extend the process, but we cannot ultimately end it.

Generally, for a limited charge cycle, the Battery can retain up to 80%. When it comes to higher cost batteries, the number of charge cycles may increase, which means the cost decides the quality of retaining percent and the number of charge cycles.

For example

Apple products retain an 80% battery charge for 500 charge cycles. iPad or mac book products have an 80% battery charge for 1000 charge cycles. The data mentioned above is an approximate benchmark, but the absolute number may vary according to the products.

What Do You Mean By One Charge Cycle?

You can say the Battery completes one charge cycle when you charge your battery to 100 %, and it completely drains to 0%.

What Do You Mean By Half The Charge Cycle?

When you charge your Battery to 50 percent, it drains to 0%, known as the half charge cycle. Nothing can stop charge cycles by keeping it to 100 %; when it attains 70 percent, 30% is also taken into account of the charge cycle.

The Following Table Shows You Different Tablets And Their Battery Duration:

TabletBattery Lasting Duration After Continuous Web Surfing
Apple iPad pro13 hour 55 minutes
Apple iPad12 hour 59 minutes
Amazon Fire HD 811 hour 19 minutes
Lenovo Yoga book9 hour 31 minutes
Samsung Galaxy Tab S38 hour 45 minutes
Huawei MediaPad M38 hour 42 minutes
Asus ZenPad 88 hour 22 minutes

Increasing Your Battery Health

Like Physics, you can’t rewrite the laws, but you can manage the damage using physics laws. For that, you need to be aware of some essential components like temperature and charging level.

● Track the temperature

● Partial discharge versus full discharge

● Please don’t leave it plugged in all the time.

● Avoid using ultra-fast chargers.

● Do not use knock off chargers.

● Medium to long term storage

Track The Temperature

Temperature, one of the most critical factors, decides the battery life. If your living place’s temperature is about 35 degrees Celsius or below zero degrees celsius, it may decrease your Battery’s capacity. Try or avoid keeping the Battery away from direct sunlight or extreme freezing conditions since it is harmful to the batteries’ life. Extreme heat and extreme cold affect battery life, but extreme heat is worse than a cold state.

Partial Discharge VS Full Discharge

Since we all are obsessed with numbers, we need a cent percent charge, but partial charging is more beneficial than the full charge. It is better to keep your phone charging between 40 to 80% so that you can increase your Battery life, which means don’t forget to charge your device when it reaches 40% and unplugs when it goes 80%. It is an ideal way to balance the charges and to make your device’s Battery reliable.

Turn Off Unwanted Connections

● If you want extended battery life, you need to turn off the connections that are not in use.

● Your tablet background is running applications and consuming more battery than you think. So, end unnecessary programs that run in the background.

● When the system setting is changed, it may lead to battery failure.

● You always don’t want to spend your money unnecessarily. We have to apply the same principle here, which means you don’t use your battery charge unnecessarily for charge consuming wallpapers, high intensive graphical games, etc., 

● Please turn it off when it is not in use.

Don’t Forget To Unplug After Charging

When you leave your device plugged in for a long time, it may reduce life and leads to harmfulness because lithium-ion has no power to hold overcharges, and it lowers the process of increasing the batteries’ life. A continuous charging may cause damage to the lithium-ion battery, and it reduces its capacity. When we compare a laptop with a phone, Laptop is quite different. You do not use laptops after immediate charging, as it causes an adverse effect. If you keep your Laptop plugin all the time, it reflects a long-term effect as it takes less time to discharge.

Don’t Use Ultra-Fast Chargers

Everyone wants to charge devices faster, but it may be suitable for one or two times, and when it comes to the long term, it affects your device. It is well said by Battery University,” When a high amount of stress is applied to the low power engine, the engine won’t last long.”It is apt to describe the capacity of the Battery.

Avoid Using Knock Off Charges

Replacing the charger is quite common, but it means you risk your device. Consider the worth of your device is 40,000, and the value of your charger is Rs.50. Do you think it will worth it? Here you risk your device at your own cost. So, the fact is only using the branded chargers to avoid battery injury and increase battery health.

Tips For Long Term Storage

Keep the Battery at 50% when you are not using it or before turning it off while driving or on a journey. Also, keep the charge at the temperature of 32 degrees Celsius is inevitable to prolong the discharging process, and you have long-term storage, and you will be benefitted.

The fact is we don’t have any tricks for long-lasting battery life; all we can do is prolong the process of battery degradation by following the above steps.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Are The Essential Components We Need To Consider When It Comes To A Healthy Battery?

Temperature and the charge cycle are the essential components. Temperature plays a key role as it has a direct impact on battery health.

2. What Will Happen When We Forget To Unplug The Device?

It may vary from mobile phones to laptops. For the Laptop, it leads to an increase in discharging rate, and in both laptops and mobile phones, it increases battery degradation and ends in an adverse effect.

Is There Any Ideal Charge Percent To Maintain A Healthy Battery?

Yes! It is better to maintain your battery percentage between 40%80%. You can increase Battery life by charging your device when it reaches 40% and unplugs when it reaches 80%.

Does Temperature Have A Direct Effect On Battery Life?

Yes! It is essential to maintain a temperature at 32⁰C because extreme heat and cold conditions are harmful to your Battery. Always remember, excessive heat is worse than cold conditions.

What To Do When My Battery Is Draining Fast?

When you find your Battery is draining is too fast, you have to follow the steps to fix it or replace your Battery. However, be careful not to use knock-off batteries.