How Do You Turn Off Pandora – Step By Step Guide

Pandora is a very popular music streaming and automated music recommendation internet radio service that provides users a personalized listening experience that evolves with the taste. This is an excellent place to find songs for every occasion and with Pandora, users can create their own station from favorite songs, artists, or genres. However, the problem with Pandora is, when you are not listing music or not using the app it runs in the background. So it can drain the battery of your mobile or can make your device slow. Luckily you can turn off Pandora while not listing to the music. Read the article and learn how to turn off Pandora on different devices.

Features Of Pandora

1. Choose from six different modes to switch up the kind of music you’re hearing

2. Create stations, search, or browse to find recommended stations, discover podcasts

3. Get instant access to your favorite artists and podcasts

4. Start streaming all the current global hits straight from the Pandora

5. Enjoy your own personalized music or podcast experience from anywhere in the world

6. The voice mode lets a user search, play, pause, skip, and adjust volume, with a simple voice command

7. Download the music and create your own personalized playlist

8. Listen to high-quality audio and enjoy ad-free music

How To Turn Off Pandora On Different Devices

Pandora can be used on various devices like Android phones, Windows computers, iOS devices, Mac computers, etc. You have to follow different techniques to turn off Pandora for different devices. All the methods are simple and you can apply them regardless of knowledge about those devices.

Turn off Pandora On Android Phones

1.First, open the Pandora app on your mobile phone

2. Now login to your account by providing an email address and password

3. Then tap on the Hamburger icon to open the app menu of Pandora

4. Now from the available option click on the Quit button to shut down the Pandora

Turn Off Pandora On IOS Device

1. First, click on the device’s home button twice to open the multitasking tray and show it on the bottom of the screen

2. Here you will see all the apps that are running on your device

3. Now locate the Pandora app from the list

4. Then press the app icon until all the icons begin to shake

5. You will see a red circle with a white horizontal line in the middle on the corner of the applications’ icons

6. Click on the red circle and the app will turn off

Turn Off Pandora On Windows Computer

If you are using the Pandora app for a Desktop computers then you can easily turn off it. Right-click on the app or tap and hold on to the app to pull up the menu. Then select the close button to turn off the app. If you are running Pandora through a web browser then close the browser and Pandora will automatically turn off.

Turn Off Pandora On Mac Computer

If you are using the Pandora app then make sure it is open. Then click on the top left corner to open the menu and then select Quit Pandora and Pandora will turn off. You can also use the keyboard shortcut “Command + Q” to close the Pandora app.

How To Turn Off Pandora Notifications On Windows Computer

1. First, click on the Windows icon on your computer and then select Settings

2. Now from the available options select Notifications & Actions

3. Locate Pandora from the available apps

4. Then toggle off the “Show Notifications” option

5. Finally, click on the “Save” button to save the change

How To Turn Off Pandora Notifications On Mac Computer

1. First, go to the System Preferences

2. Now from the available options select Notifications

3. Now locate Pandora from the list of available apps

4. Finally, set Pandora alert style to none

Keyboard Shortcuts Of Pandora For Windows Computer

1. Play/ Pause: Space

2. Skip Forward: Ctrl→

3. Skip Backward: Ctrl←

4. Shuffle: Ctrl S

5. Repeat: Ctrl G

6. Thumb Up: ⇧Ctrl↑

7. Thumb Down: ⇧Ctrl↓

8. Thumb Down: ⇧Ctrl↓

Keyboard Shortcuts Of Pandora For Mac Computer

1. Play/ Pause: Space

2. Skip Forward: ⌘→

3. Skip Backward: ⌘←

4. Shuffle: ⌘S

5. Repeat: ⌘G

6. Thumb Up: ⇧⌘↑

7. Thumb Down: ⇧⌘↓

Final Thought

I hope you find this article helpful and learn how to turn off Pandora. If there is anything you want to know or facing problems while applying any of the above methods, then don’t hesitate to ask a question in the comment section. Our team of experts will answer your questions and provide solutions.


What Is Pandora?

Pandora is a free online streaming service that provides on-demand access to more than 150,000 songs. It also offers personalized radio stations with no ads for listeners looking for some variety. The application relies on the Music Genome Project, which is constantly analyzing songs and comparing them to one another to offer up an endless list of music options.

How Do I Turn Off Pandora On My iPhone?

Pandora is installed on the iPhone and can be turned off by turning it off under settings or by following these steps: 1) Hit the home button. 2) Tap the icon where you see Pandora’s logo. 3) Scroll down to “Pandora Settings” 4) Press the “Off” toggle.

How Do You Turn Off Pandora On Android

There are many different ways to turn off pandora on android. There are three different ways that are the easiest to do. You can turn off your phone, use the app to turn it off, or go to the main screen and shut it down. The first two methods will shut down everything on your phone so be prepared for what you have open. While the other method only shuts down one app, so if you have other things open they won’t close.



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