How Big Is Minecraft

How Big Is Minecraft? Is It Infinite Or Bigger Than The Universe?

If you have played Minecraft before, you know how huge the game is. A player can test its capabilities daily, and as they jump in more, they realize that there is no sign of ending. People always wonder, how big is Minecraft? There is a high chance that the answer will amaze you. Technically the game generates an infinite world, but because not one average person owns technology that may run or store such a large world file, this may not be a viable answer. The honest answer is that Minecraft’s largest version is nearly 3.6 billion square kilometers.

Is Minecraft That Big?

Before you understand how big Minecraft is, first, you need to address what an actual area of Minecraft is. Minecraft limits the size of the world’s naturally generated space. 

The original game generates sixty million blocks squared world, and the height is two hundred and fifty-six blocks and beyond the borders in all directions, causing two hundred and forty blocks area.

The measurements of one block are one meter by one meter, and the surface of the Minecraft area at its most significant is approximately 3.6 billion square kilometers. The PC version features the largest Minecraft version, creating an infinite space after eliminating the border.

The border exists in the game because of the size of the Minecraft world file as it is enormous. Every block carries 4 bits of information, and an entirely generated world enclosed by the border has approximately 410000 terabytes of data.

Nonetheless, at this point, there may be a problem. The data only applies to the surface world of the Minecraft world. Players can also travel to The End and The Nether. This is an underworld dimension full of lava and native creatures. 

The world shares a similar coordinate system to the Overworld, although the Nether contains a scaling factor of 1 block to 8 blocks.

This means that a block of distance in the Nether world equals eight blocks in the Overworld. Therefore, you can conclude that the Nether is approximately 53 million square kilometers when you consider this.

Is Minecraft Infinite

Is Minecraft Infinite

You may wonder whether the Minecraft area is more significant than that. Yes, because you can erase the world border. Modifying the game’s code and running it on a device that supports it can generate an infinite area. It’s impossible to imagine an endless world because most people have never seen such a thing before in real life. We all suppose that the infinite is a big thing, but sometimes unlimited may not mean something regarding size but a state of being.

When faced with infinite options, you may not know what to do. For example, if you play a game that has millions of things to do and is faced with an infinite number of options, you may find it hard to choose what to do and not to.

Is There A Minecraft World Border?

Minecraft has a world border surrounding the playable area. The edge is not the same as a definite world border, and it is set from the game’s technological boundaries. You can modify the edge and make it small than it should be by default. You can also put the border on the partial block, which will still be effective. In the Nether, this border manifest as light blue and red.

A player can fully customize the border by setting its size and adding various features. In addition, you can input the border’s center coordinates as you put in the size of it. You can also add or subtract any area from the world border even when the border is already set.

Besides the covered area by the border, you may also set a timer that gradually expands or reduces the space inside the perimeter in similar intervals. This is a handy feature, especially as you set up various challenges in the Minecraft server.

Is Minecraft Bigger Than The Earth?

The earth’s surface measures 510 million square kilometers. On the other hand, Minecraft’s world surface measures over 4 billion square kilometers. 

Minecraft’s world is more than the surface area of around eight piles of earth combined. This is a lot of space for a player to build.

As you explore the maps, you feel like the world has been randomly generated for an eternity.

However, you will get a clear limit in a Minecraft world that you may never reach. In the first editions, the areas outside the map were entirely inaccessible, and the map was to a 256 by 256 area by 64 blocks. After an update that came a few days after the game was released, the world border became a bedrock wall. It was impossible to build on the map’s outer tiles and the bedrock.

Minecraft lands were added in the later editions of this game and located to the edge of the map. It became possible for players to reach the Minecraft Far Lands. These lands are now a distant memory that players who started playing soon after the game was released will remember.

How Can You Reach The End Of The Map Quickly?

If you are willing to take the trip to the world without commands, you may consider using more than your legs or a horse to move around.

Taking the worldwide journey on foot might take you hours and expose you to the risk of attacks from an aggressive mob. So instead, the best way to travel is by boat or elytra. Elytra are attachable wings you find in End Cities. You will need to put a few more hours into your game in both methods.


Minecraft is a major gaming title in the most recent history of gaming. Fans of the game keep a close eye on news about any recent developments about the game. The game’s world generation is infinite, although it creates sufficient physical blocks for players to interact with so they can never run out of feasible room for crafting, building, digging, and mining whatever they want.