Grab In Happy Wheels On PC

How Do I Grab In Happy Wheels On PC?

Happy Wheels, a popular ragdoll physics game played by millions of gamers worldwide, is well known for its epic cartoon violence, which includes exploding body parts and spurting blood. The game is available on console, IOS, Android, and Computer systems as well. However, the game controls differ depending on the device you are using to play. 

How To Grab In Happy Wheels (PC Mode)

How To Grab In Happy Wheels PC Mode

If you are using a PC to play Happy Wheels, then you can grab something by simply pressing the space bar. 

But first, you will have to eject from your vehicle (if you were in one) by pressing the Z key, before quickly pressing down the space bar to hold on to something. If you haven’t ejected from your vehicle before pressing space, you’ll only be using the handbrake of the vehicle instead. 

Other Basic Controls For Happy Wheels On PC

UpStraighten arms and legs
DownCurl the character into a ball
LeftPush character’s arms and legs backward
RightStraighten legs and press arms forward
ShiftPush out the character’s arms
CtrlPull in character’s arms

Is Happy Wheels Game App Available For PC?

Is Happy Wheels Game App Available For PC

Unfortunately, No. Happy wheels game apps are only available on Android and IOS. 

How Do I Play Happy Wheels On PC?

If you want to play Happy Wheels on your computer and you don’t want to play a demo version of it, then visit “”. Other sites will only offer you a demo version. “” is the only place you can play the full game. 

Steps To Play Happy Wheels On PC:

1. Visit

2. Sign up for an account (so you can play, save, rate, and even create your own levels

3. Familiarize with the game controls

4. Play a game – Click play, select level, and then click on “play now’ to begin your game.

Happy Wheels Special Controls On PC

How To Fly In Happy Wheels

If your character is on a bike, you can make him/her fly if you rapidly alternate between pressing the left and right arrow keys (while your character is still on the bike). When doing this, the bike will slowly begin to lift off the ground, and then hover in the air. 

How To Eject A Baby In Happy Wheels (PC)

If you are playing on a computer, you can eject only the baby by pressing the Shift key. If the character you are playing with is ‘Irresponsible Dad’ or ‘Irresponsible Mom’, you can choose to eject the parents, the children, or the entire family. For instance, when using Irresponsible Dad, pressing the Ctrl key will eject the son, Shift key will eject the Dad, and Z key will eject both. 

Other Important Things To Know About Happy Wheels

Best Or Most Popular Character In Happy Wheels

The character that is most widely used by fans of Happy Wheels all over the world, is Jim (or “Irresponsible Dad”). He is also the most popular character in the game. Fans love this character mainly because of his versatility, and special moves. 

Happy Wheels Boost 

The boost is a movement item included in the happy wheels game, that pushes objects in the direction the arrows are pointing. You can increase the boost power by piling a bunch of boosts on top of each other. The more boosts you pile up, the more powerful the boost becomes. The only toggles are the number of panels and the rotation. The default setting for a number of panels is 2, but it can be reset to anything from 1 to 6.

Is Happy Wheels Suitable For Kids?

The answer is No. Happy wheels is a very violent game and is known to portray intense profanity and crude/dark humor. The intense cartoon violence of the game makes it very inappropriate for kids. Also, in Happy Wheels, characters get injured (by obstacles and other characters), and large amounts of blood are always spilled from such injuries. Children may not be able to stand such bloody violence. 

Can I Get Banned From Happy Wheels?

Yes. If you are noticed breaking some of the rules in Happy Wheels, you will get banned from playing the game for a while. If you continue to violate more rules after you’ve been unbanned, you may receive a permanent ban. 

How To Create Your Own Level In Happy Wheels

One interesting thing about happy wheels is that players can create their own customized levels, and then play. The game even allows you to invite other players to play your customized level.

Steps to creating your own level on Happy Wheels

1. Register 

2. Open the level editor: You can create a level from scratch, or edit an already-existing level by clicking the editor menu button at the top left

3. Save and Play

All Happy Wheels Controls For PC

KeysFunctions In VehicleFunctions On Foot
Up ArrowPress and hold accelerate forwardStraighten character’s arms and legs
Down ArrowPress to apply brakes, or press and hold to drive in reverseCurl character into a ball
Left ArrowLean backward (on two-wheel vehicles)Push arms/legs backward
Right ArrowLean Forward (on two-wheel vehicles)Straighten Character’s legs and move arms forward
ShiftEject baby onlyPush Character’s arms forwards
CtrlEject sonPull in arms
ZEject all
Shift+CtrlUnleash special ability (special ability depends on the character currently in use)
TabRestart level or exit to the main menu

Final Notes

Ever since its release in 2010 by Jim Bonaccs, Happy Wheels has won the hearts of computer gamers all over the world. Players have confessed over and over again about how addictive the game is. Even though the game has over one thousand levels, you will find gamers on youtube who have completed the most difficult/impossible levels on Happy Wheels, which can only be found in the last chapter of the game. Playing this game on PC will definitely leave you needing a new keyboard replacement because you’re certainly going to get hooked to the game, and ruin your keyboard keys in the long run.