How Do I Color A Banner In Minecraft

How Do I Color A Banner In Minecraft

Minecraft game delivers a platform where people can make things that motivate them. Even the most superficial motivation might make a very creative and productive outlet. The incredible thing is that the items in the game are readily available and accessible. In this article, we shall talk everything about banners in Minecraft, including how to color a banner. 

In Minecraft, banners are decorative blocks custom-created to look precisely the way a player wants. Coloring banners and everything about banners is also an opportunity in Minecraft that enhances creativity. We can say that Minecraft has dramatically captured the minds and imaginations of kiddies and even adults. Let us start by understanding the art of making and coloring a banner before exploring the types of banners available in Minecraft and their designs.

How To Color A Beautiful Minecraft Banner

Color A Beautiful Minecraft Banner

Coloring a banner is the simplest thing to do in Minecraft. Here are the steps to follow: 

1. Put an uncolored banner into a crafting table and a piece of dye. 

2. The banner and the dye will instantly combine to form a banner of the same color as the dye. 

How To Change The Color Of Your Banner

Stick to the steps listed below on how to change the color of your banner, also known as the image of the header;

1. Get on the designing tab.

2. Press customize: This is done to expand the bunch of choices for customizing your theme.

3. Press Header Image to select an image that will be the header’s background.

4. Press the header background to select a color for the Header section. The color chosen can only be seen if no background image is selected.

5. Suppose you want to remove the header background image, press the ×, which is at the top of the thumbnail image on the header image. 

There is a relationship between the header image and the header color customization. If a different theme is selected, the chosen background image does not apply automatically to the newly established theme.

How To Make A Banner

How To Make A Banner

Here is how to make a banner in the Minecraft game:

1. Ensure the top of a Crafting table Grid is two-thirds filled using wool blocks of the same color.

2. Find the middle tile of the final row and place a wooden stick there.

3. Pop an existing banner into a crafting grid alongside another blank banner of the same color. This is done to duplicate the current banner.

You can place the banner in the ground or against a flat surface or attach it to a shield. Place the banner and shield side by side in a crafting grid.

Note That:

1. The color that you have chosen will determine the color banner.

2. Once a banner is attached to a shield, its appearance may slightly disfigure.

Minecraft Banner Designs

The banner crafting system is relatively restrictive as compared to, for instance, designing Minecraft skins. The illustration of each type of banner can only be created from at least six patterns of different colors. The colors must be overlapping one another. Over time, Minecraft developers and player base have found several ways to create marvelous banner designs that a player can use to decorate palaces and towers. 

Below are some of the most excellent Minecraft banner designs:

1. Tardis Banner

Tardis banners are among the popular banner designs in the Minecraft game ever. It is also easily visible. You may wonder why? Well, it is almost the precise replica of an incredibly recognizable advert for those who have ever peered sidelong at the Television during a newscasting show or an episode. The Tardis banner also symbolizes exploration and discovery.

2. Wither Banner

If you are a Minecraft fan, you will be amazed forever and surprised when you see how Minecraft players create recognizable images using the banner patterns as their removal. The Wither banner is made by using a creeper’s face with skull and crossbones overlapping one another. In this case, the creeper’s eye is the two side heads. When you have a glance at it, it is very inventive. 

3. Planet Banner

The colors; blue, yellow, and green are mashed together by the six layers in this Planet banner. They are smashed into a startlingly persuading planet. The preferable one is the square one. It makes more sense in the game of Minecraft and its world, not strictly less.

4. Bowl Of Rice Banner

The Bowl of Rice banner is probably one of the favorite banners for most players. You can easily recognize the Bowl of Rice banner by observing and identifying the chopsticks. The chopsticks are a masterpiece making them recognizable even from a distance. For those who love rice as their best meal, this is the banner to behold.

5. Nether Portal Banner

 It is one of the understandable and easiest banners to make. This is because it has only 4 layers, including the black outline. Interestingly, 3 simple patterns overlaid together can create an uneven portal pattern. 

6. Villager Banner

This is a visible and recognizable Minecraft banner even if it is observed from a distance. 

7. Purple Lightsaber Banner

The most delightful thing about the Purple Lightsaber banner is you can adapt to it to create any color of Lightsaber you wish. Additionally, you can be partial to your favorite color.

8. Enderman Eyes Banner

The creativity involved in using the layered patterns makes Enderman Eyes possible. This is quite amazing. This banner would best fit an end farm.

9. Pirate Banner

Using skull and crossbones, it is straightforward to develop a simple Pirate banner in the Minecraft game. What discerns the Pirate banner from the rest is the scarf and hat. It looks marvelous and gives the skull a more intimidating sense of status when observed. You can alter the background color of the Pirate banner to any color that you want. This is a bonus in Minecraft. 

10. Sunshine Banner

The sunshine banner creates a complete topography of the 6 wells thought out layers. Starting from the tress at the bottom to the mountain tower to the burning sun overhead, indeed it expresses a sense of tranquility and is the most beautiful banner compared to other banners.

11. Lightning Storm Banner

Suppose you observe the image; a Lightning Storm banner depicts a storm cloud setting loses a single bolt of lightning onto the ground below. If you take a glimpse closely, you will notice that it is a small section of the brick pattern available in the loom. Take this, for instance; switching around the colors used here could be very fun undoubtedly fascinating. You can decide to have black lightning on a scorched red ground for an even more stunning image.

12. Rabbit Banner

This is an outstanding, downy, White Rabbit banner. A good number of runs and players might not believe that creating the Rabbit banner given only 6 layers is possible. However, it is a suitable banner for anyone who wants to keep from their banner’s striking and frightening route and would like to choose the cute instead.


All in all, creating banners straight from scratch is such an exciting task. This breaks the monotony, and everyone enjoys every bit of the Minecraft experience. Minecraft boasts over 150 different types of blocks. These blocks can be used differently, making players and fans enjoy the game since there’s a lot to do including banners. Why don’t you go ahead and have fun?