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How To Hide Apps On Android Without Rooting

Are You Looking For The Best Ways To Hide Your Apps Without Having To Root?

We all have one such buddy who loves snooping through your phone when you aren’t around. It could be your Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or the Gallery; the moment they have laid their eyes upon your device, they are ready to abuse your private apps.

Of course, you can’t ask them to stop going through your apps abruptly. Friends suffer a really difficult time to say no friends. But, you know keeping your device like it’s the open season will seriously hamper your privacy.

So, What’s The Solution?

App Lockers?

Yes, app lockers may look like immediate solutions. But, punching in the PIN or drawing a pattern every time you want to use the apps is quite an annoying task!

So, isn’t there any other solution?

Yes, there is!

Hiding Those Apps From The Plain Sight.

What here you want to achieve is that hiding apps from the prying eyes, yet making them accessible to yourself in a moment. Yes, this is something that can easily be achieved! What many Android users feel concerned about when making such modifications is rooting.

Will My Android Device Require Rooting To Hide Apps?

Well, the good news is the solutions discussed in this article do not require your Android device to be rooted. In this article, I discussed the ways to hide your apps on Android in detail. In order to hide your apps on Android, you won’t need to have your device rooted.

So, let’s get started!

How To Hide Apps On Android Without Root [SOLVED]

How To Hide Apps On Android Without Root

When it comes to the range of applications, Android users enjoy endless possibilities and flexibility. Due to a huge number of users, Android is the most popular operating system. No doubt, Android has redefined how people have been using smartphones.

Although Android is more flexible than iOS and any other mobile operating system, it isn’t completely flexible to users. For example, people concerned with their privacy aren’t able to hide their apps. There are a lot of Android users who want to know how they could hide apps on their phones.

Hiding apps on Android can be an issue for many as they think it requires the rooting of their device. Yes, rooting can frighten a normal Android user. Rooting is likely to void the warranty of the device. Rooting can damage the firmware of your device besides compromising insurance.

As a result, you may be looking for an app hider that requires no rooting for function. In this article, I am not going to discuss how you can hide apps on your Android. And, you can hide apps without rooting your device.

If you have a few apps to keep hidden and want to be more private, then there are multiple ways you can do this. In this article, I am going to discuss every one of them in detail.

There are two ways you can hide apps on Android. Of course, there are app lockers. But, as I discussed previously, these app lockers can be annoying with PINs and patterns. So, these two ways could be unique and previously unknown to you.

The Two Ways Are:

1. Hide Apps on Android with NOVA Launcher

2. Hide Apps on Android with GO Launcher

Let’s discover each of these ways in detail!

METHOD #1: Using Nova Launcher To Hide Apps On Android

GO Launcher is one of the most popular launcher apps on the Google Play Store. Millions of users testify to the launcher’s thriving popularity. GO Launcher can help you beautify your device in no time! But, little did everyone know that GO Launcher can be quite an app hider as well!

Yes, you can use your GO Launcher to hide your apps from your device’s screen. GO Launcher is used by more than 200 million users worldwide. GO Launcher allows you to redefine your smartphone experience.

Using GO Launcher, you can customize the overall look of your device. Besides being a functional launcher, GO Launcher has plenty of other benefits. GO Launcher can be an obvious choice for you to hide your apps.

And, did I tell you that you can hide your apps without rooting your device?

But, how can you hide your apps on Android using GO Launcher?

Follow The Steps Below To Hide Your Apps Using GO Launcher:

1. Step #1

In order to be able to hide apps using GO Launcher, you need to install GO Launcher. Go to Google Play Store and download the latest GO Launcher version.

2. Step #2

Once you have downloaded and installed GO Launcher on your device, now make sure you make this launcher your default launcher app. To make GO Launcher your default launcher, visit “Settings” > Apps. Then, tap on the “Launcher” option and choose GO Launcher as your default option.

3. Step #3

Once you have selected GO Launcher as your default launcher, you are now able to change the entire look and feel of your device. Now, you can visit the home screen and access the app drawer option.

4. Step #4

The app drawer option will reveal the list of apps available on your device. Tap on the “more”. Or, if “more” is not available, you will see three dots on the left bottom side.

5. Step #5

This will too reveal quite a few options. All you have to do is tap the “Hide App” option to keep your app hidden.

6. Step #6

The moment you will tap “Hide App”, GO Launcher will keep the app hidden. If you have multiple apps to hide, then just mark the apps you want to hide and press “OK”.

7. Step #7

You want to keep apps hidden because you want to prevent others from accessing them. But, you do want to use the apps, don’t you? To access the apps hidden by GO Launcher, follow the same procedure until you have arrived in the “Hide App” option.

8. Step #8

Once you have tapped the “Hide App” option, it will display all the apps in your drawer that are hidden.

9. Step #9

If you want to hide more apps, then you can do it by simply tapping on the + icon and hide the app.

10. Step #10

If you want to unhide certain apps, simply follow the same procedure and unmark them.

METHOD #2: Hide Apps On Android With Nova Launcher Prime

If you are looking for an alternative to GO Launcher, Nova Launcher can be a perfect solution. Nova Launcher is one of the most popular apps to give your device an attractive look and feel. Now there are many versions of Nova Launcher available. But, the Prime Version offers ample features.

Some of the attractive features Nova Launcher Prime has are scroll effects, gesture control, icon swipes, and many more! Now with Nova Launcher Prime, you can hide apps as well! Simply follow the steps listed below:

1. Install Nova Launcher Prime

Make sure your device has the latest version of Nova Launcher Prime installed. Just download Nova Launcher Prime from the Google Play Store.

2. Set The Launcher As Default

After installing the app, your first visit to your home screen will prompt you to select a launcher. You have to select the “Nova Launcher” option and mark the app as default. If you are not prompted to make a decision, you can change the option by going to Settings > App > Launcher as well.

3. How To Hide

Following the procedure above, you have been successfully able to enable Nova Launcher Prime as your default launcher. In order to hide an app, you have to long-press the Home Screen Button.

4. Select And Deselect

Once you have pressed the Home Screen Button, this will open a pop-up window. To open the pop-up window, you have to click on tools or the wrench icon you see on the top right corner. This will open a list of options available.

Now you have to select “Drawer” out of all options.

5. Overview On The Apps

Once you have selected the Drawer option, you would get another list to check your app drawer. Select Hide Apps options. This will get you an overview of all the apps installed on your phone. All you have to do is select the apps you want to hide.

6. How To Unhide

If you fail to unhide an app, you have to retrace the process listed above and deselect the apps you have selected. Once you have deselected, your apps will be visible once again.

7. Apps Accessible Again

So, you have kept some apps hidden. But, how could you get access to them? In order to gain access to the apps you have hidden, you have to carry out a search. Don’t worry! It’s not that difficult.

8. No Trouble!

To access the hidden apps, type the name of the hidden app in the search bar. This will display the app you have kept hidden. Now, you are free to access the app without any trouble!

Final Thought

Now, you know how you can hide or disguise an app from your nosey friend. Hiding apps don’t mean they are completely inaccessible. Yes, only you can have access to these apps. However, with more developed phones in the line, securing apps has become much easier. For example, new Samsung phones allow you to encrypt and lock up sensitive information and apps inside a secret folder.


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